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15 June 2017 | lor_
This Chaplin has a bigger ego than the original Chaplin
Released in the waning days of the Bluebird Films label, "Coed Tagteam" is an embarrassing sort of ego trip for label's owner Paul Chaplin, who insists on humping the talent himself. Yes, he's the only male on screen with a bevy of Euro beauties, who put up with his dull asides and ugly bod for nearly 3 hours duration; I doubt if very many viewers (who aren't receiving paychecks from PC) will do the same.

There are only four individual gonzo scenes this time instead of the label's usual allotment of five or six, but it still manages to run a mind-numbing 2 hours and 40 minutes long. Part of the duration can be attributable to Chaplin's difficulty in delivering each requisite money shot - he wails away pulling his pud until the dribble of spunk appears and the pair of ladies (per the title, each scene is a threesome) can go home.

These actresses have all appeared for Bluebird before in better circumstances, and they keep up a brave front, pros that they are. All- sex format differs from the usual Bluebird m.o., wherein set-ups, however brief or silly, were provided for each scene and sometimes even a story line and characters were provided. Perhaps with the Wolf at the Door for the label as original production was being phased out encouraged Chaplin and his alter ego director "Max Cool" to dispense with such formalities -some scenes beginning in progress.

Biggest name tag team has to be Tarra White and breast in show (as always) Jasmine Black working on Chaplin together, but for her efforts Ms. White is misspelled Terra (she sure is firma) in the credits.

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