Cyborg: Well if that's it, we'll meet next Thursday. Same Bat time. Same Bat Channel.

Superman: I owe you one, Flash.

[Flies off]

The Flash: You owe me about 30! I wonder if it's too late to join the Titans. Is there an age limit?

Green Lantern: I'm a member of the Green Lantern Corps, we eat monsters like these for breakfast!

Lois Lane: [to Superman] I got your note. And I love you, too.

[a wounded Superman saves Lois Lane's helicopter from crashing. Lois helps him up]

Lois Lane: I've got you.

Superman: You've got me? Who's got you?

Ma Kent: Then there was the girl on the swim team. Laurel, Laura... Um...

Pa Kent: Lori. Lori Lemaris. I remember her. She was quite a catch.

Clark Kent: Pa!

Ma Kent: Clark's right. Maybe we shouldn't talk about her. I *am* serving halibut.

Wonder Woman: Clark, flank me!

Superman: Seriously, Diana. We need to use code names in the field.

Wonder Woman: You just called me "Diana".

Superman: But that's what you want to be called.

Wonder Woman: You *want* to be called Superman? Sounds like even your ego is super strong.

Superman: I just don't need my real name public. Besides... I like Superman.

Wonder Woman: Because "Wonder Man" sounds like we're married?

Superman: No. Because she gave it to me.

Batman: I have a meeting with the headmaster at Damian's boarding school.

Green Lantern: No way! Batman has a parent-teacher conference? That's great.

The Flash: Are you in the PTA too? Tell me you're in the PTA.

[Puts on a gravelly voice]

The Flash: I'm Batman. We need more chaperones for homecoming. Who has to be convinced to sign up? Hahaha...

[Batman gives him a death glare]

The Flash: I'm just joking. I think that's great.

[Tries to hide behind a piece of paper]

The Flash: Is he still glaring at me?

Ma Kent: Well, you wouldn't be the first young lady to break his heart.

Clark Kent: *TMI*, Ma!

Lois Lane: Oh, now, we're getting to the good stuff.

Ma Kent: Well, first there was Lana, lovely girl, lived next door. She'd come over once in a while, not... Not like Pete Ross. I mean, he was there every day.

Pa Kent: I always wondered about that boy.

Bruno Mannheim: Get Mr. Mayor and his better half out of here before we get in trouble from the man upstairs.

Intergang Member: Didn't know you was a believer, boss.

Bruno Mannheim: That ain't the man upstairs I'm talking about.

Cyborg: Operating budget for the upcoming fiscal year. Utilities are above what the UN cleared for funding, guys.

Batman: I'll handle it. Move on, Cyborg.

Wonder Woman: Wonder Woman merchandise did very well this year. I can step up when the Wayne Foundation falls short.

Batman: You're kidding, right?

[first lines]

Man on Radio: MPD Tech-Ops to Metropolis City. 2078W in progress.

Dan Turpin: Kidnapping with advanced weapons. Got to be Intergang. They took out half the reserve with their tech weapons last week.

Maggie Sawyer: Makes you nostalgic for assault rifles.

Clark Kent: You had that interview with your super friend. I know what that means.

Lois Lane: In here.

[Pushes him in the closet]

Clark Kent: You're always on fire after seeing him. Should I be jealous?

Lois Lane: I think it's the tights.

Clark Kent: I can pick up a pair if that's all it takes.

Lois Lane: Perfect. Wear 'em on our trip to the Hamptons this weekend.

John Henry Irons: It's definitely from Apokolips. But it's been bonded with Earth-based tri-formulite at an atomic level. The combination makes this stronger.

Silas Stone: Incredible! That means it's even stronger than you, Victor.

Cyborg: Always got an encouraging word, huh, Dad?

Cat Grant: I had a suspicion something was up when you stopped calling him "Smallville".

Lois Lane: I did?

Cat Grant: Sweetie, the women here notice everything about tall, handsome men. And the only competition in this place is Steve Lombard, and he makes me feel like I need to shower.

Steve Lombard: Hello ladies, did someone mention the Stevenator?

Cat Grant: Yes, I think it was human resources.

Cyborg: We could just push the meeting back to that evening.

The Flash: Ah, can't. I've got rehearsal dinner that night.

Martian Manhunter: [Looks at Wonder Woman] Is he in a play?

Batman: He's getting married. Somehow.

The Flash: Yup, married the next day. Limos, banquet hall, DJ, the whole shebang.

[Slight pause]

The Flash: Just the immediate family, you understand.

Pa Kent: So, next thing I know, he's climbed on top of that bull. It couldn't throw off my little Clark though. The kid was a daredevil.

Lois Lane: This Clark? The guy who irons his socks?

Lex Luthor: Amazing. A creature who's traveled light years through space and survived a catastrophic entry to Earth. The Blue Bog Scout could have some competition.

Lois Lane: Stay with me. Please, stay with me.

Superman: That thing... is he?

Lois Lane: Yes. You did it. You saved everyone.

Superman: Good. It's all I ever wanted. Except for you. What a lucky man I was.

Superman: I really have to get going. Leaguers, is anyone...

[Flash Whooshes by]

Superman: ... Available?

The Flash: 'Sup?

Perry White: Lois has given this thing a name. Doomsday. Let's get on it. We need a new Page 1.

Cat Grant: Yeah, if there's anyone left to read it.

Superman: Hey, ever wonder what it feels like to fall from a great distance? Let's find out.

[punches the Intergang member into the air and let's him fall]

Superman: Oh, looks like it hurts.

Superman: Lift back to The Planet?

Lois Lane: And save me from expensive cab fare to Perry White. You are heroic.

Superman: You know me, always saving the day.

Lex Luthor: Fascinating. What kind of civilization would produce that?

Mercy: It seems its only function is destruction.

Lex Luthor: Perhaps it's a weapon. A first strike meant to wipe out all life on a planet for a conquering force.

Mercy: That would explain why it's come to Metropolis. It's drawn to population centers.

Lex Luthor: Who besides me would send an apex predator here to kill the strongest thing it could find?

Mercy: You think it might kill Superman?

Lex Luthor: It would save me a lot of trouble. But what if the caped wonder can't bring him down? Metropolis will still need to be protected. Luckily, it's a day I've been planning for a long time.

Wonder Woman: [Regarding Lois] Funny how you use her actual name, but don't allow her to know yours.

Superman: It's a complicated relationship... kind of like how ours was.

Wonder Woman: It was nice for a while.

Superman: Yes, it was...

Wonder Woman: It's just as well. I wasn't very good at playing this masquerade of yours.