Callahan: What you know about running a business?

Oyster: Lots. There's this book called The Seven Habits of Highly Successful People, and it teaches all the secrets of success.

Callahan: Oh yeah? And what are they?

Oyster: I haven't read the book yet.

Milk: The fuck is wrong with you? Do not go fuckin' dark on us bro! We all got fuckin' problems. All these boys. We need you. All right? Do you know how much you mean to us Cal? You got us home! You got us home, Cal! We love you. And we're right here. We're not goin' anywhere.

Snowball: I'm fuckin' sick.

Oyster: Are you wearin' cologne?

Jaeger: Fuck yourself.

Oyster: Can you smell it all the way up there?

Snowball: Yeah, fuck yeah I can smell it. I fuckin' thought we were goin' by a candle shop or some shit.

Oyster: I'm right next to him, I feel like I'm gonna pass out.

Milk: It smells like glitter.

Jaeger: It's part of my fuckin' morning ritual, okay?

Callahan: What is your morning ritual? Walk us through that.

Jaeger: Well, I get up in whosever house I'm in. Get home... usually.

Callahan: Crawl out a window.

Jaeger: Crawl out a window. Put on my Crest white strips. Takes about half an hour, you gotta let those things set in. Uh, you know, then gotta do the hair, that's a good 15 minutes. Yeah, and then just as I'm goin' out the door, maybe a little spray as I, walk out the door.

Snowball: What uh, what's your cologne called?

Oyster: What's it called?

Jaeger: It's called Transcendence.

Callahan: You got one more offense, you're going back in, you know that right?

Oyster: Soy comprehende.

Callahan: You're really starting to piss me off.

Oyster: Can I remind you of what you were like at my age?

Callahan: Oh, but I got my shit together though, didn't I? At least I finished high school in four years.

Oyster: I actually read books. You read like magazines, like Guns and Ammo.