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  • Gravity Falls was an amazing series. When it ended back in February 2016, we weren't sure what could come after Gravity Falls. But back in 2014, Nickelodeon released a webseries titled Welcome to the Wayne, which to all who watched seemed like it was inspired by Gravity Falls. It was then greenlit because of its success. Thus comes July 24, 2017, when the full length TV version of the webseries premiered after The Loud House at 5:30 PM EST. So enough talking, here's my WttW review.

    WttW is about a kid named Ansi Molina who just moved into an apartment building called The Wayne. He joins Olly and Saraline Timbers on crazy adventures as he is part of Team Timbers. So far the week has been big on Nickelodeon, as they premiered the first 5 episodes of the series. What do I think about it? Well to start, the synopsis of the series is just a typical synopsis, it's not really original and kinda outdated. But what do I think about the episodes? Recently I've been busy at 5:30 PM EST, with cleaning the kitchen after dinner or eating dinner at that exact time. So haven't gotten caught up yet. But as far as I know, the episodes have been well-received. What do I think of the style? To begin, the animation style. It looks a little like Rick and Morty's animated style, but without the weird-shaped eyeballs. It's really colorful and pretty basic and simple. What do I think of the voice acting and the actors? Before I say anything about that, I had NO idea WHATSOEVER that a woman voices Ansi. Great job, guys, keep it up! Is it better than 2009-March 2015? Definitely. How do I rate it? I give it a 9/10. It's not the best ever on Nickelodeon, but it's better to give us high hopes on the future of Nickelodeon.
  • Welcome to the Wayne is like Gravity Falls, except in an apartment! And surprisingly, a hot lady as a main antagonist? Wow! Welcome to the Wayne is one of the saving graces of Nickelodeon after... the Breadwinners era. Welcome to the Wayne is action packed, clever, and really something enjoyable to watch. I hope I can see more!
  • Welcome to the Wayne has already proved itself to be a great show within its first week on TV. It has everything you could want in a show; witty humor, endearing characters, and mystery! It's sad that many people just dismiss it as "A Gravity Falls rip-off," when it's its own show. Sure, it clearly has a mystery element, like Gravity Falls, but both are different in terms of humor and characters. The only major drawback of this show is that the main characters are rather unpleasant to look at, but the monsters are very well drawn and match the whimsical theme of the show. If you liked Gravity Falls, I can assure you that you'll like Welcome to the Wayne.
  • Just watch Spacefish and 8:08:08! Your mind will be blown. The creator was a writer on Phineas and Ferb! This show is bold, brave, and awesome
  • So, while I was watching last week's Loud House episodes, one show that caught my fancy was a new show called Welcome to the Wayne. The show revolves around a young boy named Ansi Molina, who had recently moved into an apartment building -- the titular Wayne. Along the way, he meets two kids, Olly and Saraline Timbers respectively, who make it their solemn duty to investigate the oddities of the Wayne. They discover supernatural creatures, a hidden library, and more. Meanwhile, the main antagonist of the series, the Spy from Apartment 8i, is looking for a way to take control of the Wayne for it is said that whosoever controls the Wayne controls the world.

    Now, the show originally started off as six shorts on the Nickelodeon website before it was made into a full-fledged series. Going into the show I didn't have much curiosity about the plot, but after five episodes, all I can say is I want more. I find this show very unique. The idea of an apartment building being home to many supernatural and paranormal creatures just screams creativity to be realized. The characters are also pretty likable. Ansi is the adorkable type who is kind of a pushover, Saraline is the more serious of the trio of friends who is motivated by her desire of getting to the bottom of the Wayne's mysteries (so that she could impress her idol, Jonah Bishop), and Olly is an energetic young boy who is, while not the sharpest tool in the shed, makes up for it by being hilarious. As for the the series is still new, I can't give you an exact description of the Spy from Apartment 8i as her backstory is deliberately left vague. We know that she wants to possess the Wayne, but we don't know what her motivation is yet. In short, she comes off as cold, serious, scheming, and mysterious. She also has lackeys, but they're mostly one-note. The show also introduced a few more characters like a young vampire hunter in training who hunts vampires with spoons, Jonah Bishop, a professor who doesn't take Team Timber's investigations seriously because they're children, and Andrei, a vampire who had lost his memory at some point in time, but he's pretty chill. The only real issue that I have with the characters is the fact that the show keeps introducing new characters. As the show is recently new, I feel that they should focus more on establishing the world the series takes place in, and then introduce characters in a slow process.

    Now for the animation style. Admittedly, the style very much resembles the designs chosen for Sanjay and Craig a show that I hated, as well as a little bit of Regular Show for good measure. The animation isn't really phenomenal, but it's not necessarily without it's charm. The monsters that the trio of friends come across are also pretty imaginative such as the Squidgets from the first episode as well as Sleepyhead who also debuts in the first episode. Other than that, don't know what else to say about its animation. Now of course when the show was first announced, many had assumed that the series was a shameless ripoff of Gravity Falls what with its sense of mystery and fear of the unknown. I can definitively say that it isn't; there are many different aspects that WTTW uses that separates it from GF like how it's one building that houses all of the oddities rather than the entire town being a magnet for the paranormal. That, and Olly and Saraline aren't twins, and their personalities are way different from Dipper and Mabel's.

    Ultimately, I feel that this is a pretty good show that has a lot of potential. It's imaginative, mysterious, and it has a majority of likable characters to choose from. I also appreciate that it gives some variety to Nickelodeon's Nicktoons: we have the Loud House which is a slice of life, Bunsen is a Beast a slapstick comedy series, the action show known as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, etc. As a mystery show, one plus I can think of is that I do enjoy a good mystery. If you any of you were fans of mystery shows such as Gravity Falls and are slightly saddened by it concluding after two seasons, I would recommend this show. If anything, now I have two shows to look forward to when I tune into Nick.
  • charliruyz28 February 2018
    Welcome to the wayne: an American series created by billy lopez that won an emmy award, welcome to the wayne or the wayne building was a series website that started in November 2014 and ended in December 2014 with 6 caps of 3 minutes a 8, many say it is a copy of gravity falls and all that, but the truth is too different and its problem is continuity since, then, the series does not say anything, only the beginning of the series gives place in 2 weeks in the future after the events of the webseries and then people do not get familiar with the series if only they have reissued the 6 episodes, I do not know 2 times before its premiere would have understood more, the concept, the series is good I do not say that it is better than gravity falls but it is the best one telling a solid story with nickelodeon concept and everything at the moment,

    This series is the best current, I do not say that it is better than the loud house or sponge but it is the best for the fact of dealing with the mystery and other different plots, but anyway the loud house and spongebob go something up,

    Frequently Asked Questions about the series

    1.-Is it a copy or not the wayne building of gravity falls?

    answer = not a copy is a kind of inspiration that billy lopez took to make the series but it is not a copy since even today people ignore this series and want it to

    2.-Is it advisable to see it?

    answer = if it is recommended or to pass the time is not the best but to have a good time for nickelodeon as there is almost nothing good saving the loud house and spongebob.

    (this question is whether you already like it or just something or a little) 3.-when new episodes come out?

    answer = already the episodes are only that they are broadcasting in other parts of the world such as Latin America or Germany that are almost finishing issuing all 20 episodes that has. so I know that would be a strategy because if people do not like a product on one side, you have to sell the product elsewhere (abroad)
  • Nickelodeon seems to be getting better and better, and i'm loving it! This show started out as a 2014 6 episode mini-series on Nick, and I wasn't to impressed, but once I saw promos for this show, I was hyped! It has great characters, animation, and the hotel they live in is crawling with mystery. The one thing I ain't really liking is how they threw the mystery right in our faces in episode one, but that's nothing major. If you want a light-hearted mystery show, then this show is for you! (take note Cartoon Network) :p
  • jeremy-david-kuehnau6 October 2017
    A co-worker knew I liked Gravity Falls and told me to look into a new series called "Welcome to the Wayne".

    So watching a few episodes, it's not really my cup of tea. To begin with, the TV series starts off right from the mini series and as a result, there's missing information you would otherwise need to know to understand some of the stuff they are talking about.

    Ignoring that, the animation is fine, the voice actors are fine. There's no complaint there. What is a complaint is the fact the show doesn't feel like it has any sort of build up, since they really just throw all the information in your face right up front, so as far as a "mystery" cartoon goes, it's not very mysterious. It's more along the lines of Scooby Doo quality.

    So when I was talking about Gravity Falls, there's two siblings in Welcome to the Wayne just like Gravity Falls. Their personalities are also similar in a lot of ways.

    As a replacement for Gravity Falls it fails on all fronts.
  • This show is boring, but not terrible. It's not as awful as Loud House, but (like Korra) it lacks what made the other 2010s Nicktoons good. Hopefully it can get better.
  • This show is basically just a gravity falls rip off, (which is one of the best shows of all time) there are some good episodes but it's normally just boring.