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  • The creator of Regular Show, JG Quintel, has done it again with another great adult animated show produced by Cartoon Network Studios and made exclusively for HBO Max, 'Close Enough'!

    The show revolves around a millennial couple, their five-year-old daughter, and their divorced friends who live with them in a duplex in Los Angeles.

    The animation is definitely the same as Regular Show; the voice casting is very perfect; the setting is incredible; the writing is very satisfying; and the humor was very hilarious, including dark humor.

    If you have seen any adult animation show, such as 'Rick and Morty', 'South Park', and more, and 'Regular Show', this show is recommended for 'Regular Show' fans to watch!
  • Funny writing, good voice acting, and good animation. JGQ proves that he can make shows for kids and adults alike with this fresh take on modern living. It's relatable, quirky, and super fun to watch.
  • I dont usually write reviews but this show really deserves a raving review. It takes the magic from regular show and just lets it all loose. Its a great show, great voice acting, great art style, great jokes. I'm so excited for what comes next. Please give them more episodes HBO, this ones gold.
  • It was worth the wait. I did not expect much from the show due to the plot, but the plot actually makes this show amazing. It really holds deeper meaning the more you watch it and makes you feel more attached to the characters (Quintel did a great job with the characters) . Comedy wise it is good but if some changes can be made, this show can be as good as Regular Show.
  • In early 2017, Regular Show finally came to conclusion on Cartoon Network and around the summer of 2017, JG Quintel made a new cartoon...for adults! Close Enough! It was originally planned to air on TBS, but for reasons it has been delayed lots of times, which led the show into production hell. But thanks to HBO Max, we won't have to worry anymore. HBO Max is the new home for Close Enough, I've watched the first episode (from the Annecy International Animated Film Festival on June 15, 2020) and it was pretty good. The humor, the characters, the writing were all good. Close Enough is one of those cartoons that truly fits very well in the box of adult animation, yet the only problem with this show is the 11 minute run, I was expecting it to be at least a 25 minute run, but hey, that's Close Enough. Get it?! I consider this show to be one of my favorites and I will recommend anyone to watch it and I also can't wait for more episodes on HBO Max. I give Close Enough a 9.5/10
  • It's all the fun of regular show with a new angle and edge. It's clear that regular show was attempting to add older audiences and more adult jokes to Cartoon Network, and close enough takes it to the next level. It's a fun series with a lot of relatable moments mixed with J.G. Style humor. A great first outing for HBOmax and I can't wait to see what other cartoons they produce if this one is anything to go on.
  • Wasn't a fan of Regular Show, but giving these comedic creators and geniuses the ability to discuss adult topics with adult humor is absolutely amazing and you had me honestly within the first 30 seconds. I knew this show would be a banger from the trailer.

    Side note: I love how the main characters are happily married instead of struggling and bitter towards each other as a form of humor.
  • I decided to watch a couple episodes of this show so I could compare this to Regular Show and see which cartoon I enjoyed more. After watching some of the episodes I have to say that this show is just decent imo. It has a pretty interesting premise, its humor is usually good, and it does some pretty creative things like in the Perfect House epsiode. You can also sense the Regular Show vibes coming from this which I love. For me the biggest downside to this cartoon would have to be that some of the characters can be pretty annoying and some of the dialogue is a bit cringe, but I still don't see this as bad, so I say you should at least give it a watch
  • I expected some great things from the premise of this show (Millenials Trying To Adult, basically) but it didn't really deliver.

    It might have done well on Adult Swim? Like so many sitcoms on that network, it touches on a lot of very funny ideas then delivers them in a very unfunny and forced way.

    Based on that, you'll probably know if you'll like it or not 🤷‍♂️
  • I have seen 4 episodes the day it was on HBOMAX and I love it. It is funny and wonky.
  • Regular Show is still one of my favorite cartoons to this day. He executed it with the characters, unique plot, etc. And he did it again. I love the characters already. Perfect choices. And the episodes seem to be like regular show, where someone weird or crazy happens to them in each one. I only watched the first episode which seemed more like 2 11 minutes episodes; regular show had 11 minute episodes. Over all the show is great. It's funny and lovable. Can't wait for more seasons to come.
  • I'm going to be in the minority of reviewers (and viewers) here I think having never seen Quintel's Regular Show and so until delving into Close Enough I'd never before encountered his particular blend of magical strangeness mixed with acute observation.

    The format is basically that of a classical nineties kids' cartoon - a half-hour show cut into two separate narratives (with the exception of the final episode) this leaves it very little room to faff around in and the dizzying speed at which each segment ramps up the strangeness is genuinely breathtaking. The cost of all this brevity means that the central cast feel a little undefined, even by the final episode, but Close Enough admirably straddles a refreshing line between caricature and observation that doesn't feel too mean or judgemental.

    As someone fairly close to Quintel's age myself it's strangely uncanny to see a television cartoon so precisely aimed at my age bracket - which no doubt will alienate many and date it quite severely in years to come but there's an oddly engrossing indulgence to the focus. Close Enough isn't perfect but with its charming tangents and its deft lack of meanness it's... C-

    It's.... clo...

    You get the picture.
  • Good news this is even better, great stories,familiar voices , please hbo double the next run
  • bcvini15 September 2020
    Nothing even close to original or funny in this show. The only people that will like it are those craving for a new season of regular show and don't care how much worst this show is.
  • ShortBanana7 August 2020
    Its a decent show to watch, not as good as regular show but still good.
  • This show is ok but I did not fall in love with it. I absolutely loved Regular Show for its crazyness and high energy. Close Enough just feels like a more bland Regular Show and it focuses way too much on the insecurities of people in their 30s. At some point the jokes around this theme become redundant. There are a few moments in the series when you expect JG Quintel's former crazyness to show up but it feels like it's never going far enough to become satisfactory. I guess he was trying to get a more "normal" crowd with this show but for fans that are looking for the Regular Show experience; it's like an annoying tease at some point, you always expect it but they never deliver.
  • J. G. Quintel's "Regular Show" was an amazing cartoon and "Close Enough" seems to be on the same path! It gives many vibes (and easter eggs :D) of Quintel's more family friendly show on Cartoon Network while adding in more straight forward adult humor (something that J. G. seemed to want in the past). I was honestly nervous about the show with it being shelved for about 3 years but thankfully it was worth the wait! I really have little in regards to negatives of this show. I'd primarily say that, although the style is done very well in my opinion, it does still follow that "0 to 100 real quick" plot line.

    I'm really hoping we get to see a second season because I feel we've only gotten a taste of what this goofy adult cartoon could be!
  • Since the ending of regular show in 2017 I haven't been watching any cartoons purely because the target audience is too low for me, however this new show was created almost like a parallel twin to regular show except it's the same people that watched regular show but have grown up. It's strange to hear JG's voice in a human but oddly refreshing. From what I've seen so far the show is very good with great voice acting and great animation.
  • Cartoon Network killed Regular Show, we can't let another JG Quintel project die. Seriously, this guy has too much talent for it to go to waste.
  • Haven't seen The Regular Show but I guess if you like that show you might like this one. There are a few great comedy moments but most of the show's jokes are for people with kids or older divorced people. Hard to find a rhythm with this show but could get better.
  • I mean it's not a bad show and it's pretty funny but I still kind of miss regular show but I understand stuff has to change and just light reebly and stinky, first it becomes a kid show and later on want to make a Adult show. Still not bad, not bad. Good comedy and getting Memes made from them everyday!
  • montjaskie16 July 2020
    Who EVER hates this show is lame as hell 😂😂 also can that 2-STAR review be removed it's really ridiculous
  • DAMN I LOVE THIS SHOW & IM BLACK Bruh imma add this to the list of white shows a n*ggah like me love 👌 👌 ~ Threes Company ~ Full House ~ It's Always Sunny ~ Jack*ss ~ Friends ~ 7th Heaven ~ Roseanne ~ Step by Step ~ Growing Pains ~ Beavis & Butthead ~ Ed, Edd, N Eddy ~ Regular Show ~ Rocko's Modern LIfe ~ The Brady Bunch ~ Seinfeld ~ Cheers ~ Workaholics
  • It's everything and more I could have hoped for! I'm a huge fan of Regular Show and was pumped when I heard about this! I'm glad it found a good home. Anyway about the show (No Spoilers) It's really awesome! If you like a lot of comedy like Regular Show, Rick and Morty and other random adult humor shows you will love it! It's got a lot of stuff from Regular Show you'll notice around the show especially Easter Eggs. The Voice Actors are freaking awesome! JG Quintel did a great job picking them. They definitely make it a great show. It's really cool how this show relates to older 20 somethings to mid 30 year olds that life gets boring, crazy, weird, sad, serious, funny, and exciting and it's definitely hard on us. I really like how much Diversity there is in the show too! Well done! Me being a Furry I really got a kick out of the Furry pun references too haha. Trust me I'm 28 this show definitely hits the mark when it comes to my life too. I just gotta say if you are thinking about it just watch it you will not be disappointed.

    Thank you to JG Quintel and to all the rest of the crew that made Close Enough Possible! This show is very well done. I really hope there are many more seasons to come! Much Love. Peace ✌🏼
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I really like the groundwork laid down by this show already, it's packed with some particular real-world problems you don't see often in many cartoons but theres otherworldly elements added into the mix. I loved "The Perfect House", it was a good early indicator what to expect from the rest of the season and I love the relationship that Emily and Josh have as parents trying to juggle their responsibilities while seemingly not being ready to grow up. Theres some great wee moments in here that have me excited for more to come.

    If I had any gripes about the show, it would be a familiar pattern in a few episodes where either Josh or Emily feel old and rebel against the status quo, only for things to reset back to normal after they realise that this is what they want in life. This isn't to say that this particular storyline can't be done more than once but it felt a little repetitive after a while.

    Despite that however, I really enjoyed watching this show and recommend giving it a go.
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