The show was originally being produced for TBS in 2017, but it was shelved after the network cancelled its animation programming block, following the bad ratings of "Final Space", the controversy surrounding Louis C.K., which led to the cancellation of his unproduced adult animated show for the block, "The Cops", and production issues of the show's own. Three years later, it was announced that it would instead be released on HBO Max on July 9, 2020.

This is the first collaboration between corporate siblings Cartoon Network Studios and Studio T

The wallpaper inside the main couples' apartment has shapes that closely resemble character from Regular Show, Quintel's other tv show.

Unlike Regular show, Close Enough will be adult centered.

The first Cartoon Network animated series to be rating TV-14.

Jason Mantzoukas had previously guest starred on JG Quintel's "Regular Show" (2010-2017), and even played the villian Mr. Ross in "Regular Show: The Movie" (2015).

The open house episode has a piece of artwork that resembles the ultimeatum from one of the regular show classic episodes.

The show was initially planned for Adult Swim and was going to be called Splittin' Rent.