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29 June 2017 | lor_
Plumpers and ugliness
Part of a Metro Video 3-fer, trilogies of mainly awful VHS filler reissued a decade or so ago on DVD, "Fat Fate" opens with a pretentious on-screen dictionary definition: "Fate: cause beyond human control that is held to determine events". This has nothing whatsoever to do with the contents of this stupidly titled gonzo porn release, and even if the title were taken literally it would contradict the Prime Directive of myriad groups like Weight Watchers.

Having recently suffered through one of last year's worst mainstream movies, Tom Ford's "Nocturnal Animals", I was used to seeing obese "models" cavort totally nude for a presumably beyond-jaded public. When "Fat Fate" was shot back in 1999 perhaps this kink was more exotic, but one suspects with the rise in popularity (and employment) of plus-size models and a general pendulum swing towards the natural (as opposed to porn's previous overindulgence in silicone) that stuff like this will become commonplace.

THe five tiresome skits subject the overweight models to predictable insults, as porn studs, chief among them Will Ravage (his familiar face is because he is Guy DiSilva's less successful brother), ravage the plumpers for our listening and dancing pleasure. The gals are not attractive but they are hardly amateurs either. It adds up to mechanical sex by the numbers executed by decidedly disinterested sex workers.

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