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  • Let me begin by saying that I own every single Bring it On movie, and that I will not be adding this one to my collection. This is just such a disappointment... it's so obvious that the producers/directors/script writers/basically EVERYONE had no experience whatsoever in cheerleading.

    I understand making things showy for entertainment purposes, but this takes things to n entirely new level. The film plays into stereotypes that cheerleaders are rude, dumb, and only care about materialistic things, while perpetuating a culture where it's embarrassing to be a cheerleader. And, seeing as I've been a cheerleader for the past 8 years, and I plan on cheering competitively in college and working with UCA full-time, I can tell you with 100% certainty that I am not ashamed to be a cheerleader.

    It also appears like they're trying to pull a Pitch Perfect. As in, they said phrases with "Aca" thrown in the beginning. NO ONE says "Fem-credible", "Cheer-fection," or "Cheer-smacked" in cheer. There are no virtual "world wide cheer-offs".

    Again, I understand that the purpose of any movie franchise is to entertain! But there IS a line between entertainment and ridiculousness. None of the Bring it On movies have showcased legitimate cheerleading on any level whatsoever, they only play into the stigma/overall perception of cheerleading. At least with the first four, the plots were interesting, and they choreography somewhat RESEMBLED cheerleading. Unfortunately, the later two do not.

    All I ask is if you're going to make a movie where the driving plot is about a cheer team, at least have it be CHEERLEADING. No loose, horrible motions, no showy dance-like moves. Have the team succeed with amazing stunts/tumbling yet maintain tight, clean motions and adhere to actual rules/guidelines. You can't advertise it as a cheer movie and have routines be literally 20% cheer, 80% whatever the heck the choreography is.

    If a movie was produced about any other sport where the film's portrayal was so far off that the sport was hardly recognizable, it wouldn't be okay. But therein lies the issue: to the general public who know nothing about cheerleading, all of the girls are catty, self-obsessed idiots who only fight with each other and start virtual wars with one another when that is not the case whatsoever.
  • WhenAmyMetSalad16 October 2017
    If you are a fan to ANY of the previous installments and thought any of the previous installments were a let down or awful. get ready to give any previous Bring It On's an Oscar because compared to this all those others look like 100% rotten tomato movies.

    YES that is how awful this installment is. It's like they hired random people on the street to fill in as writer, director, choreographers, and actors. It was such a lazy put together movie that its embarrassing to even let the web know I watched it.

    And to the reviewer Meghan just an FYI the whole "aca" thing was started in the first Bring It On, so its not like that's where they stole it, but more like Pitch Perfect got it from them.
  • xenacruzin15 September 2017
    I really enjoyed the first two Bring It On movies, but the entirety of this stinker should have ended up on the cutting room floor. The choreography is meh, the acting is horrible, the characters have zero depth and the dialogue is cringe-worthy (apparently you can add "cheer" to any word and a guy will fall at your feet thinking your "made-up" words are just too adorable). The only semi-likable person is the blonde frenemy, and that's only because she was able to screw her face into an emotion other than shocked indignation at, not only being cheer-smacked from all corners of the world, but by her own teammates (oh the horror!). The youth trends this movie portrays is.. just... sad. Teens with their faces glued to their electronic devices (you could play a drinking game with how many times the horribly-acted lead character goes from phone to tablet to laptop, rinse, repeat), the excessive lifestyles (life without a Louis Vuitton bag is just no life at all, but hey there's a mansion in the hills with conveniently absent parents, that's a plus!); it's cool to be in an inter-racial relationship; oh and the hipster retro trend of vintage Mustang convertibles (what happened to promoting bio-diesel?)and even a 50's diner hangout ala Riverdale! News flash teens, retro is not "original" and neither is this must-NOT-see movie.
  • THIS MOVIE IS TERRIBLE!!!!!! do not waste your money to watch this terrible acting and horrible understanding of cheer leading. I was disappointed because of how good the other bring it ones were and watching how bad this one is I expected so much more but was not satisfied. Cheerleading is so much more than they lead it on to be not to mention their horrific grammar. Not one person I know says cheer-militated or cheer smack. That's just an insult to cheerleaders. The sport is not all about social media and "cheer smack downs". People in the cheer community are supportive and have great sportsmanship. This movie made me cringe. Also it's unrealistic and stereotypical. Do you research before you make another movie and try to make it believable these are cheerleaders... or even actors.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I enjoyed this sequel more than the second and fifth films, but really because this one was almost "so bad it's good". It was like Step Up meets Pretty Little Liars, and it's just as strange as it sounds. The Step Up franchise has always been what Bring It On wishes it could be, and Pretty Little Liars is popular with this demographic, so why not? There's a masked squad threatening and challenging our main cheersquad over the internet and the cheer captain recruits street dancers to spice up their routines. The dumb blonde friend was funny to watch, she nailed her role and was the only interesting character. Other than that this film departed from the franchise in irritating ways; it didn't open with a dream sequence, and the cast didn't dance and lipsynch over the credits. These things were the only points linking all the films together besides cheerleading, and this movie threw those away in favor of ripping off Step Up and imitating Pretty Little Liars for an added twist that these films really didn't need. Bring It On may have Step Up beat in number of sequels, but certainly not quality.
  • I watched about 10 minutes of this film and had to turn it off. It would be great for little children who have never seen any of the Bring It On movies but for anyone that has DO NOT WATCH. It is very sad that they took the same title to this film. It makes bad jokes about some of todays issues with social media and carbs. In my opinion some people would like this movie. However, if you love the old Bring It On movies and think this one would be great just like those. Think again.
  • You seriously don't want to waste your time. The "protagonist" is deplorable...makes a great villain though? Which means, this is terrible writing. She's nasty to everyone, materialistic, and so self important. I get integrating technology to make this bring it on more "now"... but it failed miserably and made all the characters seem superficial and one dimensional with no development. This movie was ugly and no one who worked on it should be proud of the result.
  • sbtfbk31 August 2017
    Warning: Spoilers
    I noticed that the main character was also in a season of Degrassi I had watched so Immediately I was iffy... She was okay, but I'll have to admit that the performers used were very sloppy.

    The camera angles overhead further showcased how uneven and sloppy the routines were, and the movie was quite predictable. From the beginning, you knew that Blake and Destiny had a thing for each other.

    As I mentioned, the routines were sloppy and I can't get over that. Most of the cheerleaders in the movie were not using uniforms either, and some teams at the end were in regular shorts/rolled up top - including the Rebels, who were in workout pants and crop zippered tops - for me, cheerleaders competing should be using pristine condition uniforms. Sounds silly, but the uniforms make routines look even better.

    It seemed more like a dance-off movie rather than a cheer-off movie. If the performers were better, I'd have a higher rating, but the routines were boring and sloppy (I keep saying that, but it and you'll see). I would have sacrificed the romance aspects of this movie and the conflict to bring better routines/performances.

    I did like how they had three interracial couples in the movie though - you don't see that enough in Hollywood.
  • jocelynnnc6 September 2017
    Warning: Spoilers
    I actually enjoy a lot of cheesy cheerleader movies but this movie is ridiculous. In one scene they touch hands through a milkshake and have a "moment" I mean come on its a milkshake exchange, like what could possibly go through your mind when you hand someone a milkshake and brush hands? A little bit ridiculous. I can't stand all the hashtag before saying the actual word and the overuse of cheer something. This movie is terrible!! do not watch.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Cheesy, cute teeny outfits, thumping music, predictable plot line and inter-character drama.It plays out like a teen soap with a bit of skin to keep it interesting. Where do you go with these Bring It movies when the whole premise is so structured? At least interject some personal drama like a cultural rift or fusion. The internet smack down was an interesting concept and had real potential. The introduction of rap moves was pretty lame because that has been done so many times in other more dramatic dance movies. Where was the demonstration of cheer leading at a football game? Where was the school spirit coming through? All in all, it was nice to watch and see such athletic bodies in action of all kinds.
  • i have watched all the bring it on movies.. love them all.. This one isn't as good as the rest . i found it a slow moving movie esp at the start.. acting isn't as good as the others but i still like it. love watching the routines etc..

    Would love to see another bring it on movie. but maybe the old characters could get together and do something spesh..
  • Having won their 3rd world championship in a row the cheerleading team known as "the Rebels" have every reason to be proud. And one of the main reasons they are so successful is due to the efforts of their captain by the name of "Destiny" (Cristine Prosperi) who has a set way of doing things. Unfortunately, her dogmatic approach doesn't appeal to all of her teammates and when another team known simply as "the Truth" hacks into a live video performance and challenges them to a virtual worldwide competition by demonstrating a superior performance, it sets off a massive reaction around the world for other teams who suddenly feel energized and believe that they can compete in this new format and beat the Rebels as well. And things get even worse for Destiny when some of her own teammates become so exasperated by Destiny's arrogance and refusal to consider new ideas that they leave to form a new team. Now rather than reveal any more I will just say that this was probably the weakest film of the series to date due in large part to the complete lack of realism behind the entire scenario. Everything was preposterous. Having said that , however, I must admit that I liked the performances of Gia Lodge-O'Meally (as Destiny's best friend "Willow"), Sophie Vavasseur ("Hannah") and the aforementioned Cristine Prosperi. Unfortunately, none of these performances were enough to turn this film around and for that reason I have rated it accordingly. Below average.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I will be the first to admit the bring It on franchise is like my guilty little pleasure. I loveeee the movies more than I probably should. So when I found out there was one I hadn't seen yet I was like "yay!!" But then I turned It on and was like "nay!!" Problem numero uno: a hash tag in the title!?? But i got over it and was like give it a chance. Problem number two: why didn't they have the bring it on letters that float always in the beginning title?? Literally all of them have had that & call me picky or whatever but it's a signature thing that was gone. Problem number three: No nightmare in the beginning???? Instead a stupid joke about the captain being awake? Lame asf. And that's where ladies and (maybe) gentleman is where I gave up with this movie. Oh god it's like the producers were like you know all that signature stuff from the other bring It on movies??? Ya we aren't gonna do that. Then I decided I would fast forward to the end to see if maybe I could redeem this movie by if they had the actors dancing at the end.... & y'all I don't know why I was shocked but....they did not. I am highly upset by this. Like what were y'all trying to do with this movie? Matter a fact I don't consider this part of the bring it on franchise bc if I do it'll be ruined. Like Come on guys there was already 5 bring it on movies we did NOT need this trash 6th one.