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  • In general I am a fan of Woody Allen movies. I like some better than others but always look forward to his entry for the year because I know I will be treated with something completely different.

    This one is very enjoyable, to me better then most of his movies the last 10 to 15 years. The main subjects are a 20-something couple, college kids, who need to go into Manhattan for the weekend. She to interview a film director, he to help show her a good time. However nothing goes as planned and that generates the fun in the movie.

    Good movie, I will watch it again. On DVD from my public library. My wife skipped, she is not fond of Woody Allen movies.
  • Woody Allen keeps showing why he is one of the best things to ever happen to cinema. Why we need him so much. without Allen, the cinema industry would have been a little boring. His films are unique and very powerful by meaning of beauty, art and emotion. "A Rainy Day in New York" is another perfect example of true art. The film stars with a young couple visiting New York for the weekend and end up in a rainy day full of excitements. The movie feels like another Allen love story from the start: the location of New York, the narrating, the differences between characters, how they fall in love against all chances, and the sweet ending that all viewers wish to have in their lives. When I first saw this film I immediately had a sense of nostalgia towards "Manhattan" and "Annie Hall". All films perfectly connect to each other, not by plot but more in a sense of genre and dialogue. The dialogues in this film are just like in any other of Allen's films, catchy, humorous and with a lot of sense towards life. The cast is amazing: Timothèe Chalamet is wonderful, his character resembles a lot of Allen's performance in his other films. Basically it's the same character but different actor. Selena Gomez is adorable and shines in her role, Elle Fanning is humorous, the entire cast works so well with the genre of the film. Overall I am in love with this film, I enjoyed it so much and I recommend it to everyone, I think this is my new favorite Allen movie.
  • marygreen2517 December 2020
    Just what I needed right now a good Woody Allen film. I'm going to watch it again tomorrow.
  • Gatsby (what a great character name and played by Timothee Chalamet) is a student at Yardley College in upstate New York. Its a compromise between him and his parents, as Gatsby's main interests are card games and piano bars. Happily, Gatsby has a beautiful girlfriend, Ashleigh (Elle Fanning) who is a journalism student and writer for the college paper. Its Ashleigh's good fortune to snag an interview with a famous movie director, Pollard (Liev Schrieber) but must travel to Manhattan to meet this man. As this is Gatsby's home city, he is excited to come along and show her his favorite sights and the bar where they play the music he loves. So, off they go. After arrival, the two part, agreeing to meet for lunch after the Pollard meeting. But, things go off kilter. The director is in despair over the film he has just finished and, enchanted by Ashleigh's pretty face and winning ways, he insists she screen it with him. This will take hours and Gatsby gets the call she will be later than she expects. Annoying! Thus, Gatsby goes to visit his brother, who if about to be married. Horrors, this sibling tells Gatsby he can't go through with it, due to his fiancees screeching laugh. Having no advice, Gatsby then visits the set of an indie film being shot by an old friend where he runs into Chan (Selena Gomez) the younger sis of an old Gatsby girlfriend. She has agreed to be in the movie where she is to receive a passionate kiss in a convertible! All too soon, Gatsby gets persuaded to be in the movie and bestow this lip clencher. Ho ho ho. Although they trade barbs and insults, the kiss has rattled them both. As Ashleigh is still busy, Chan and Gatsby go visit a museum as rain is pouring. Wait, what's going on? Tihs enchanting film has all of Woody Allen's fabulous ingredients. The cast is great, with Chalamet shining brightly; all of the others, Fanning, Schieber, Jude Law, Rebecca Hall and the rest, do fine work, too. The sets are wonderful and the costumes snazzy. Most of all, the script is full of humor, pathos, and charm while the direction never falters. Yes, as stated many times, I am Allen's biggest fan living in Toledo, Ohio, which is nowhere at all. But, this film is superlative, matchless, everlasting and magical.
  • The script has not a real story, but that fact is almost a statement to show that a film can and may be dialogue-driven. When Tarantino was stupid enough to let every catchy dialogue slip out of his last film, Allen must have caught those lines and let his actors Rock and Roll with them.

    Ellen Fanning. Did I know her? No. Do I want to know her forever now? Yes! The two or three scenes where she has monologues are already legendary. And if she keeps her mouth shut, she still completely dominates the frame.

    NY... 'She' does not easily combine with "melancholic", but Woody Allen is able to show and exploit that side of this city. Love it. No one else is so capable of visualizing the love you can have for this city.

    Allen does not often sink through the 'class' his dialogues already have, to really expose underlying emotions in a more raw way. A lot often remains wrapped in infectious and very erudite - Jewish - humor. But at the very end of this movie actress Cherry Jones has the opportunity to cause goosebumps on my arms in a short, gripping monologue that digs up those emotions. It is proof of the total control that Allen has over his profession over the years. Just like the entire movie. A control that shows itself in a total release of the material, as if this film was recorded in one take of pure improvisation.

    Great movie!
  • I can't believe but I have never watched a Woody Allen movie until this one and "A Rainy Day in New York" really makes me curious about his work. It is just so light, charming and funny with two great leads. At the same time the dialogue is witty and natural. Obviously we will not have a deep dive into today's problems, social commentary and the seriousness we have to have now in everything because this is not that kind of movie. It is a lighthearted comedy with an unbelievably charismatic Elle Fanning (who could have been written a little less naive) and an also convincing Timothée Chalamet. There is not head-heavyness, people don't ponder about the way their day goes so much. They just go on for the ride and see what happens next. It is a breath of fresh air. I also liked the way the lighting is used here. The music adds to the great experience. Thumbs up!
  • People will tell you this isn't Woody's best film but it's still more enjoyable, intelligent and amusing than almost all films being made each year. In the same way a lesser-known Klimt painting is still a multi-million dollar masterpiece any Woody Allen film is still a class act.
  • In the age of super hero films I'm glad that there is still someone who is making films with witty dialog. Woody Allen should be praised for that. But in this film neither the dialog nor the story works.

    "Hannah and Her Sisters" works so well because Woody Allen understood these characters--how they talk and behave. He knew how to write for them.

    That was 1986. Now it's 2019.

    21-year-olds in 2019 don't say "I need a drink, a cigarette and a Berlin ballad." No matter what their background that's not how they would talk.

    "A Rainy Day in New York" is filled with references that no one born in the late 1990s would have. Songs by Gershwin, Porter, Berlin. Films from the 1930s and 40s. And the name of the lead character, Gatsby Welles, is just a little too cute. All of these are Woody Allen references. The problem is trying to force these references on these characters. It doesn't work.

    Maybe this film is meant to be a fantasy. It's not how 21-year-olds talk and behave in the modern world. It's how Woody Allen wishes they talked and behaved.

    No one wants to see a film about people staring into their phones but the truth is that the two leading characters would have been texting each other every few minutes and wouldn't have gotten so completely separated from each other. I think it's clear that Woody Allen hates cell phones because they get in the way of his stories.

    I would have suggested two important changes to the film. Have it take place 25 years earlier--1994 instead of 2019, before everyone had their own phone--and make the characters in their mid-30s instead of their early 20s. With those two changes I think this would be remembered as one of Woody Allen's better films. As it stands he's created characters he doesn't know or understand and, unfortunately, it shows.
  • I've enjoyed so many Woody Allen movies that I keep going to see the new ones, even though I know that his output is mixed. I very much enjoyed *Midnight in Paris*, for example - and tonight felt that I was watching outtakes from it that were rejected with good reason.

    Basically, there is nothing new here. It seemed like a patchwork of previous WA movies, but never came close to reaching the heights of the best ones. The main characters seemed to be too young to be spouting lines the likes of which we are used to hearing from characters decades older.

    I felt downright sorry for Ms. Fanning. She was made to play an airhead, which she did well, but do we really want to see that in 2019? I should think many women would find her offensive.

    The male lead wasn't much better. He seemed very shallow.

    They were like pale copies - very pale copies - of the engaged couple in *Midnight in Paris*, but without an interesting third party such as that earlier movie had.

    The usual talk about the arts seemed very superficial, as if the characters were just reciting lines they had memorized but didn't understand.

    There were scenes that were fun to watch for the scenery. But the dialogue was too often uninteresting, and the plot, to the extent that it had one, of no interest to me.
  • Nothing too surprising. This is Woody Allen in Manhattan. "A rainy day in New York" came to me as a rather naive and refreshing way of doing what W Allen does. Gastby and Ashleigh question what they are and what they are becoming. They do that - to my perception - through the eyes of someone of their age. They think but do not overthink. Action immediately follows. They do not get lost in doubts and do not have to deal with an ego bigger than them. They act, they feel, they learn and repeat. They have so much to learn from that one day. I found all three young characters likeable and empowered, and the actors on top of their game (Timothee Chalamet, Elle Fanning and Selena Gomez). I would have loved to spend that day by their side The rain never bothered me anyways.
  • Two rich 21 year olds and their mental dilemmas about being so rich, which 5 star hotel to stay in, do they want their family money? So designed that it makes you want a 90% marginal tax rate.

    Hard to tell if we are supposed to be sympathetic or despise them. Are they smart, pretentious, loyal, easy lays, rebels, conformists - in the end I just don't care, as I have no sympathy for either of them or the miscellaneous constellation of dull bulbs who are supposed to illuminate them.

    Humor perhaps 4/10. Dialogue is badly written, weak jokes, faux depth.

    Watched WA's "The Front" yesterday, which was equally leftist leaning, but was actually fun and interesting.

    This movie is a failure. Save your time.
  • It's true that Woody Allen is writing silly dialogue that's completely old-fashioned and way above the heads of any youngster in New York, and it's true that the story here is completely silly and motivations are way off. But it's somehow a charming way to spend a couple of hours. Elle Fanning is kooky and does her best to be a chip off the old Diane Keaton block. Timothee Chalamet is dreamy and solid but doesn't get enough clout. I'm not fond of the huddle of middle-aged film lotharios jumping all over Fanning, and I don't think Selena Gomez had enough sharp lines. However, it's another study from Allen of New York as a live character taking over the people in it and sweeping them along. Cherry Jones is extremely well-cast as the mother with a secret and Allen saves the best till last. I probably won't watch it again for a long time, not one of his best but not the worst either. It's a shame that Netflix have done what they did to Allen. Not just for him, but the hundreds of names that rolled past in the credits of all the cast and crew who worked so hard on this movie to have it junked in the US, who did nothing to deserve this. Thank god I live in Europe where art is respected, and we have the intelligence to separate the work from the artist. I look forward to the next one to come out.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    As usual, the new Woody Allen film - his 48th feature in 51 years! - is a disturbing departure from the last few. What disturbs is its newness. We're disappointed when our expectations are denied. So an adjustment is necessary if we are to take it on its own, proper terms. The plot is familiar: when a small town hick comes to New York, her relationship with a city guy is challenged by the Big City. It's Neil Simon country but Allen infuses it with an uncommon density of personal inflection. That goes beyond "What's sexy about short-term memory loss?" And "Time flies....Unfortunately, it flies coach.... It's not always a comfortable trip." Specifically the film responds to the time and circumstance of its making. When Mia Farrow's questionable allegations of Allen's alleged abuse of her daughter resurfaced, Amazon broke their agreement to fund and distribute the film. So here: "The world is full of tragic little deal-breakers." And "There are no newspapers that are not tabloids." Not since Manhattan has Allen delivered such an encomium to New York City: "You are here or you are nowhere. You cannot achieve another level of anxiety, hostility or paranoia anywhere else." Instead of the usual star-studded Allen cast, here Jude Law is the film's one big star. As his name suggests, Gatsby Welles is a cultural construct. "Gatsby" signifies the illusion of old wealth and social stature. "Welles" connotes a maverick individuality. The hero's wealthy family propel him into the arts, the responsibilities of high society, the mixed blessings of the privileged. But at that privilege he bristles. This Gatsby took classical piano but yearns to play romantic ballads in a bar. He doesn't have to be able to sing well to enjoy singing a classic ballad. Instead of college studies he prefers high stakes gambling (at which he succeeds uncommonly, like Woody the filmmaker). Ultimately Gatsby breaks out of his romantic rut, unlike brother Hunter, doomed to marry a woman with an emasculating laugh. Gatsby's girlfriend Ashleigh comes from a wealthy Tucson banking family. A journalism student at Yardley College, she takes him to New York to interview the famously serious film director Roland Pollard. "You're too original to have mass appeal," the awed Ashleigh assures him. Gatsby's old schoolmate dismisses his work with "Never a decent toilet joke." When Ashleigh quotes Pollard's line "Love and death are two sides of the same coin" she doesn't understand it, but has evoked an early (funny) Allen title. The R.P. director's nominal echo of Roman Polanski sets up Ashleigh's NYC adventure. While in real life Farrow persists in her discounted allegations against Allen, she publicly defends Polanski against the sex charges to which he pled guilty. Here Pollard, his writer Ted Davidoff and actor Francisco Vega personify the predatory film industry that feeds off the star-struck, helpless naifs. Pollard uses his artistic suffering, Davidoff his unfaithful wife and Vega his star power to seduce the relatively innocent Ashleigh. Only the early return of Vega's girlfriend preserves Ashleigh's relative chastity. Implicitly Allen places Farrow's persistent allegations in the larger context that undermines her. Seeing Ashleigh on TV with Vega, the heartbroken Gatsby hires a hooker to represent his fiancee at his mother's classy dinner As Gatsby describes his mother's literary circle: "It's rich housewives who have the leisure to pursue esoteric culture. The out of work, discussing the out of print." After his mother sees through the ploy and sends the woman home she tells Gatsby that she had herself been a hooker. Indeed that's how she met his father. Indeed she used her savings to set up his eventually successful business. This candour opens Gatsby's relationship with his mother: "She's a lot more than I gave her credit for." With that knowledge he can accept himself as well as her and he can follow his desire to stay in New York and live the life he prefers. There is not such a gaping gap between the respectable and the pragmatic after all. There is non shame in honesty. The film ripples with allusions. Its sentimental core starts with the opening song: "I got lucky in the rain." The singer sadly needs a song, then "You came along," the love of his life. Relationships begin and end in the rain here, climactically over "Misty," because the rain signifies the melancholy chill from which we seek love for shelter. "What I really need," Gatsby avers, "is a Berlin ballad." In the converse call to social realism, Gatsby is supposed to see the Weegee exhibition at MOMA, but he abandons that to follow his new interest, Chan, the grown-up kid sister of his old flame Amy, into the older histories in the Met. This relationship begins with the Benedick-Beatrice sparring on a student film set, where they meet and have to act a passionate kiss. Eventually their life will follow that art. They meet on that film set, have that museum date then meet again under the Central Park clock reliving a favourite romantic film. Chan's home is full of Old Master paintings and antiques. She reads Gatsby as an exotic searching for a romantic dream from a vanished age. That becomes her. Chan wins out over Ashleigh because she knows Allen's familiar dependency upon art for a meaning and consolation otherwise rarely available: "Real life is fine for people who can't do any better." That's a film-romance re-write of Gatsby's mother's career. Unfortunately, to cleanse themselves of the old Allen "scandal" Timothee Chalamet and Rebecca Hall announced they were donating their salaries to charity. They make themselves victims of the slander and misrepresentation Allen has suffered and survived for so many years. This is a film they should be proud of having served.
  • samratsingraur22 November 2020
    Yet another masterpiece by Woody Allen. No matter how many movies he makes, never fails to give a perfect blend of nostalgia, euphoria and diff aspects of love. I loved how this movie has the finest ingredients one can offer. It features an incredible piano background score which seemingly connects with the rainy view of Manhattan. Chalamet did an obvious Oscar worthy performance and the supporting cast (Jude Law, Selena Gomez) didn't felt like excluded. Another treat is def the film's wonderful setting of New York City and the way art, culture and romance is depicted is fascinating. It's a shame that these type of movies are wiping away with time.
  • I cannot write a proper review yet because thanks to a shameful lynching campaign against Woody I was robbed last year of my yearly Woody Allen film (me and millions of fans around the world). So, I still have to wait until October for the film to be released in Spain. But I know that it will be amazing, so I give it a 10 already.

    I'm angry and furious at the stupidity and witch-hunt that goes on in the States and don't have words to express my anger and disappointment. How is it possible that Woody's art has suffered because of a shameful prefabricated accusation? Woody has worked with hundreds and hundreds of actresses in the past half century and nobody, NOBODY has ever complaint of his behavior. If you believe that prefabricated story made by 3 vengeful psychos you are either ignorant, stupid, antisemite, or just part of the lynch mob. It does not exist another single case of real abuse that presents only 1 accusation. For the ones who feel uncomfortable with the fact that Woody fell in love with Soon-Yi Previn, just have in mind that Woody and Soon-Yi love each other and are together for more than 26 years, have 2 wonderful daughters and don't care about what you, me or the psychos think about their love. Their relationship and their love is what triggers the ignorant people, not the shameful false accusation.

    I know that A Rainy Day in New York will be wonderful and magical, like every film that Woody makes, so I can already rate it with a 10. It has an excellent cast and one of the best cinematographers of today: Vittorio Storaro.

    Since Amazon loves to censure Woody Allen's fans and controls half the world I guess these words will not be published here. But just let me say that there are millions of fans who support, admire and love Woody Allen and who will go to the cinema to watch and enjoy this wonderful gem. Woody's the best director ever and the best writer ever. His films talk about love, death, dreams, art, passions, and desires, and are poetic, brilliant, real, magnificent, stunning and wonderful.

    We love you, Woody! Thanks for your Art. Your films make life better / Antonia Tejeda Barros, Madrid (Spain).

    Updated: I JUST SAW THE FILM! I had to wait until today (August 24th) to see the film. I was very lucky to be with my family in the Netherlands this month and this afternoon I went with my oldest daughter (she's 13 and loves Woody's films) to the national Dutch preview of A Rainy Day in New York at the Film Hallen (Hannie Dankbaarpassage 12, Amsterdam). We live in Madrid and in Spain the film will only arrive in October.

    I don't want to give ANY SPOILERS here, but I just will say: Wow, such a film: funny, poetic, beautiful, clever and so entertaining. We enjoyed it so much. Such a gem! Woody is so brilliant, Vittorio is the king of light, and the writing is so cool and funny. The only problem: the film felt too short! I wish it would have gone on for two more hours... (Woody should always make films that are over two hours long, one hour and a half simply feels too short!).

    I have to confess that I was very angry with Timothée Chalamet because of his cowardice and opportunism, but his performance in the film is very beautiful. Selena Gomez is also really good and Diego Luna is very funny. Elle Fanning is probably the weakest actress here (to play comedy isn't that easy after all) but it doesn't bother so much because her lines are hilarious. Cherry Jones' performance is absolutely spectacular. Liev Schreiber, Jude Law, Will Rogers and Kelly Rohrbach are also great but I wish they'd appear more.

    The music of A Rainy Day in New York is wonderful as in all Woody Allen films, you can feel the rain's perfume and there are plenty of quotes that will make you laugh and enjoy.

    No superheroes here, no bombs, no explosions, just real people with normal problems, like you and me. Woody's films make life better. Thank you for your art, Woody, and, please, keep on creating.

  • mheifets12 June 2021
    Very enjoyable, film with attractive cast and a witty plot that does not stop surprising you. Another classic of modern cinema. This is exceptionally well shot film about 2 young people spending a rainy day in Manhattan.

    If you look for a documentary about Manhattan, or for a movie with political statements, social justice, class struggle, war drama, sci-fi, androids, aliens, etc, LOOK ELSEWHERE! This film is not for you.

    To some reviewers with negative comments: yes, these youngsters dont talk like the millenials, they dont clutch their cell phones, there is hardly a computer or laptop screen in the movie. This is what makes this movie so attractive and the dialog so witty and funny. Every film is a fantasy and this one works.
  • phd_travel7 December 2019
    There is no one who shows the wonderful aspects of New York so magically as Woody. The well constructed movie has the fine things everyone loves about his movies - the wit and unexpected humor, the music and the relationships.

    Elle Fanning plays a naive sweet enthusiastic college girl doing an article for her paper going to NY to interview a director. A funny screwed up bunch she encounters along the way including a famous actor. Timothee Chalamet is The Central character her boy friend who wants to show her a good time in the city. He likes playing the piano and resents his pretentious social climbing parents. But he's got a surprise in store. The two get separated for the day and have a series of interesting encounters.

    Elle overacts a wee bit but she is right for the role. Tim does a decent Woody type character. Nice to see Selena Gomez acting again.

    Hope this isn't the last Woody Allen movie.
  • In the Yardley College, Gatsby Welles (Timothée Chalamet) learns that his girlfriend Ashleigh Enright (Elle Fanning) will travel to Manhattan to interview the cult director Roland Pollard (Liev Schreiber) for the college paper and he plans a romantic weekend with her. Gatsby is the son of a wealthy family in New York and Ashleigh is from Tucson and her father owns several banks. He has no attraction to study in Yardley but gambling and Ashleigh. When they arrive in Manhattan, Gatsby does not tell his parents that are planning a fancy party in the evening. Ashleigh meets Pollard and he invites her to a screening of his new film with his writer Ted Davidoff (Jude Law). Meanwhile Gatsby stumbles upon his friend, who is cinema student, and he accepts to participate in a kiss scene with Chan Tyrell (Selena Gomez), who is the younger sister of his former girlfriend. Along the rainy weekend in New York, Gatsby and Ashleigh have new experiences and discoveries.

    "A Rainy Day in New York" is an average romantic comedy by Woody Allen. The performances are great but the story is conventional and predictable. However it does not exist a bad Woody Allen film and it is worthwhile watching. My vote is six.

    Title (Brazil): "Um Dia de Chuva em Nova York" ("A Rainy Day in New York")
  • The movie has quite a strange period feeling and maybe this artistic tool was intentional. Everybody uses smartphones already, but for conversations only. No Twitter, no other social media... Some jokes were actually a bit tasteless, very atypical for Woody Allen. A couple of chuckles throughout the movie, typical Woody Allen. Ellen Fanning had the best lines and she was the best overall. Liev Schreiber was very good also with the material he was given. Cinematography is beautiful and perfect for a rom-com - warm, bright, sparkling and full of colours. Chalamet was just wooden and dull. That was the first performance by him I've seen and I don't want to judge him too early or too harsh but he seems to be extremely overrated. Maybe the right lead for a late Woody Allen film.
  • Everything you would expect from a Woody Allen film taking place in New York City. Great dialogue and a decent story with great acting.
  • This is a fantastic movie. Critics can have their opinions, but they can't change the fact that I not only enjoyed this more than any other late Woody Allen film, but I was deeply touched by it. It reached into deep places. I laughed at it more than other films.

    The laughter and the delight the film evoked in me can't be mistaken. That's how it affected me. What better criterion can we have for a film? If the same film touches some people and not others, is it more likely due to a limitation of the film or the people AKA critics?

    Other Allen films are funny. Other films dissect our collective hypocrisy, self-centeredness, and inhumanity. This one stands out because it sounds notes of hope and love, the importance of ephemeral moments of beauty accessible to everyone willing to pay theprice for them.

    It's about a young man searching for his way in life, what life has to offer that's has genuine value. It rings the bell of the different things he loves, that lift him above the daily grind. THe movie manages to invoked moments of these magic spells for us, too.

    It's also about the foibles of film makers. Funny, and pitiful. Allen is well qualified to draw those portraits.

    Particularly impressive is the charm and presence of Solena Gomez. Her character radiates warmth, honesty and aliveness, profound depth of feeling combined with social adroitness.

    Timothee Chalamet does a good job of presenting a character that captures the features of Woody Allen without being a parody or imitation. Allen invoked the feelings and came up with the words. It's inevitable that Gatsby will remind us of Woody Allen himself, as he is on screen. Chalamet gives us an original refreshing character.

    People who demand a brand new original plot line are ignoring literary history. Sec comedy has used the same plot twists from ancient Rome, through Shakespeare, down to the present. This does film have insights into the meaning of life not found in many films.


    As far as the rejection of the film on the grounds of the accusation against Woody Allen, this is just my opinion. I respect other opinions. This is an unproven allegation based on the memory of a child from many decades ago. It's known that such allegations can turn out to be untrue, for many reasons. As I understand it, three different official agencies investigated the claim. One of them, an expert in such allegations, exonerated Allen. The other two found no credible evidence. Do we want to be a society that destroys the career of a great American artist on the basis of a single, unproven, contested allegation? I don't think that is justice.
  • As soon as I heard about this latst movie we went, I am from Amsterdam, Holland, it is playing in 4 cinemas, in Amsterdam alone and most were sold out out this afternoon ( rainy sunday in Amsterdam) to say I enjoyed the movie is putting it milldly, I absolutely loved it, it was well translated, I ampractically bilingueal, born Dutch but psnet many years in England. It was old fashioned WA (, the dialogues were clever, funny and intelligent; the plot was fine, more to it than meets the eye/ 10/10 from me !
  • feritciva10 September 2019
    This movie is an oasis in today's super-paced, zero-plotted, super-powered, highly cgi-ed cinematic desert. The dialogues are fun, characters are good, New York is always beautiful.

    The only downside of the movie is Selena Gomez - destroying every scene she's in with a dry and plane acting. Woody Allen might naturally give her role to a log - and it wouldnt make any difference for the scenes she's in.

    Overall a very nice experience, an oasis to breathe for sincere movie goers.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    1. Excellent music. 2. Beautiful city. 3. Intelligent story. 4. Oscar winning acting.. 4. An happy ending.

    Who could ask for anything more?
  • anie12313 January 2020
    Great cast, loved Timothee Chalamet & Elle Fanning, intelligent, witty dialogue, storyline kept you interested until the end. Unfortunate that the movie is being kept out of the States.
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