Nate Hoffman: First thing we do in these meetings is go over the Highland Creek rules book. Maximum use of a public phone is ten minutes. No smuggling food or drink into the ward. Uh, no touching the other patients. Masturbating in their hair is fine.

[looking around]

Nate Hoffman: That word? That got you.

Sawyer Valentini: You say all the right things, David. Or what you think are the right things. Greeting card clich├ęs and romance novel declarations of love. But that's not love. Love is giving yourself over to what someone else wants, even if it goes against everything you believe.

Nate Hoffman: Column number two. For life.

[meaning that she's sane]

[first lines]

David Strine: [narrating] I love it when you wear blue. I mean, I love you in anything. But you wore blue that first time I saw you, so anytime I see you in blue, it reminds me of how I felt at that moment. How I never really knew what being alive was until I saw you. You unlocked something inside me that day, something I didn't even realize was there. And right then, I knew that nothing in my life was ever going to be the same. In that moment, I was transformed permanently. You did that.

Sawyer Valentini: I'm not fucking crazy!

Sawyer Valentini: [in her cubicle talking on the phone] My job is to access and interpret data to produce analytical results. I did that job. Taking your frustration out on me will not alter the results. You're quite within your rights to take your business to another bank. Another analyst may interpret the data more to your liking. But they'd be doing a bad job.

[hangs up]