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  • The movie takes place in Barcelona in early 20's. The movie begins with an espectacular what-it-used-to-look-like overview of the Catalan capital. The films is beautifully shot, and details are well taken care of, such as fashion, cars, street cars, building, decorations, and even the beginning of the construction of Sagrada Familia, however the director takes too much joy into twisting the camera. By the same token, some fighting scenes are confusing by the lack of stability of the picture.

    The plot keeps the audience intrigued and lets them judge who the good guys and vilants of the story are.

    What the movie puts unabashedly on the table is a social denunciation: who wants war and why.
  • All action with no expense spared and with good story line, acting and directing. Historically interesting if not totally factual. You will enjoy it I'm sure if you're not put off by lots of gun battles and blood.
  • salamehabedalrahman7 November 2018
    Once you finish watching you will recognize that the political is not direct as you see it, and this is not new, this started hundreds years ago
  • Considering the current political circumstances, the plot setting is quite interesting. It doesn't state the righteousness as strong as we often experience in American movies. Actually, at the end people still stayed lost and the story didn't suggest a clear way out. But it makes the characters more plausible. At least you might feel the wiser way of being part of politics, is not to get yourself easily fomented by simple words and better to check more perspectives:)
  • eismoc6 November 2018
    This is a very good movie about how complicated the political and social situations were in Spain just after WWI. It is a lengthy movie (2hrs +) but every minute is worthy to be watched.

    The story is quite balanced tho, it does not have excessive conversations or any other boring parts, so the length of the movie goes quite entertaining, some of it went into well-preformed action. Some scenes had some intensive situations and the crew succeeded in bringing it with precision and professionality.

    All characters played their roles perfectly. Adding this to the excellent pictures and effects make one respects the efforts of the director Dani de la Torre.

    I would like to watch it again some time, definitely! 9/10.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The Spanish. Hot blooded. Passionate. It sure comes out in this movie. I really liked it a lot, it was long for sure at 2 hrs. but besides the story, old Barcelona (they show the beginning of Sagrada Familia) and the 20's cars, costumes etc. kept me interested.

    You have all these groups (Police, Gangsters, Union Organizers, Government, heck even Dancers) that at first you wonder how they are all related but in the end it all comes together and ends with a 20's style shoot out where the bad guys get theirs (or do it to themselves). And yes, they are all related in the story, No extemporaneous fluff like you have in US movies to please a certain demographic.

    Very European and I love it that they take their time to develop the characters and the storyline (unlike ADD American movies where they think they have to blow up something in the first 5 minutes to keep your attention or CGI everything; although, they kind of did that in the first 5 min. but it is the rest of the move that makes it very European).

    A lot going in the show to keep your interest and the actors were great in this. Found myself searching about them. Some very good cinema as of late from Spain on Netflix (e.g. Elite).
  • borgolarici27 February 2019
    1920's Barcelona is an interesting setting for a movie, unusual but interesting.The plot is very blandly based on real events like a string of strikes, social tensions and internal squabbles in the anarchist faction. The 'brave rebels' and the 'evil policemen' thing is a bit trite but the characters are likeable so i forgive that. Special mention for 'El Tisico', a secondary character who is mental but funny
  • jonwoodh22 January 2019
    Warning: Spoilers
    Ignore the first "awful movie" comment. It's a fascinating film with an intriguing plot that shows the rise of an anarchist uprising in Barcelona amid strikes for equality and brutal police repression set against an underworld gangster backdrop. A precursor to the Spanish civil war.
  • caledoche21 November 2018
    Very good movie, great director and great photo director
  • Since I live in Spain I've been watching more and more Spanish movies and there are some really good movies made here. La Sombra De La Ley falls just under that category. Luis Tosar is an actor I recognize now as he's been in a couple good movies. La Sombra De La Ley (I have no clue why they translate this as Gun City) is probably not the best movie where Luis Tosar plays in but it's worth watching. To me it was just a bit too long and sometimes a bit confusing as well so more than a six star rating it won't get from me. The acting, directing were all positive, the plot just not perfect.
  • Good actors bad movie, this review is over by order of the Peaky Blinders!
  • kosmasp8 May 2019
    Sometimes people yearn for "simpler" times and refer the past as a good time to have lived. But as this and other movies show, all time periods have their issues or their problems humans had to endure and to live with. This has a high criminality in the center of the story but also corruption, so it is tough to recognize good and bad sometimes.

    Yes gray areas are common and it is not a bad thing to show them. Especially when you show something (even in a heightened film form) that happened. The movie does feel like one of the US films that portrayed that particular time in history and you would be excused if you thought it was about that. Production design is really high and the actors are really good. And it doesn't shy away from violence either - not for the faint hearted and not easy to watch for sure - but very well made
  • editorbarfly11 November 2018
    An awful movie. Streotype characters. A weak plot. Beware.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    AWESOME show, great flow, great story. Loved it. I've seen some great stuff come out of Span. This is the best one

    They used to call movie watching escapism. But these days it seems you can't watch anything much less read a review without it's author going political on you. Of course this being a NFLX production they had to show that in a time period in a country with 600 strikes that year the only one where violence occured was when the police after charging a womens rights protest with horses and sticks killed a one of the women protestors. Like I said 24/7 politics thse days for some, 24/7. LOL