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  • Season 3 is the absolute best so far, so many moments where I was genuinely surprised and speachless, and everything is so smartly done, you get so involved with the chatacters and love them with time, really one of the best shows of this type I watched !
  • giorgiddd6 October 2018
    I've already finished; the series premiered this morning. I think that it's really interesting drama, with many intrigues.,interesting characters (you may recognize people from your life), beautiful scenes. Actors are really beautiful and talented - generally young people acting so professionally. Story itself is really provocative, once you start, you can't stop, that's how I finished it in less than 24 hours and I am already hoping that there will be season 2.

    I have to say that they have used some really good songs.

    Well, I think it's a nict show to watch.

    Thank you Netflix !
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I binge watched this show on Netflix. It hooks you from the first episode and keeps your interest right until the very last episode. The actors are young, but it feels like they've been doing that job for ages. I also like the way the story is told, switching from the interrogation scenes to the scenes which led to the murder. I also feel like this show deals with many difficult topics in an excellent way, things like islamophobia, homophobia, patriarchy and the great wide hole between the rich and the poor, like the characters actually try to find the way to overcome all these things.

    There's only one thing I have a problem with, and that is Marina's character. I can't help feeling like she really is the one at fault for being murdered. Or, okay, maybe not being murdered, but for putting herself in danger. She just. Can't. Keep. Her mouth. Shut. She can't keep a secret. She ruined literally everybody's lives, and her own, beacuse of this. You don't just go and tell people you know who the blackmailer is. You don't just go and tell Carla you have her watch. It's just.... idiotic behaviour.

    So, yeah, I have a bit of a problem with that part of the script. I feel like maybe the showmakers didn't know how else to introduce certain plot points so quickly other than having Marina (and also Samuel!) tell stuff that no normal person would. Maybe they were pressed for duration of the show and didn't have time to have characters find out about these things in other ways, like the identity of the blackmailers or the location of the watch or, anything else, like when Samuel screamed in front of the whole class that Marina was pregnant (WHAT EVEN!) or he just HAD to text about her HIV situation during class, knowing full well that he could get in trouble for using a mobile phone in class. I mean couldn't he wait literally half an hour max to text Omar? Or just tell him in person. Stupid.
  • Good acting. Beautiful setting. Some cliché tropes that are actually used in an original way, and some twist and turns I definitely did not see coming. The characters are believable, they have depth and weaknesses and aren't adults doing adult things while telling the viewer they really are sixteen (unlike shows like Gossip Girl). I loved the European groundedness of it, there's a realism to this show American teen shows never seem to possess. I've been surprised plenty of times, I'd definetely recommend, also for the older viewer who likes a good murder mystery.
  • adityak-9194214 March 2020
    Warning: Spoilers
    Loved the concept since the first episode of the first season. It just got better as the story progressed but still I'm a bit disappointed that Samuel and Carla didn't get the ending they deserved. Leaving that the story was again well written and executed. Now waiting for the season 4.!!!!
  • This show is groundbreaking and keeps you entertained, season after season. Not shy of breaking any taboos and the cast is very well chosen and the acting is immaculate.
  • reycarlab7 October 2018
    Honestly I loved it! The acting is amazing compared to other teen series of sort of the same genre like Riverdale, Pretty little liars and Gossip Girl,wich we all know the acting is puke worthy. What I didn't like was how they expect us to see all of these "teens" with overly active sexual lifestyles that not even an adult could keep up with,I get it they're young and wild but it's just not believable. Other than that totally would recommend.
  • BlakeRsanchez837 October 2018
    The Èlite is a good Spanish tv show.. loved it from the beginning to the end. I laughed I was on the edge of my seat. I couldn't put this show away, all I can say is that I am in love with this tv show I hope there will be more of this. The only thing I hated was only 8 episodes, the ending leaves us wondering they better make another season, give me more I hope you all will love it the way I do because at the end of the day it's a good f###### show
  • The rich are rich the poor are poor but what happen when this two worlds collide. Élite convinces with a good balance between pent-up feelings, intrigues and teen melodram.

    Good for binge and not just for the teen audience. Recommendation.
  • gselin-3875414 March 2020
    Warning: Spoilers
    First season was fine. I gave it a shot anyway but the second season was awesome. They connected better. I even rewatched second season. But third season gave me only sadness. What happened to Ander was unnecessary, I guess. I had a lot of hope for third season but it was just fine as first season. I don't have any hope for season 4, if it happens because some of them went to University and without Lu and Nadia, I don't know how it goes. Lu and Valerio is the fun of this show. The love between Nadia and Guzman was giving me chills but I think they will find new on season 4. But I'm glad that Polo passed away.
  • Solidly entertaining for what it is. Think every tenn show you've ever seen and add a dash of the Affair or How To Get Away With Murder. It's melodrama through and through. Pretty teens. Uncaring families. Poor little rich girls and boys. Even poorer poor kids. Nobody is happy in this world. Somebody winds up dead. Somebody's going to jail. You find somebody to love you'd better hang on tooth and nail. The wolf is always at the door.

    It deals with some real issues: notably Islamaphobia and the repressive nature of fundamentalism, coming out of the closet, open relationships and threesomes, HIV and the seeming impossibility of reinventing yourself in highschool. All hormones, no autonomy. Such is life.

    Well worth a binge watch if you're stuck inside on a rainy day. You won't find yourself transfixed but you will want to know what happens next. The writing felt a little stale but of course translations and voiceovers don't always capture the rhythm of the original dialogue. Still something tells me the writer isn't Spain's answer to Shondre Rhimes or Aaron Sorkin.
  • ancarofl14 March 2020
    Good series and a solid season 3, probably better than the 2nd one.
  • Sleepin_Dragon11 October 2018
    Elite is a very well made drama series, the production values are incredibly slick, and the acting is truly great. If you're able to watch it in its native language with subtitles I would advise it, as the English dubbing really doesn't work, it becomes a very distracting watch, same as with The Rain. The first episode is great, it does get a little slow for a few episodes, but then picks up very nicely. It's a binge watch I really enjoed. 8/10
  • Absolutely in obsession with this series . Must watch series especially for teenagers and the best part is you will fall love with the entire cast after couple of episodes .
  • Addictive, I could not stop watching even if I am not a teenager anymore. This is what I ask of tv products, to entertain, and this one does the job incredibly well. The cast is great!
  • minna-684049 October 2018
    Watch the whole season in 24 hours and already looking forward ro season 2.

    I love that the serie is in spanish because that makes it different from most of the teenage series here on Netflix. The actors are talented and everytime a episode ends you just WANT to see next episode.

    I liked it a lot!
  • Well, it kinda has a gossip girl theme to it but with the mystery/murder element..the name of the show itself suggests that these kids in the school belong to an elite society but when three kids of lower class comes in, all of their life gets turned upside down..this show has tried to show everything from twosome, threesome, gay relationship, heartbreak, betrayal, HIV, teen pregnancy, murder, etc, etc...the cast has some of the good looking ppl and their acting is also only hope is that they don't start ruining a good show by dragging it for 3 to 4 seasons just how they are doing it with 13 reasons why...all in all, it is watchable...
  • flmagee15 March 2020
    Warning: Spoilers
    I'm going to preface this by saying that I had really high expectations for season 3, and what can I say? They definitely delivered. They delivered and exceeded my expectations.

    I'd like to start by pointing out the Euphoria and Skins-esque episodes, in which each revolved around a single character. I was unsure about how this would work at first, but it turned out absolutely brilliant. In fact, this season gave me major Euphoria vibes with the music choices and the overall cinematography, as well. I really commend them on this. My main problem with season 1 and 2 were the superficiality of the characters and the story. They seemed unrealistic and insincere. Season 3, however, was loaded with depth and character development. The writing was splendid (at least the captions were). The season felt real, raw and heartfelt, and that is exactly what I wanted. Now, I know that not everybody liked the ending, but I thought it was great. Once again, it felt real. Not everything works out like we hope it to and we need to accept that. It explores the consequences of the characters' actions, and I really found it beautiful, particularly in the last episode, how much they all developed and put silly things behind them. Through all the pain, they still managed to find hope. I would be satisfied if the series ended here and no more seasons were made. It was a beautiful ending. I honestly don't know how they will make season 4 after this.. I guess time will only tell.

    Job well done, Netflix 10/10
  • alanbiru24 April 2020
    This movie is full of ups and downs, the plot is definitely unpredictable, from this movie I learned a lot about friendship, open-minded ness, bravery, and honesty. The actors and actresses are amazingly sexy, :p
  • gkukumakov20 April 2020
    In three days I finished all the seasons! This show is incredible. It's like a drug. Became one of my favorites of all time! Can't wait for the next season.
  • Gripping. A must watch. Very well done. Best acting by a teen cast ever.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    In a perfect world, where teenagers can commit a murder and play the police with their poor knowledge about life and how the detectives work. And guess what? In this series the police is dumb enough to believe them. How convenient! There are so many holes and everything is a fantasy, everything gets fixed like a miracle, no one goes to jail. If you are an adult and find this intelligent, I have bad news for you. The only thing that saves this series are some characters.
  • gvasilev-1406213 October 2018
    I watch a lot of TV shows and hands down to this one right here, because I haven't seen such a good show in a while. It's really diverse, well written, well produced, I just love it and can't wait for season 2. And also the character development is so great.For those who wrote it's predictable, IT IS NOT at all. Maybe it's just not your genre.
  • hazarchaouni7 October 2018
    It's entertaining and suspenseful, it also features gay relationships that in my opinion are presented well.
  • The thing I liked the most is how actors can adjust to their role Secondly the chemistry between the characters is really impressing I couldn't be more satisfied
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