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  • This movie isn't about proving that the UFO phenomenon is real, so much as providing an answer to aspects of it that do appear to be real. I've been interested in the phenomenon since I was a child in the 60s and 70s and there were several UFO "flaps" or excitement over a number of sightings. I noticed early on that the phenomenon seemed to be polarizing -- the experts seemed to fall into one of two camps:

    1) True Believers who seemed to accept everything hook, line, and sinker, and often expanded the accounts to include widespread, amazing conspiracies and incredible levels of alien presence and collusion with governments -- and made lots of money with books.

    2) Total Debunkers who denied that there was anything at all unusual going on, just perhaps some rare but known phenomena -- swamp gas, mass hallucinations, nightmares, maybe ball lightning. Mostly they seemed to just read reports second-hand and insert such "explanations" for anything and everything and assume that was that. They probably didn't make as much money on books, but one or two did write books and frequently appeared as "experts" in TV coverage and documentaries. Both camps seemed to be wearing blinders, dismissing some things that shouldn't be easily dismissed while accepting what they wanted no matter what. However, I noticed two of the researchers who were highly qualified and did extensive, close research changed their views over time and came to a third, arguably more balanced view: in rare cases, the phenomena was real, not like ordinary known natural phenomena, but also that they didn't fit any conceivable visitation by aliens or humans from the future. Perhaps this is just another form of biased conclusion, but it seems more reasonable to me than the first two, and this movie gives a good introduction with a number of reasons for rejecting the extreme views and goes further, pointing to facts which make the most sense if there are some real phenomena which are caused by neither aliens nor known natural forces. It does however, accept the explanation that the Roswell "crashed UFO" was a Cold War listening device and weather balloon, and that most of the cases have natural explanations. Personally, I suspect the whole story is a bit more complex, with secret government experimental projects playing a larger role than this movie suggests, but overall I think it does a service in presenting a different way of looking at the subject. You may not agree with the final answer that is presented for the cases that go beyond easy explanation by natural events, but if you've only known one or both of the first two views, you really should check this out and at least allow your mind to ponder that there may be "...more things in heaven and earth, ...Than are dreamt of in your philosophy." (Hamlet, by Shakespeare, as if you didn't know).
  • A strong scientific foundation is laid out to explain why alien visitation from other planets is virtually impossible. Yet, people are experiencing abductions and close encounters. The obvious conclusion is drawn that these beings are from another dimension. After pointing out that the basis for string theory and multi verses have no basis in provable science, the documentary then explores the spiritual dimension.

    Be aware, this film is produced by a Christian ministry, so of course Bible verses are quoted. However, secular sources are quoted as well. A compelling case is put forth that deserves consideration.
  • Unfortunately there are many people whose minds and hearts are so closed against any Christian ideas that they will not consider changing their minds or be willing to look at where the evidence actually leads. If you are one of these, then you will certainly hate this documentary. If, however, you are an honest seeker and willing to look at where the best evidence from the field of ufology is leading, then this is the best possible documentary for you to watch. If you have experienced alien abduction or know people who have- definitely watch this! Great production.
  • It was predictable that many people would feel deceived about this movie. It is because using secular sources, they address uncomfortable details of the alien hypothesis, and the alien abduction hypothesis. Aside from ad hominem attack against the flow of the movie, the reviews against the movie do nothing to refute the factual basis of the movie. It is worth seeing, and then weighing the evidence, and coming to your own conclusion. I for one had never thought about how Starfleet Command might solve the problem of time dilation at faster than light speed travel! Same for the aliens! How do they do it? How do they materialize in your bedroom or travel through walls? Enquiring minds would like to know.
  • I don't know what people were complaining about. The graphics were excellent. It was interesting to see why interstellar travel is physically impossible. Einstein showed that mass would increase sharply as we approach light speed, but even without that effect, ordinary physics means that too much energy would be involved if we travelled fast enough to reach the stars in a life time. That aerospace engineer Dewey Hodges pointed out that energy increases with the square of the speed, so even space-ships going at a third of light's speed, about ten thousand times the speed of our best rockets, would need a hundred million times more energy. And he pointed out that collisions with objects as small as snowflakes would have the energy of huge bombs, so what would an asteroid do?

    The movie also avoided a lot of sensationalism. If there are ordinary man-made or natural explanations for observations, we don't need to believe in something extra-ordinary. This includes the Roswell, New Mexico event.

    But that leaves a small percentage without a good explanation. So what is going on there? It's very clear that the claimed experiences are not with good beings but harmful ones. And what can help them? These people have had traumatic experiences, and found it hard to get help because others didn't understand. So don't dismiss what helped them because of a prior bias.
  • An honest, intelligent & well-researched movie covering the spiritual nature of alien/ UFO encounters.

    The research used is readily available to anyone genuinely wanting to know more, and the producer has woven this research into the film, bringing integrity & relevance, to the understanding of people today.

    As the 'science' is outlined & explained throughout the movie, it becomes increasingly clear that the 'facts' do not add up.

    The powerful accounts from those interviewed, is truly eye-opening and exceptionally moving.

    Absolutely worth seeing & staying through to the very end of the film!
  • Millions of people have seen UFOs and experienced strange entities, so something is going on. This film, based on a top-selling book, gives an explanation that might surprise you, but makes perfect sense. Well-know UFO researchers are highlighted and scientists explain if it is possible for extraterrestrials to fly here in hyper-drive space ships. The telling part of the movie comes from the people interviewed that have experienced these entities and what is really happening. It's definitely worth seeing and you will be thankful you did.
  • This is the definitive movie on UFOs!

    Evidence based and logical, this movie brings together the research of many well-known UFO researchers. Alien Intrusion: Unmasking the Deception puts forth a unique yet conclusive answer to the question of what these beings are.

    While the movie is based on the Amazon top-50 best selling book with the same title (i.e. Alien Intrusion), the movie contains new material and a fresh approach to the subject of UFOs. (It is not true as another reviewer on this site said, that if you have read the book, you have seen the movie.) This movie focuses heavily on the Alien Abduction experience in the latter half of the movie and this is where the movie becomes really engages.

    Alien Intrusion has set itself as the benchmark for future UFO documentaries. Production quality is excellent. The special effects, sound, and content is exceptional.

    I would be surprise if Alien Intrusion doesn't pick up at couple of film awards along the way. As it is, if you look at the other reviews on IMDB, most of them are either 10s or 1s. The 1s come mostly from a few disgruntled viewers who were not happy about the Christian theme in this movie, but for those who are open to consider all possible angles on the subject matter, you will find (as most of the other reviewers have, with many voting 10 stars), that this movie provides the definitive answer and solution to the UFO phenomenon.

    The first part of the movie address the science, the history, background and addresses the most frequently asked questions about UFOs. For example, What happened at Roswell and other well-known documented events? What about time travel? What is the consensus among most serious researchers on the subject matter? Where do they come from? What is the Classic Abduction Syndrome? Is there a government cover-up and what have previous presidents of the United States said about these things? What is the inter-dimensional hypothesis? And many other questions.

    But the best part of the movie comes in the second half which interviews a number of Alien Abduction experiencers. Without giving the conclusion away with a spoiler, let's just say that this part of the film is exceptionally well done, and I found myself tearing up as some of the experiencers re-tell their experiences. As a matter of fact, this is the first and only documentary that I have ever found myself being emotional about. It is that well done!

    The film ends with an air-tight , evidence-based conclusion that will allow those struggling with this phenomenon to find answers and resolution. This movie is not for the close-minded, but for those willing to follow the evidence where it leads.

    Alien Intrusion has been gathering accolades from some of the leading UFO researchers around the world for a good reason. If you can only spend time watching one movie on UFOs, this is it.
  • CMPGal5 February 2018
    This thought provoking film provides in-depth research into the alien and UFO phenomenon. Though you may not agree with all of the conclusions, it is definitely worth watching. See for yourself.
  • The first half is about stuff you probably heard many times before when you are into the UFO phenomene like aliens in movies, politicians quotes, problems with travelling far distances, panspermia, fermi paradox, Roswell crash etc. Basically just topics you can find on tv every other evening.

    Witness reports that "believe it is connected to the spiritual worlds" are the backbone of the second half. The claim that these were "demonic entities" is mostly supported by witnesses who allegedly scared the fake aliens off by mentioning the name Jesus and pastors that quote the Bible. I would have assumed to include some references to the "trickster phenomene" but it was not addressed. Probably because it did not fit to the "Christian spin" the producers tried so hard to communicate. They also conveniently left out the fact, that Pope Francis has no problems with aliens and their existence.

    Overall and interesting premise that brought little for me to the table in 100 minutes runtime. Target audience seems to be Christians that only vaguely heard about UFOs and promotion to get them closer to the flock.
  • All you need to know is that this movie has nothing to do with exploring the possibility of extraterrestrial life, and has everything to do with far right Christian religious conspiracy theories - theories which are astoundingly dumber than than the average, run of the mill UFO theory.

    As a critical thinker who finds the possibility of discovering life elsewhere in the universe immensely interesting, this movie was so shockingly bad I may have to rewatch it as a drinking game - every logical fallacy is a shot, every unsupported religious claim is a shot - except then I'd be dead before the thirty minute mark.
  • Ok, so I never leave comments or reviews but I felt I had to on this one! This documentary was absolutely horrible! I saw this documentary last night and it was laughable if you have spent any amount of time and done some research on this topic! So they charged $15 per person and the documentary was 90% interviews from the 70's! It was so out of date! The info was straight up lies and they just happened to leave massive amounts of info because it would of gone against their Christian theory(and im a christian) It was so bad we left 15 minutes before it ended. Damn I was disappointed and pissed! I was really looking forward to a "new" documentary but showed mostly old information and false information and left out massive amounts of information. If you really want to watch a documentary then watch Unacknowledged and it's free on Netflix!
  • A great follow-up to CMI's film, Evolution's Achilles' Heels. This picture went to the next level in cinematography. Loved the original score and the original animations.

    Roswell hype answered (which was great), but not all encounters are chalked up to natural phenomena/mistaken identity. The interviews with experts and researchers were helpful, and the interviews with 'experiencers' toward the end were emotional and compelling.

    My parents, aunt, and uncle also loved the film and have ordered the DVD.
  • The movie starts out with some interesting footage of "unexplained stuff" and for the first hour is alright.

    But it turns for the worst and tries to implant the seed of Christianity and continues like this for an hour until the end they go full Bible thumper like one guy said. I believe they are just trying to get people to correlate unknown things to demons that only Christianity and Jesus can solve.

    If you wanted a UFO Christianity movie, here it is. If you are solely a UFO fanatic, this movie is definitely not for you

    This movie isn't unmasking a deception, this movie was built on deception
  • So a buddy of mine who is very much into these types of documentaries, asked if I wanted to go and check this one out at the theater. "HELL YEAH!"

    The first 45 minutes or so felt like a normal Alien documentary, we even expected to see recycled footage from other docs. Then some where around 45-60 minutes in, the doc goes super BIBLE THUMPER. Now I expected it to have a section on biblical possibilities, but no...the entire doc is a lie. It is not a normal UFO/ALIEN doc. This is a religious film in disguise. I would like my money back.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Do not be fooled. This is an absurd Christian propaganda mocumentary
  • This documentary lacks a global perspective on "spirituality" via alleged E.T. visitations for a mainstream viewing audience (paying high admission prices, who knew that spirituality can be expensive?). First of all, most of the interviewees were Americans, wasting this production's sources like a Christian U.F.O. investigator based in South Korea (I guess E.T.s don't visit Asia?) not to mention that the "Alien Intrusion" book writer is Australian. It makes one wonder that E.T.s only have a thing for white Americans, or lost Christians.

    Also there seems to be quite of bit in debunking the general abductee experience as a "sign" from Jesus or "demonic " manipulating wiping out a supposedly global spiritual experience with E.T.- like callings from a higher spirit (whether it be Christian or not). And yes, one can feel compassion from viewing these selected abductee (now born-again Christians) interviews, they suffered emotional traumas whilst trying to piece their lives back together.

    At times, the documentary wastes valuable on-screen time where it could of shown a P.O.V. by global spiritualists (not just Christian) that professed in receiving "possible" interdismensional or outer space signals from a higher spiritual consciousness (instead what we get were projected title cards with Biblical quotes). Do not get me wrong I watched this film (did not read the book though) with an open mind in fact the first half of film's archival scientific material was interesting.

    Then it ends up feeling like an investigation led by a "Baby Boom" (and Christian-identified) scientific generation evident with the plenitude references to 70s academic theory/pop culture (even the aliens were depicted in a kinda of Spielberg "Close Encounter" way). During in the screening, I had seen one viewer leave when Bible quotes appeared plus some giggles were also heard.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    If you've read the Amazon bestselling book by Gary Bates, Alien Intrusion: UFOs and the Evolution Comnection, you will pretty much know what to expect in this film. It's basically a propaganda film for the Demonic Hypothesis of UFO.

    The movie, like the book it was based on, really didn't dig too deep into what Christians have historically believed on the subject of extraterrestrials. It falsely states that the idea of extraterrestrial life is founded in science fiction, even though Christian theologians have been discussing aliens and their implications since the Middle Ages, well before the advent of the scifi genre.

    Being a creationist film, there was an obligate aside into refuting the Big Bang theory, evolution, and abiogenesis, followed by a brief look at undirected and directed panspermia (the idea that life came from space, either accidentally or on purpose).

    There is a good deal of discussion on why faster-than-light travel is impossible, negating the idea of extraterrestrial visitation. The film suggest that the tyranny of interstellar distance will remain an unsolvable problem because, well, physics. Viewers will likely find the section on the Roswell crash dissatisfying if they're expecting more than pat answers. This was disappointing because the book actually goes into much more detail and shows a much better grasp of the complexity of the investigation of the alleged crash.

    The quality of the film was at least as good as the Ancient Aliens series. The special effects were really good. I think that if the documentary had been more self-aware and less preachy, it could have been a little more entertaining and much more effective. To be honest, it started dragging somewhere in the Second Act.

    The Third Act is about the abduction phenomenon. Through selective quotations of UFO experts, particularly of John Keel and Jacques Vallee, the Extra-dimensional Hypothesis is equated as being a sort of secular version of the Demonic Hypothesis. These so-called aliens are just the demons and fairies of bygone days with a technological varnish. Given the traumatic nature of abduction experiences, the New Age teachings associated with them, and the fact that abduction experiences can be stopped in the name of Jesus, the filmmakers conclude that the Devil is behind the UFO phenomenon.

    The movie doesn't seem to know how to end. The last 10 to 15 minutes are just cringe-worthy with how repetitious it becomes. There's a lot of fast and loose quotation of scripture that we hadn't really seen to this point. It was obvious that they were trying to shoehorn some sort of Gospel message into this conclusion of theirs but it ended somewhat garbled and mixed in with their message of deliverance from alien abduction.

    If you stay past the decidedly brief credits (and you will because the special effects are really cool), you can watch a panel discussion between Robert Carter, Joe Jordan and Gary Bates that adds nothing to the movie itself.

    All in all, Alien Intrusion: Unmasking the Deception was, well, predictable. If you read the book, you've seen the movie and vice versa. The film is undeniably a propaganda piece for the Demonic Hypothesis of UFO. It will convince people who want pat answers from Christian experts on a decidedly weird subject they would prefer remain far from the stained-glass glow of their pews. It will reassure Christians who stopped researching after the Christian ufologists of the 1970s connected the subject, for better or for worse, with the Satanic Panic. Having said that, I sincerely hope that some of these experiencers find deliverance through the name of Jesus. It doesn't have to be demons for Jesus to save you from it.
  • The first half is about stuff you probably heard many times before when you are into the UFO phenomene like aliens in movies, politicians quotes, problems with travelling far distances, panspermia, fermi paradox, Roswell crash etc. Basically just topics you can find on tv every other evening.

    Witness reports that "believe it is connected to the spiritual worlds" are the backbone of the second half. The claim that these were "demonic entities" is mostly supported by witnesses who allegedly scared the fake aliens off by mentioning the name "Jesus" and pastors that quote the Bible. I would have assumed to include some references to the "trickster phenomene" but it was not addressed. Probably because it did not fit to the "Christian spin" the producers tried so hard to communicate. They also conveniently left out the fact, that Pope Francis has no problems with aliens and their existence.

    Overall and interesting premise that brought little for me to the table in 100 minutes runtime. Target audience seems to be Christians that only vaguely heard about UFOs and promotion to get them closer to the flock.r to the flock.
  • kitty-1447612 January 2018
    Warning: Spoilers
    I did research the movie before buying tickets. I saw that it was made by a Christian ministry. Note that I am not religious but spiritual (not a fan of organized religion). As I am digging deeper into 'e.t. races' I did expect most of what I saw. I was extremely surprised they did not bring up the Nordic species. As they are described as being human like but much more spiritually evolved. Greys are not friendly and I did expect that aspect of the 'doc'. One part I did not like was how they portrayed other religions as 'evil misinterpretations'; especially pointing towards meditation.

    It was interesting, and well thought out. Some people did walk out on the movie once it started to get more towards the bible, and a man next to me fell asleep. I would not recommend it though as there are better documentaries, and articles on the subject matter.
  • The positives: * Had a reasonable CGI budget with some good animations and special effects. * Many hat-tips in the score to familiar sci-fi movies like 2001, Alien: Covenant and a very Star Trek-esque credits scene (cheesy, but still clever). * Gary Bates compassion for people going through difficult, unexplained and I suspect ridiculed experiences really shined. * Reviewing the chances for alien visitation and some of the science of interstellar travel was well done. * The review of the Roswell incident was very good.

    The negatives: * I felt the movie was about a half hour longer than it needed to be. * I felt that although the naturalism/evolution connection is obviously there for the Christian, it felt forced (like "how do we throw this in"), was introduced very early in the movie when you didn't really have a contextual anchor and distracted the viewer from the main theme of the movie (the producers would probably disagree). Sarfatti's initial scene could easily have been dropped and nothing would be lost from the overarching premise of the movie. I think this would have unnecessarily turned off a lot of secular viewers from the outset. * Some statistics were presented but I would have liked more. * It's format is not well suit for studying in a home group, and I'm not sure it's the kind of movie I'd ask a skeptic over to watch. * I left feeling I had some information, but I don't really have much in the way of tools if I came across experiencers. Although Gary's compassion comes through, you are left to pick up how you should act more-or-less by osmosis.