Sandra Oh has said that she 'waited' 30 years for a role as meaty as this. When she first read the script, however, she had no idea who the producers wanted her to play, assuming she would be a receptionist or doctor, or some such secondary role usually attached to Asian actresses. Needless to say, she was ecstatic when her agent Nancy Gates assured her she'd be playing Eve.

Sandra Oh has said that the most fun leg of the shoot was on location in Bucharest, Romania. Whenever she had to do a driving sequence and the low loader car rig would be impeded by parked cars, beefy Romanian men would appear and simply maneuver the cars out of the way by physically 'bouncing' them onto the sidewalks. A cacophony of car alarms would invariably ensue but the locals weren't fazed by any of it.

Jodie Comer often listened to the music of Swedish electronic band Little Dragon as a way of setting the mood for her character Villanelle.

The complete series had aired in the USA before it had started to air in the UK, its country of origin.

Villanelle's name is also a reference to the Italian poetic form known as a villanelle (or villanesque). Jia Tolentino (The New Yorker) even likened the entire Killing Eve series to the villanelle poetic form, writing that the show is about the "iteration of a recognizable pattern, its pleasures emerging in the internal twists".

Villanelle's date of birth shown in Episode 5 on the computer screen is one day after Jodie Comer's actual birthday.

Phoebe Waller-Bridge had begun writing this series before her earlier series Fleabag (2016) was actually released.

Some scenes filmed in Reading Prison, Berkshire during October 2017.

The title of each episode is taken from a line said by a character within that same episode.

It's been speculated that the character name Villanelle was derived from a combination of "Villain" and the French word "Elle" for 'she', as in She-Villain (villainess).

Phoebe Waller-Bridge was nominated for the 2018 Emmy Award in the Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series category for Killing Eve: Nice Face (2018), but lost to Joel Fields & Joseph Weisberg for The Americans: START (2018).

Jodie Comer had been carousing with friends at a music festival in Barcelona (Spain), and nursing a hangover, when she got the call to audition with Sandra Oh in Los Angeles. Despite feeling her chances of landing the part were slim at best, she took a 13-hour flight to L.A. and after 5 minutes in reading with Sandra, the pair clicked.

When she first read the script and saw that it was created by Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Jodie Comer vied for the role immediately having been a huge fan of Phoebe's acclaimed Fleabag (2016) series.

Fiona Shaw, who is Irish, had originally wanted to play her character Carolyn Martens with an upper class Irish accent, but the producers declined her suggestion..

Series 1 Body Count = 27. Eighteen murdered and one killed in self-defence by Villanelle, one suicide, one accidental death, and six killed by other characters.

In S02E03, the scene where Eve (Sandra Oh) approaches the hotel room door where Villanelle (Jodie Comer) is hiding, is almost identical to a scene in Leon aka Leon: The Professional (1994) In both scenes, both Villanelle and Leon (Jean Reno) look through a spy glass at an approaching person. The location of the rooms in the corridor are near identical; as are the initial rooms that are breached by law enforcement / intelligence operatives. The characters of both Villanelle and Leon are assassins by profession.