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  • I went to see this wonderful movie with a minimum of information, as usual: a Spanish movie directed by Rodrigo Sorogoyen, with Antonio de la Torre. Nothing more. De facto, with a very positive a priori. During the first minutes, the atmosphere is a Dolce vita full of show-offs, with yachts, rolex, penthouses, prawns orgies and tutti quanti, in a universe of corrupt politicians. A scandal burgeons and one of them will immediately be designed for a sacrifice, in order to preserve the party and the government. Thus, in this extemporary exercise of musical chairs, the victim is Manuel López-Vidal, the main protagonist interpreted by Antonio de la Torre. The movie is quickly and suddenly transformed into a descent into the abyss, or rather a breathless race against the clock until an ultimate and terrific confrontation that might easily be considered as a merciless fight between the two last gladiators still standing within a Roman arena, with a combativeness boosted to the extreme, for the delight of a bloodthirsty audience.

    The film deals with corruption through the eyes of a man for whom one feels almost empathy, despite the absence of sympathy. Thus, if this film addresses corruption without really judging it, the focus is primarily on the ability to survive, like manifold other movies, in fundamentally different contexts: Ayka (2018), Gravity (2013), The Road (2009), 28 Days Later... (2002), Deliverance (1972), ... Thus, with El reino / The Realm, we may see what a corrupt politicien is ready to do to save his own skin. No matter what! As a conclusion, despite a few idle times, this movie is excellent.
  • This is without a doubt the best Spanish movie I have seen in years (and I'm Spanish). It depicts the politician corruption in an excellent way. For me, the script was really really good, the directing was 100% on point and the performances were amazing. There is an actor called Luis Zahera who I didn't even know and it gives the most credible performance in the movie (as Cabrera). He is soooooooo good. The scene at the balcony should grant him all the awards he can get in his category this year. You cannot go better than that. Impossible. Definitely a must-watch film. Go to the theater and support the crew. This is as cinema at its best.
  • This movie is brutal. From second one, it grips you in its story line about politics and corruption, with a tight and breathless script and amazing acting (de la Torre has an intensity that transpires from the screen, and here gives us again a bravura performance) and doesn't let go till the last very last frame. It may be *just another movie about corrupt politicians and their love of money and power, but it is so magnificently done, so beautifully shot, and so angry, that you won't be able to take your eyes from the screen. Watch it.
  • tureluur-9917014 August 2019
    What an unbelievable actor is Antonio de la Torre! He has such a natural way of acting. The film itself was fantastic too.
  • With a slightly shaky cam, a monotonous thumping techno score and some of the best performances of this year, we are introduced to a group of Spanish politicians with a serious fraudulent past. Their arrogance and naive feeling of invincibility is soon destroyed, when all their corrupt businesses are slowly brought to the attention of the press.

    The gravity of the situation only hits the audience when it hits the characters: too late. In over their head with only a couple of options to save their own skin, they are put before several moral questions that will have you bite your finger nails the whole ride.

    Manuel, the main character, seems a true human being that could have walked out of a real life politics debate for all we know. Antonio de la Torre's performance is out of this world! But not only he deserves credit for his amazing acting. No one ever misses a note and the result is a film full of conflicting personal relationships that are realistic in a rather scary way.

    The music is a bit of a bummer though... The techno-beats never build up towards a finale, while the movie itself is a thrilling rollercoaster that ends in a frontal collision with a brick wall. This - as I already mentioned - monotonous score doesn't improve the movie one bit.

    But the directing by Rodrigo Sorogoyen is compelling. He made a political scandal into a grand fight between rivals and friends. There is no violence. But I held my breath for the complete final hour. The ending was a bit too suden for my taste though.

    Yet, I cannot stress this enough: it was rousing, it was absolutely riveting.
  • This movie builds up until it explodes and lets you breathe again. Prepare to make some diving exercices because if you want to chill out this is not your movie. The portrayal of corruption is put on a very disturbing note and feels constantly hunting you. It reminds me of the best build up tension scenes along with for example Sicario (Denis Villeneuve) . Very well directed and very well acted , this shows what a talent Sorogoyen and Antonio de la Torre are. Probably my favorite movie of 2018 and my favorite spanish movie as of today along with Volver.
  • ''El Reino'' is a political thriller from Spain, directed by the talented Rodrigo Sorogoyen who also gave us the brilliant ''Que Dios nos perdone'', one of the best European thrillers of the decade. In this movie though he doesn't achieve the top level of his previous work. The film's protagonist, Manuel, -an exceptional performance once again by Antonio de la Torre- strives in order to stay alive in the country's political scene after being accused for a major scandal involving embezzlement and money laundering. The frenetic tempo of the first 45 minutes confused me and made me lost count of the names and ranks of the various characters which were introduced, but after Manuel's indictment the movie starts to feel more comprehensible and the story more concise. The editing is super-fast and even the soundtrack adds to the movie's rapid pace. We follow Mauel, who is present in nearly every single scene of the movie, witnessing his attempts to save himself as well as to extract revenge from the people who think that deceived him and made him a scapegoat. The last ten minutes, Manuel's tv interview, conclude the film in the best possible way with the journalist's final question remaining hanging for the viewer to think and dwell on. The picture of the Spanish political life in ''El Reino'' is not a flattering one as the high-ranking politicians are depicted as cruel, profiteering gangsters who enjoy luxurious lives at the expense of Spanish people who prefer to ignore the country's totally unreliable political system as they have to deal with the problems in their everyday lives which are caused by the nation's governments. There are points in the movie that offer food for thought and many viewers, especially those who live in Europe's southern countries, will recognize many of the depicted blemishes as their own. I would definitely give the movie a higher rating if it were not for the confusion of the first half which has a rather bewildering effect to the viewer because of the reasons I stated above. Overall, I believe that ''El Reino'' is a film worthy of recommendation despite its flaws, and it will appeal most to the fans of Spanish crime/thriller films as well as to those who enjoy political thrillers.
  • On a weekly basis a new exposé hits the headlines of Spanish paper, detailing the political corruption of members of the dominant party, the PP. This film tells the story of what corruption looks like from within the ranks. Connecting the structural and habitual conditions that allow a corrupt government to plainly blame a single individual.

    We follow the story of governmental functionary as he tries to clear his name of the scandal that has been allocated to him.

    Wonderful script, amazing editing. Seamless acting and exquisite steadycam use *(maybe over use?). It's a classic chase film, only seen from the backseat while the driver obscures the car up ahead.
  • I could barely understand the convoluted plot and there are some absolutely senseless and pointless parts of it towards the end. Really confusing storyline as though they couldn't think what to put in next to shock.

    Having said that, the acting and locations is of a good order so it's not a total waste. If you can fathom the point of the scene in the petrol station I'd be glad to know !!
  • In Spanish state, a group of government functionaries enjoy a high life style thanks to the corruption of the system. Suddenly an important one gets caught. The party decides to sacrifice a less important member; but the guy decides to fight back. Nothing easy because he is not only outnumbered but most of his allegiances are betraying him. The main difference of this European movie is that the hero (well, the corrupt hero) is nothing like Rambo so he must uses his eloquence to manipulate things on a system were nobody can be trusted. Physical violence is very little in the film; but dialog and situations are really intense. There are some claustrophobic moments where you feel the main character angst and desperation. Acting is superb Antonio de la Torre is able to even make likable a really repulsive person; the rest of the cast follow through with characters that far worse than the main one. If you see the previous Sorogoyen movie "May God Save Us / Que dios nos perdone" is easy to understand his stories are not easy and his endings are not Hollywood. The Realm/El Reino is basically the same; however the last dialog between the protagonist and the reporter; reminds us that everybody is corrupted one way or another and there are no real heroes here.

    In brief; see it without any doubt
  • 2007 , Manuel Lopez is a Spanish politician whose wealthy life is based on corrupt issues, then he threatens to communicate it to the media , after a newspaper exposes him to the public eye . Manuel begins a race against clock attempting to blame his previous Party colleagues. Manuel will stop at nothing to get his purports , even assaulting , robbing , driving in hlgh speed that causes him a car accident. Finally, the corrupt Manuel has an exciting battle of wits with a TV presenter, Barbara Lennie.

    Nice film though excessively moving by means of a camera over shoulder. It relies heavily on a long use of steadycam , overtalking, and abusive utilization of interior scenarios. The main plot deals with a corrupt politician and his dark business, that's why he is detained , paroled by a strong sum of money , he then seeks , finds and threatens to uncover evidences about existence of an unofficial accounting system inside the conservative Party and its extreme corruption . Antonio De la Torre gives a very good acting as the nefarious , corrupt , crooked politician getting money by any illegal way . Antonio De La Torre is a pretty good actor who always provides fine interpretation, but he uses to play similar characters and his performances bear remarkable resemblance. Support cast is frankly well, plenty of familiar faces of Spanish cinema as Jose María Pou, Nacho Fresneda , Mónica Lopez , Ana Wagener, Óscar de Fuente , and special mention for Barbara Lennie who at the end has a thrilling talking duel with Antonio De La Torre.

    The motion picture was well directed by Rodrigo Sorogoyen .Rodrigo has directed successful TV series as Pecera de Eva , Fragiles , Vida Loca , Impares . And he has made notorious , important pictures as 8 Citas , May God Save us , and this El Reino with his fetish actor Antonio De La Torre .Furthermore , a short , Oscar nominated titled Madre , that subsequently Rodrigo became into a long running film : Madre 2019. All of them have won various Prizes and Goya Awards . Rating 6.5/10 .The flick will appeal to Antonio De la Torre enthusiasts. Better than average. Well Worth watching.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is the third feature film by Rodrigo Sorogoyen, where we see little by little his evolution as one of the Spanish directors of the moment. This film takes enough of the previous one, May god forgive us, of which he maintains that constant tension. In turn, this visual style resembles Seven by David Fincher.

    The political content makes a fictitious reference to the Spanish political situation. In particular, the corruption of the PP and the consequences of its discovery. The style is that of a hyper-nervous thriller with characters always on the edge of disaster. All this, after having become rich with all kinds of illegal methods. The evolution of the film is that of a flight in total descent, seeing the effects of the acts performed by each protagonist.

    Everything that the film represents is summarized with the last sequence, a face to face between the protagonist, Alberto de la Torre, the corrupt politician and the television journalist who plays Barbara Lennie.
  • Saw this at Recent Spanish Cinema Miami '18 and it was a pleasant surprise.

    Even though I did not expect a great film and I found it impossible to relate to a protagonist who is a corrupt politician, the pace changes slowly but steadily as it takes you to a well-achieved climax - the last half hour has to be among the best I've seen lately.

    The film portrays the political corruption of Spain in an impeccable and sadly all too truthful way, while at the same time masterfully avoiding ideologies or similarities with concrete people (surely to avoid lawsuits too). It is never specified whether the political party depicted is right or left wing. What is made clear though, is that this applies to any (or most) politicians in power ('power corrupts').

    It is groundbreaking for a Spanish film to show how this high-spheres corruption works, as citizens are mocked and abused by politicians. I wish many people will see this film so as to promote greater transparency in Spanish politics.
  • lukapapp15 March 2020
    I really liked this movie. From the start tension is building up all the way to great finale on television show. Soundtrack is excellent and helps with building tension up. Acting is superb expecially main character Manuel. Plot is interesting but maybe sometimes hard to follow because there is lots of characters. Pacing of the movie is in my opinion not very well because in some parts lots of things are happening and in some parts it fells like notging important is going on. Movie would really benefit in being just a little shorter, maybe 10 minutes or so. All in all really enjoyable movie with interesting plot and I recommend it to all people.
  • This is the best Spanish political movie i've ever seen , The Story , The Casts , The Cinematography , The Direction , The Great Antonio De La Torre , All of them , was PHENOMENOUS
  • A fast-paced, twisty political mystery that with no doubts become one of the year's best thrillers. It may be just another movie about corrupt politicians and their greed and ego, but it is so correctly done, so beautifully shot, and so angry, that you won't be able to take your eyes from the screen. Watch it

  • ibizawoman2 October 2019
    Its a big yes... Political thriller for adults, very well acted, screenplay and very tense ...really tense at some points. Camera work made me a little dizzy(sometimes) and they seemed to rush the end somewhat but certainly worthy of your time.
  • mourmouka2 September 2020
    Unfortunately the story didn't work for me. I thought it was a movie about politics (like house of cards) but it's not exactly. The narrative is not straightforward and you just get fragments of something that happened in the past. I wouldn't mind that but in the end if you think about the story it wasn't anything new or complex. I can't even compare the script with 70's movies like The Network. It was more of a character thriller focusing on themes like betrayal, blackmailing etc. But unfortunately it didn't work as a character thriller either because the characters were not interesting or i couldn't relate to anyone. If i wanted to see some low brain corrupted politicians i would just turn on the TV. This is not art for me. Direction was ok. Quick cuts, shaky camera, fragmented story telling and rhythmic music helped in making the movie interesting and give some in-your-face action. Actors were great and i think they made the movie.
  • Unfortunately, the truth of Spain. Corruption and arrogant politicians.
  • koracevic3 May 2020
    When you think that something is about to happen, movie ends. My advice, use this 2 hours and spend it with your family, go to walk, sleep... :-)
  • dejan210924 April 2020
    Unfortunately this movie is made for Spanish people... Pretty confusing and slappy beginning made me fall a sleep after 45 mins of try. Obviously high scores comes from Spanish people who can understand what is what here. This is not typical pace of Spanish cinematography like we all like.
  • Great story, great acting. The tension builds up, to a good finale.

    But WHY the constant trembling, for no spontaneous reason? Felt nauseous all along the movie, and so i will differ on the realisation, which i'm forced to consider bad : I'm not paying a seat to be sick.