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  • This series from score is for w*ankers only, as eight busty femmes jerk off some anonymous guy(s) -we only get to see the male member, not his face. Sort of like stag films from nearly a century ago, when the guys wore masks.

    Taylor Steele is spotlighted in the marketing due to her immense natural jugs, which rhymes with tugs. The tugging is done for first-person POV camera and eventually elicits some eruption of spunk, with or without breast-sex thrown in. But the key element, or lack thereof, is the complete absence of penetration. That makes this filler sort of the heterosexual version of those innumerable Playgirl TV Solo scenes, where some stud poses for the camera and then jerks off to fruition.

    Only gold star (I was going go say earning brownie points but that would be non-p.c.) going to Score Group is employing 3 Black models among the eight women on display, affirmative action at its finest. The other odd casting wrinkle is Jasmine Black, always a candidate for breast in show, probably shot in Europe rather than wasting plane fare to Florida where Score is based and where Jasmine normally doesn't appear.