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  • This is one of those "it's so bad it's good" movies. Everything that happens is fairly predictable- the whole "student falls in love with teacher and gets more and more insane throughout the movie" trope- but still fun to watch. The acting actually isn't terrible. Give it a shot if you're in the mood for a cheesy suspense movie.
  • karenkd13 September 2018
    Unfortunately I can't leave zero stars. Just awful! Acting was unbelievably ridiculous. Think I finished it cause I needed to kill time for the rest of my work shift. Do yourself a favor. Don't waste your time on this.
  • Trasi-s2816 September 2018
    They should have paid us for watching this poo!!!! The acting was awful!! The teacher was a very muscular man, and he was unable to defend himself again a girl who couldn't weigh more than 100 lbs, truly. It was just awfulllllllllll & terrible acting!!!!!
  • christelm28 April 2019
    Warning: Spoilers
    NOT a thriller/psychological thriller.

    It's what you expect. Dumb teacher falls for obvious manipulation from obsessed student, puts his foot down too late, full blown psycho mode ensues from said obsessed student, dumb teacher and his daughter move on.

    Best scene: When Riley smashes Kyla in the face with her camera.

    Worst scene: The rest of the movie.
  • The crap is stacked so high here that it almost ruined other movies displayed close to it on Netflix.
  • cdhartpence28 September 2018
    This movie is basically a retelling of the song "Don't Stand So Close To Me," by The Police.

    Note that Police lead singer Sting's real name is Gordon Sumner. The main character in the movie is Chris Sumner.

    Also note that very early in the movie, one of the female students remarks about how cute Professor Sumner is and that she'll have him "Wrapped Around Her Finger" (another song by The Police) in no time.
  • LOLOL! Awful LOLOL! Must have been written by a 14 year old C student! Sooo much is wrong with the story. A mentally handicapped English lit teacher is pretty unique though.(no one is that stupid) If Rusty Joiner wasn't so incredibly hot I wouldn't have gotten past the first ten minutes. However, I do think the three main actors were pretty good. Especially considering the crap they had to work with. I've been telling everyone to watch it, because of how unbelievably bad the story is!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    1st. The writing, teenagers dont talk like that. 2nd. The worst thing I ever heard "OH THE BEATLES HERE WE GO" no. Stop. No one ever thought that loner kids listen to the Beatles. 3rd. The Dad/Teacher is an effing pig. Movie completely lost me when he didnt push her off in the truck in the first place. 4th. Why is that mother not getting the school involved?? He is an adult and she is a child. 5th. Girl, you just put your cell phone in your pocket. Then you get stabbed. Then you pull yourself across the floor instead of calling 911. 6th. You are a grown man, how come you cant karate chop the tiny exacto knife out of her hand. One of her hands is broken for Pete's sake. 7th. How did they fire up that cell phone that was broken in half to find the pictures. And if they found the pictures, how come they didnt find the texts? 8th. She slit a man's throat and stabbed someone in the gut and somehow she wasnt in jail at the end?
  • em-gliss18 September 2018
    Was this supposed to be a comedy? Because I laughed my ass off. If you're looking for an over-done storyline with weak plots and horrific acting, this is the one! If you're looking for laughs, this is also the one! On a serious note: Lifetime movies are better. Way better.
  • lunahalo16 September 2018
    Kept waiting.... And nothing.

    Bad writing. Bad acting. Horrible lighting....all the setups for a great porno ... And nothing.
  • Not awful, just not good. As a horror it's awful but as a comedy it's okay. Teacher is the beat actor and that really says a lot. The concept is interesting but instead of exploding the taboo idea of a teacher-student relationship, instead, they just copy every other obsession movie. The last act of the film is really bad.
  • Clearly what they were going with here was as much cheese as possible (including with the title). I watched this with my husband, and we laughed from beginning to end. Everything about this movie is completely ridiculous - I'm sure the makers of it must've known how ridiculous it was. I'm glad I saw it just because of how funny it was.
  • beachbabesarah20 September 2018
    No the acting wasn't amazing, but I enjoyed the suspense and the cringe waiting for him to realise.
  • dbear143318 September 2018
    Warning: Spoilers
    ...Is absolutely crap and I regret watching every minute of it.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This was awful. The acting actually made me angry. The psycho was so monotone it was unreal. Her voice never changed levels even when she was at her craziest. Also, we have a single dad, who is a teacher at that, affording a really nice expensive home but drives an old truck. Why is it, everyone in movies live in these model homes unless they're representing dirt poor? I don't know about you but I never had a teacher who looked like that either. One of my favorite parts was when the mom acted like her daughter was being rude for being on her cellphone, at the dinner table, while she's on a date with her teacher. Oh they had the date at home with the psycho daughter because she so gracefully spilled water on his shirt and he didnt have another one... it's water... I mean ... water. It's so bad. Then you have his daughter near death, with a stab to the gut, dragging herself through the halls but then magically gets up and fights. I also saw a flip phone, who uses a flip phone, especially a teenager today?
  • Warning: Spoilers
    There really a special place (and not a good place) for writers who forgo character development and an interesting plot, and instead nurture lazy writing for the sake of putting out a finished product.

    This film was terrible. Each character was flat, unbelievable, and pathetic to watch. Films that depict adults with little to zero common sense and discernment when being obviously puppeteered by a conniving, narcissistic, murderous and manipulative teenager continues to astound me.

    Kyla's mother was pathetic to watch as she vacillated between believing and doubting her pathological liar for a daughter, with no good reason.

    Mr. Sumner, or Chris was excruciating to watch as he was continuously overpowered by a teenage girl 3x smaller than him. That steamy shower shot of all his muscles was unnecessarily gratuitous and in his case, particularly useless in defending himself. (Also am I the only one bothered by the fact that Chris chucked every fiber of his moral compass and judgment the second he was touched by a child? I really try to have faith in humanity but good Lord!)

    The only character I could decently stomach was Riley. She portrayed her role as adequately as she could although I do wonder if teenage girls remain tragically unperceptive of the people that surround them. Kyla's erratic mood changes and controlling behavior early on would be enough to send my 17 year old self running for the hills. Or maybe I put too much stock in teenage girls.

    Overall, don't watch this film unless you're interested in being excruciatingly bothered by the egregiously predictable plot line and if you genuinely enjoy bad filmmaking.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Quite entertaining! What we have here is a tale of four women and one obtuse male. Single dad and high school teacher Chris, moves to new city with daughter Riley to start over after bad divorce. Chris is a well buffed out 40 something complete with soft low non-threatening voice and three day growth of beard. After moving into very expensive house complete with in-ground pool (HS teachers obviously make mucho dinero in this town), he begins his new teaching gig complete with Riley in his class along with the school tart - Tricia - and the school stalker/aspiring goth - Kyla who is also the yearbook photographer and has a history of seducing teachers. Kyla straight dark hair, fair skin and low monotone voice help complete her character as the class crazy. Interestingly, Kyla totes around a 1960s vintage Nikon F camera for her yearbook duties rather than modern digital one. However, the massive heft of this old steel Nikon becomes useful in the films climax. Then it gets good!

    Kyla and Tricia immediately get him in their sights for seduction. Kyla quickly eliminates all the sexual and familial competition for Chris including that of her own quite attractive mother who is also interested in the studly but dim witted teacher. Many of Kyla's attempts to manipulate Chris and her mom are so clumsy and obvious that anyone with a IQ above room temperature would see through them. However Chris and her mom fall for them each time. Chris almost falls into her web of sexual energy several times only to back off at the very last second. Without giving away the plot, its a pretty entertaining movie. Good to have a couple of drinks and a few laughs over.
  • Real talk, I saw this trending on Netflix. I'm a cultured folk and I didn't have anything against the idea. Then, I watched. So much potential with little provided. I at least watched it through. Thing was rushed, homies. I think my favorite obsession movie is more like Perks of Being a Wallflower. Of course that thang isn't about obsession. It is a good movie though. Cheers and watch it.
  • geinslunchbox17 September 2018
    This movie was so bad, it was amazing. The stereotypes, the cagey cinematography, the over the top bad acting, bad dialogue & overall hilarity was too much to "put down" as you would a bad novel. Started off hating it and the more campy & over the top it got, the more I loved it. I say if you like bad thriller cheese, give it at least 30 minutes before abandoning
  • jessika_richard15 September 2018
    This was so awfully painful to watch! I don't even know where to begin to describe how bad this movie was! Not only the script is incredibly improbable, the acting was so poor I felt sorry for them!
  • saysjenn14 September 2018
    Warning: Spoilers
    First off the teacher was ripped yet never went to the gym. His daughter gets slashed on the stomache yet can't walk so instead she slithers down the hall to rescue her dad. Her vocal cords weren't cut yet she doesn't yell out to the janitor. She only gets up and starts running when she gets chased. I hate movies like this. So dumb!
  • serenity-5412 September 2018
    Warning: Spoilers
    So i would have to ask myself why I watched it to the end. The storyline was predictable. The ending unbelievable but it still had the potential to be a good thriller. The acting was adequate but the scripting was horrific. "Well if there was anyone out there he's gone now". "Did you see who it was?". Ahem??? He just said there was no one out there. Just one of a plethora of bad lines. And if she was obviously caught with murder/attempted murder..why does it suggest she's back in the final scene. Just an all around bad bad movie.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Honestly this movie was cringe inducing, but hilarious. I was laughing the wholeeee time. Like what grown man can't fight off a 18 year old girl or resist her "seductions". This a thriller??? more like a comedy. As a thriller this movie is a 4/10 but as a comedy It is 10/10.
  • Terrible acting. What stood out even more is the so called father/daughter relationship. They seemed more like a married couple! It just came across as disgusting. Terrible film, bad acting, incestuous and laughable that the guy was powerless to stop her.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Ugh, this was AWFUL! It felt like this was filmed in a library, and everyone had to be really quiet...even when a scene demanded highly emotional dialogue.

    And the teacher of said obsession...all I can say is "Really?!?" He supposedly has this moral compass that has guided his daughter to stay on the straight and narrow, and yes the moment Kyla acts inappropriately, he doesn't firmly tell her "No." He doesn't stop her from crawling in his lap, or even stop himself from kissing her and almost having sex with her. Which was only avoided because his daughter walked in on him. If he is supposed to be a reliable adult, then don't have him unable to stop himself from making out and groping a girl that is either the same age or just one year older than his own daughter. FFS, give men credit to be able to not only talk about right and wrong, but act on it too. It made his character scummy.
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