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  • Unlike many Girlfriends Releases that are designed as assemblages of individual vignettes, this entry in the anthology series hangs together better, divding neatly into two halves.

    First hour plus is devoted to a party of four young schoolgirls, talking a lot about sex with boys with off-color recollections (dirty talk rather than pornographic visuals), before settling down to the promised lesbian sex. One very unusual wrinkle has star Riley Reid's adopted sister Megan Salinas verbally insulted no end by Riley who refuses to let her attend the party, and then Megan masturbating is mighty appealing (to the home viewer) as we watch her sublimate on her own while the four gals are chatting and humping. Megan is listed in the opening credits but left out of the final "Our Girlfriends" cast list and the Menu of individual scenes.

    Part two has a separate cast and story line that is a bit outrageous in its almost sci-fi conceit that I won't spoil here. Basically a calamity of sorts creates the sort of crisis where the girls at a sort of Tupperware Party for sex toys realize they may be dead very soon so they give one last Sapphic hump for the Gipper. It's quite silly at the conclusion, but hot sex featuring the likes of fan favorite Aryana Augustine and Andrea Chechik is hard to pass up. Nikki Hearts plays the somewhat miscast (her punk styling) XXX version of an Avon Lady.