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  • There's no shortage of great Indian films on Netflix. This, unfortunately, is not one of them. The plot is extremely disjointed and barely coherent. To be honest, while 'Mythily's' production values are far better, in terms of film quality--acting, direction, screenplay, editing--I'm reminded of, yes, 'Manos: Hands of Fate.'

    It's hard to really describe everything that's so wrong with this picture, and I can't in good conscience recommend you watch it to see for yourself. But I'll say this: remember the couple in 'Manos' making out on the side of the road, who had no connection to the rest of the movie? 'Mythily' one-ups that non sequitir with the most bizarre mid-film break that I never could have imagined.

    I don't like to badmouth movies; maybe they're just not for me, & regardless, working on them put food on the table for X number of people. Yet this is so poorly executed, I feel I'd be remiss if I didn't put a word out there. Don't bother with this one.
  • vmalast17 September 2018
    Saw this on Netflix. Ugh! I hit FF so many times, I think I watched about 15 minutes of this "film". Just horrible. I hope Netflix changes its user algorithms because they are absolutely USELESS!!!!! Run, don't walk away from this "film".
  • I find it weird that ppl didn't rly find this picture more interesting than they did. I thought 1x it got into the horror aspect it did well. Even the gaslighting that often goes w/horror. While it may be a trope, I thought the picture handled the trope well.

    I also liked that the movie was more progressive than I expected it to be considering that there was a lot of the old India, even among the youth. When that didn't work out, they turned to the modern world. That intrigued me. I'd be curious to know how prevalent that rly is IN India