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  • This production, which has been very popular since the introduction process, made an ambitious introduction to Netflix. When They See Us aims to tell an impressive story that has shaken the audience deeply.

    The series focuses on the "Central Park Five" incident in 1989. Since many people are aware of this tragic event thanks to this series, the mission that the series takes on is very important. Five blackish youths are unfairly accused of rape in Central Park in 1989. The series, which tells the struggle of these five young people against justice, dates from 1989 to 2002. The series, which reveals a flutter that touches the heart, is not only important because it is based on reality, but also has inferences that shed light on today. When They See Us is very successful in reflecting the tension and drama of young people's struggle for justification. The main reason why emotions are well reflected is the excellent acting performances in the series. Accurate actor preferences help to better reflect the screenplay with an impressive fiction. Episodes ranging from 60 to 80 minutes allow the 23-year process to be followed step by step. A successful cinematography has been applied to ensure that this tense atmosphere is supported visually. Apart from the main characters, there are also successful names in episodes of the series. The series, which has a crowded staff, is becoming one of the productions to be watched thanks to this collective success.

    When They See Us reflects a successful example of a genre not so common in Netflix. To see the reflections of a true-life event with its different dimensions in today's world will give the viewers a new perspective. An excellent option for those who want a quality drama. 10/10
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Knew these kids from my neighborhood were innocent the whole time. Back then and much like now, cops in my neighborhood were notorious for all types of crimes: They sold drugs, robbed drug dealers, were involved in sex crimes and even were guilty of extortion and homicides. We knew the outcome was race based, but besides the nightmare these 6 individuals endured ( Yes, there were 6 not 5)... because the police lied and the prosecutor also, an innocent woman, a pregnant woman would later be murdered by the actual killer. No "Justice" for Black & Brown, "Just Us" being incarcerated at disproportionate levels.
  • The acting in this series especially by the kids/young adults really pulled me in. I havent gotten this emotional watching anything in a long time. The last episode had me in tears multiple and I hope viewers withhold judgment till they see the whole thing. This is still so relevant 30 years later.
  • gwen-246201 June 2019
    Warning: Spoilers
    This was the best movie I've seen in years. It made me angry and it made me sad. Needless to say, justice was not served in this case. The police, the prosecutors, the prison system, and the parole system all failed. Who was there to "protect and serve" these boys? How do the prosecutors charge them with confessions such as these? How can people tolerate the crimes and torture happening in our prisons? I don't know if I could have watched this movie if I didn't already know the ending.
  • Hard to watch and because it feels so real it really makes me sad and angry.
  • Brilliant but very hard to watch. It made me so angry. Fantastic acting from start to finish.
  • This is easily the best pilot episode or first episode in a series I have ever seen. It was so hard to watch that it honestly made me so furious that I wanted to stop watching. But the cinematography, acting and direction, amazing!
  • wezza8431 May 2019
    Compelling. Just goes to show how messed up a county America is. My heart go out to the Wrongly accused.
  • kiomarsnu1 June 2019
    This is one of the most beautiful and emotional mini series of the year so far. Well directed, excellent character building, amazing acting and well scripted. It touches your soul and cries out your heart. Thank you, Netflix!
  • cw-7549031 May 2019
    Honestly one of the most beautiful and moving portrayals I've ever seen. The acting is spot on. Keeps your emotions going from start to end. Such a powerful series with a strong message. This is a must watch
  • jlangston-291311 June 2019
    The only bad reviews I have seen are by conservative commentators who see it as a political diatribe. It isn't. It's the brutally honest story of a horrible tragedy and the racial discrimination of the time, exemplified in a nationally known case. Unfortunately for conservatives, if it's a story about racial discrimination - which has existed throughout history and continues to exist today - its considered a liberal agenda, even though it is not. It's a story of Injustice, and an excellent one at that.

    Side note: Now some commentators have some now claimed that it blames Trump, but it doesn't. I would point out, however, that Trump backed their conviction and opposed their being let go even after it was demonstrated they were innocent.
  • Firstly I would like to state, taking the tiny portion given to Trump and then shoving aside the rest of the series is YOUR right. Coming on here and trying to act like your review gives meaning, is also okay.

    Now an actual review after watching it all. If you can set aside politics and see the much bigger message of The Central Park Five, you'll be able to bear witness a masterpiece. DuVernay has made their story hit hard to a generation who all may not have been around or heard of the tragedy. To those who were around then will see how past mistakes are still made today. Injustice in the justice system continuing with no regards to consequence. To all this can strike a chord if you just watch for their story at the least. This will be a series talked about so might as well watch it and take whatever you get out of it. If there is any takeaway my review can hold it should be this, pause when you need to take a moment. This series is raw but a needed series.
  • This was an uncomfortable but necessary watch. I was very familiar with the case, even more so that I actually thought but to see it acted out and shot so tremendously was gut wrenching. Sadly injustice has been and will be part of life until the end of time, undoubtedly there's people fighting through it right now. I've seen quite a few negative reviews that this is just a puppet show to stomp on Trump and if that's your belief fine, but in my view facts speak for themselves and I knew about Trumps involvement in this case before this series, but there's no doubt the writer/director really wanted that message out there. Putting all politics, corruption and media aside, it's a truly harrowing, gut wrenching story about how five normal BOYS, lost their freedom, youth and innocence and how all of them including the victim never saw justice served correctly. A hard watch but a must watch.
  • This story was a new to me but if you can't handle the truth I'm sorry for you. This kind thing happened and still happening!

    It made me angry/sad and powerless!
  • Jharrel Jerome was so good they didn't even change the actor to play his older counterpart. Mad respect for the kid.
  • p_empi2 June 2019
    I just finished the first episode and have never felt so outraged. I wanted to turn it off. I just cannot believe those cops were so corrupt. I will continue to watch so that hopefully justice will prevail. This series is intense and I think it's going be worth watching!
  • I bet there are some scenes you don't want to watch it, you can't watch it, it's very very difficult to digest. Acting is brilliant, you will get to see pure raw emotions. Though some of the trump supporters are ruining the show's rating, It's a 10/10, and deserve to heard and watch at least once.
  • bempti293 June 2019
    Warning: Spoilers
    This story broke my heart and made me angry. This is a sad indictment on the NYPD and the U.S. judicial system in general. It also makes clear that Trump was just as big a fool then as he is now. No monetary settlement can make right the crimes that were perpetrated on these 5 innocent children. I wish them peace and happiness for the rest of their lives.
  • This is educational, jaw dropping, sickening, eye opening, impeccably done on every level, and makes u really think how this could have happened. The DA and the lead Detective should be in jail because this is criminal. The story is true and those accountable for lying to take away 5 young kids lives need to be exposed.

    I hope every kid sees this in this country. It's not only about race but about being smart and unifying as a country . Understanding the "justice system". Don't forget the Kleenex when u watch ep 4.
  • egeferentino931 May 2019
    I made a mistake in my first review of this Netflix mini series! I wanted to correct myself when I said do read all of the negative reviews. What I want to say is please do not read all of the negative reviews on here. Watch it and make up your own mind!
  • Watched every episode today & it literally has triggered every emotion except laughter in me. Thirty years has passed for me since this first happened and it reminded me of how scary it was to be a young black male in this country. And unfortunately, it still reminds me of how scary it can be.
  • First of all, this mini series is bogged down my 1 star reviews. Why? Because ol Donnie supporters refuse to do any research about his role on When They See Us. Trump took out a large sum of money for advertise the death of these men. A quick Google search can confirm that for you. It seriously takes 2.5 seconds to research something before calling out 'snowflake'.

    Now, onto the real review. When They See Us is hard to watch. Incredibly hard. But it's eye opening. The actors portray the young men caught up in this wonderfully, the cinnamatics are amazing. Take breaks as needed, but please know this is still very much happening in 2019. WTSU will hit you on a deeply personal level, and that is why it needs to be seen at least once.

    My heart is truly with those who were wrongly accused, and it's my sincerest hope that life offers these gentleman nothing but the best after the injustice they have suffered.
  • They brutally honest depiction of how these people were treated, deceived and degraded was so indescribably frustrating and hurtful. Being of African American decent it felt so strangely close. Like I was watching family almost. Ultimately, the MOST frustrating and hurtful part of it all is that I'm almost positive this will go down as just another dramatization. People will feel the pain and nothing will change, just as it hasn't since this happened. I can see and hear all of the "it wasn't that bad!" And "if they didn't do anything they shouldn't have ran!" I don't know what's worse, the fact that this happened, or the fact that it'll still be nothing but a sad story to point out the various atrocities we still defend.
  • The acting by all the leading young men in this series was amazing. It was very thought provoking and hard to watch at times at the brutality they had to suffer. Certainly opens your eyes to how people have had to suffer through injustice, and how we are at the mercy of the that system. So thought provoking, bravo to all the people that put together this great piece of work. Definitely a must see:)
  • This is one of the best true crime shows I seen.

    It's a 10/10.
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