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  • The Death of Superman is a story-line that Warner bros. And DC have over used in the last decade and a little bit, back in 2007 DC released "Superman:Doomsday" which is based off the same story and that was definitely a great movie. 9 years later in 2016 they adapted that story-line in live action for the first time in 2016 with the ending to Batman Vs Superman:Dawn of Justice where Doomsday shows up and spoiler alert kills Superman and that definitely was not done well. Now in 2018, DC's newest animated venture adapts that same story-line in the Death of Superman, but the fact that it's been done before doesn't hinder the movie at all,in fact it is probably the best version of the story adapted to movies. Don't get me wrong Superman:Doomsday is really good and I still think it's great but The Death of Superman has actually surpassed that movie as the best version of this movie.

    One of the things this movie does so well that say ... Batman Vs Superman doesn't, is it makes you actually care about the actual death of Superman. we all know that he's gonna come back in a year but the reason it's still really emotional is because characters like lois and bibbo and his parents don't know that, and think he is dead and is never coming back. which also wouldn't matter if those relationships were not developed throughout the movie and they definitely were extremely well which makes you actually feel something when Superman dies and I gotta say It actually was a very emotional death scene when he died and I think a big reason for that is they showed how superman actually was a beacon of hope to metropolis and how metropolis loved him and on top of that Superman is a really 3-dimensional compelling character and an excellent version of the character. so much so when he died it was emotional which is insane because you know he's gonna come back,which is basically the exact thing that happens in Infinity War although to a much smaller and less emotional way but still it's very similar. But yeah I give huge props to this movie for developing everything so that when the title actually happens and Superman dies you actually feel something more so than in Superman:Doomsday and way more so than in Bvs.

    This movie had a lot of set up for the sequel but not to the point where it was obnoxious,in fact it was the exact opposite whenever one of the other 4 supermen showed up like Hank Henshaw,Superboy,the eradicator and steel it was a pretty awesome how they subtly set up the sequel in the background,that's something I really liked about this movie.

    Considering a big part about this story is the fight between Doomsday and Superman as well as the justice league,the action has to be great and the death of superman does not disappoint the action in this movie is bad-ass,it's amazingly animated and choreographed if that's how animated fight scenes work,i don't know. but the action and the fight scenes specifically Doomsday Vs Superman was awesome and doomsday fighting the justice league was pretty awesome as well.

    So I've been praising the hell out of this movie, but there is one thing that I don't like and that is Lex Luthor. Mainly because his voice acting was straight up terrible,that voice actor just didn't fit the role at all and because of that whenever he showed up he kinda took away from the movie.

  • Story has been done many times but this one exceeds all expectations. Story telling, choreography of fights, using rest of DC characters are pure perfection. I'm guessing next one is 'Reign of Supermen' because they did wonderful job setting it up for sequel. The creative team behind this movie should be given control over rest of the DC movies... but that is just a dream for now. I will watch this again and again, I finally got perfect Superman movie.
  • After watching this, you will be wondering why Batman vs Superman didn't turn out like this. The fight between Superman and Doomsday was beyond expectation. Plus this sets up the next animated movie (Reign of Supermen) a la the MCU.
  • First a surprisingly great "Gotham by Gaslight", then an overall ok Suicide Squad animation, then, we have this one.

    Let me say upfront that (1) I've never seen the other Death of Superman movie, so I wont compare this one with that one, and (2) really I hadn't dug into this story itself before, therefore, this is kind of my first real experience with this arc.

    But man, I just love this movie! I went and saw it without expectations, but wow! This time around even the bad animation's style that all these "DC Animated Universe" movies have didn't bother me.

    I know it's a Superman film, but I loved the way they approach the Justice League here. Their relationship, it's so cool to see our heroes interacting, telling jokes, or just being friends really. The chemistry was there, and it was amazing.

    And another amazing thing is that even though the movie has a couple of comical moments, there are also some dark scenes, they've talked about some pretty intense topics, they approach (as Zack Snyder also did on the recent DCU movies) this whole "messianic" image the population have on Superman which always cool.

    The set up to Superman's death is also really well done. Through the whole movie he is almost unbeatable, he kicks everyone's ass without much effort, until... boom! Doomsday! And you feel the impact. Also, another great set up is how the population feels about Superman, he is a god, he is hope, we will always be there for them, until... boom, he isn't. And, once again, you feel it. There is one specific scene, where he saves a little boy, and the boy hugs him, it's such an emblematic moment, it's one frame that really just defines who Superman is. Wonderful.

    I guees, my only issue is kind of a spoiler. I don't how much you are able to not know this story, but well, I wont say it. But genericaly speaking, it's the end, like the last 2 minutes or so. It would just be more powerful if they had the "corage" (or something like that) to finish the movie without this 2 last minutes and what happens there. I don't know, for me the movie would just be perfect, and its message potentialized. But it wasn't.

    Summing up, The Death of Superman is a great piece of animation, and, in fact, the first one of the "DC Animated Universe" which really get me excited to see what is comming next. Don't get me wrong, there were some pretty good other ones, but for me this is the first GREAT one. Just love it.
  • cesarsc-571006 August 2018
    If you like SUPERMAN, this film is for you. By far, the best movie about the greatest hero in history
  • WB animation in general has always done well in my view with the characters and story and this film is near the top in terms of action and character building.

    I enjoyed the relationship they showed with superman and justice league, and the personal battle about his identity with lois helped make you understand who he was and feel for the the character.

    The action was great and the fight scenes really made you feel the epic battle.

    To keep this short and sweet simply the story followed the comic and brought in the new 52 element very well and it is finally refreshing to see the story being told well on the big screen will be really looking forward to part 2.
  • phlpgpsn25 July 2018
    I had a chance to watch "The Death of Superman" online, and I wasn't disappointed in the slightest. I thought the story, characters, and direction were well done. I definitely appreciated the climax. :)
  • Animated movies are better than the real ones and this movie also proves that. In batman v superman doomsday look weird, he was just looking a fire like monster. But in this, doomsday is way more powerful. Waiting for the next one. Movie is little slow at the start but climax is action packed. I think in the next part, there will be BLACK SUPERMAN in it.
  • Easily the best movie in DC animated movie universe! Though the story has been done over and over by DC. This movie doesn't fails to keep me interested. It's up to par with my all time favorites Under the Redhood and Flashpoint paradox. And just like those two, this movie actually has heart and lifelike characters!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Great film that focuses highly on Lois and Clark's relationship and nailed everything about it. Following all the other movies in this continuity is also a great thing because even though this is highly Superman's movie the additions and importance of the rest of the League is definitely one of the highlights as well, again Jason O'mara as Batman is great. Rainn Wilson as Lex is a version of Lex that's hard to get used too but all around pretty solid.

    As for the sequel Rain of the Supermen, i'm pretty hyped. The end credits scenes for Superboy, Steel, Eradicator ( I THINK HAHAH), and Cyborg Superman and the setup for them during the film was awesome, I just think the one at the end where the fortress of solitude appeared is Eradicator because he is confirmed but the only one who didn't get set up during the movie and the only one during the end credits who wasn't shown exactly.

    All around great film for a DC nerd like myself. Excited for part two.
  • In 2007 we got an animated film covering the full Doomsday/return of superman saga. For some reason, I guess DC wanted to do it again.

    The good- the film looks very good; the animation is great, the drawings are detailed, and the characters have their authentic look from the comics. The fight scenes are also quite good, and make the battles epic without going into Man of Steel level carnage. The presentation of Doomsday is also top-notch, he's never felt more dangerous or unstoppable. The "graphic" violence adds a degree of danger, but I wouldn't oversell it- anyone over the age of 11 has probably seen worse on network television. Also, lots of nice little touches to the world, like people trying to take selfies with Superman, give this film a little more character.

    The middle- the voice acting left me cold. Nothing is too bad (although Rain Wilson is kind of hammy as Lex Luthor, which I didn't like). Superman and the rest certainly have conviction, but the dialogue doesn't really stand out. The script is also a bit simplistic- generally kind of blah and predictable.

    The bad- the pacing is inconsistent. The film takes *forever* to get to "the good stuff," and the time before that is not exactly captivating. They're trying to build suspense and world-build and everything, but we already know what Doomsday is and what he's going to do! The subplot about Clark and Lois also didn't do much for me- the overall point of it was fine, but the pacing just dragged it out too much. In this regard, the 2007 film wins out. That film was much more "cartoony," but it had quick pacing and covered twice as much material in less time.

    So basically, we have a more "adult" version of the Doomsday story (but not the entire story). What the film adds in production values and fighting choreography, it lacks in pacing and originality. Although the 2007 film was less popular, I'd much rather watch the 2007 one again, as it was more entertaining, had better pacing, and tells the entire story in less time than this film.
  • Huge surprise, first didnt think it would be worth ten cents so to speak, mind blown..

    Great teamwork shown, which indulged me to be engaged in the movie (had lunch at the same time)

    The ending had me at Clarks love affair with the lady at work, great suspense and build-up at the endgame. That was probably the biggest upside, besides the extras (which were a lot considering it's a DC universe production).

    Watch this, sit back and enjoy!

    Happy Saturday every1 and cheers for the weekend!
  • I'm a big ol'nerd, I grew up on comic books and one of my favorite storylines of all time was 1992's Death Of Superman followed by A World Without Superman and ending into The Return Of Superman.

    In 2007 when Superman: Doomsday was released I was excited, this was an adaptation of one of my favorite stories! How could it possibly fail?

    Sadly fail it did, very impressively so as well. Therefore when I heard about this 2018 effort in production I assumed the worst and with good reason. Besides what an absolute mess 2018 has been I've resigned myself to the fact that the story is simply too big for a standard feature movie.

    How can you tell a story of this scale in 80 minutes? Well simply, you can't. It needs to be condensed and that is what they've done here.

    Essentially this is Death Of Superman light version, emitting a vast percentage of the actual story and adding bits and characters that simply shouldn't be there. For example Batman was never part of the story so why in the blue hell is he here? In fact neither was Wonder Woman I believe.

    Anyway this is better I can't argue that, though it isn't even remotely loyal to the source material it's at least a tad closer to being and is fairly entertaining in places.

    The voice cast is as usual top notch, the animation is fantastic though I was left scratching my head as to why they've kept the comic book aquaman considering how dramatically they've changed him in the live action universe.

    The Death of Superman is best suited for someone who never read the comic and therefore has lower expectations. It's not bad, it's just not the epic I wanted to see.

    The Good:

    Well animated

    Solid voice performances

    The Bad:

    Awful cover art

    Doomsday doesn't look quite right

    Eyebeams again? Really?

    Far too many differences from the comic

    Dumb final moment

    Things I Learnt From This Movie:

    During fights for your life and possibly the lives of millions of people it's customary to hug random children
  • javimod-7538526 August 2018
    I never liked Superman. He's too good, too flawless, too super. Thanks to that his greatest enemy, his greatest foe is... a green rock. Yeah, introduced by a radio show, kryptonite, is about the only thing that can take Superman down. Now "Death of Superman" is an amazing story in my eyes. It faces a moral, good, ordered Superman against chaotic, evil, uncaring killing machine known as Doomsday. It's one of my favourite superhero stories to date. Death of Superman, Funeral for a friend, Reign of Supermen are about as close as we'll ever get to an amazing story about Superman. Of course, the story was criticised as a publicity stunt. In a way it was, but it also gave us an amazing story.

    The movie differs a lot from the original. It has some good changes and some bad changes. and people will bring it up anyway, so I might as well join in. Let's start with the changes for the better.

    Back when the original story was written the heroes were much different, much more powerful than they appear to be now. Thanks to that DC decided that most powerful heroes won't show up for this event. There was no Batman, Wonder Woman or Martian Manhunter there. On one side it created more tension because the heroes used were considerably more squishy, on the other hand, I always wondered how more A-list heroes would fare against Doomsday and this movie gives us all that. We see the Flash, Batman, Green Lantern and the rest defeated. In my mind it's a powerful message, seeing them go down, on the other hand... Booster Gold and Blue Beetle in the original story were so good. What movie gets right, however, is streamlining the story around Lex Luthor and Bibbo, a much-needed change without going way too far into Superman's lore from decades ago. The fights look amazing and to a certain extent, you can feel each punch. Great animation.

    What the movie lacks is emotion. Especially between Lois and Clark. You see, in the comics by the time Doomsday appears they're together. In the movie, however... they're not. It was a dumb idea to make most of your movies in a connected universe mostly based on a failed New 52. Thanks to that the story has to work double time to establish a breakup of Wonder Woman and Superman, establish a relationship between Clark and Lois, introduce the Kents and the rest of the supportive characters while still maintaining a coherent plot that beckons to previous movies. The funeral, that was an amazing thing in the comics filled with heroes and characters from a rich universe, seemed modest and lacking - I mean this is an animation, you can do however many people you want and all we get is this pitiful bunch? The costumes, especially Wonder Woman and Superman's, are terrible. The animated Wonder Woman requires a complete redesign at this point, while Superman needs BRIGHTER colours - he's a symbol of hope, not the dark knight.

    The movie setups Reign of Supermen by skimming over every superman to superman at the time of Reign of Supermen... except Eradicator, unless the cristal super-nanny AI thingy at the start of the movie is supposed to be the Eradicator.

    Overall, it's not a bad movie. It's not a great one either. Totally serviceable. The sad part comes when you realise that the animated, "kids" version is more adult than the dark, live-action movies they make these days. Actually, it's not sad, it's great. An animation is closer to comics anyway, they should keep this up.
  • WeAreLive2 August 2018
    Warning: Spoilers
    After a few tried and failed attempts at the New52 movies. The Death of Superman makes up for all of them, there are some good ones like Justice League War and Justice League Dark but this movie was the best one of them all.

    This movie is about how Superman is handling his life as Clark Kent and Superman while keeping Lois and his team safe. He is also thinking about wheather on telling Lois the truth.

    As a whole the movie was great. I even like how Jerry O Conell and his wife voiced the two main characters.

    If want an example of a good DC movie I would recommend this. I can't wait for part 2.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is DC's third attempt at DEATH of superman storyline, i really think they should drop the idea of getting it right. They failed in BvS and now it they messed it up to another level, there was no need of Justice league, and even after including JL in storyline they showed JL members as pawns or weaklings. i think they wanted to prove Doomsday as Strongest and superior superman Villain, bigger than Darkseid. But as comic book fan i consider JL member as good as Superman, atleast you can consider WW as in equal powers as Sups. So that was really disappointing part to see, JL been wasted, batsie doing nothing again.

    i loved the DCAU movies they were the best, from new DC animation i think i only like JL War, JL v TT, JL Dark, they are just likable not the best.
  • smithy-boy1237 August 2018
    By far the best DC movie, great adaption from the comics. I hope DC continue with the animation films.
  • This is a good animation movie.But it doesn't stands tall to the level of Justice League Flashpoint Paradox.There was lot of actions throughout the movie.Good use of character of Superman as well as doomsday too.The ending was little bit controversial but this was good movie to watch.
  • I don't know why anybody related to DC world keeps on remaking and reinventing the number one best-selling comic book story of all time. If the JL would've fought doomsday along with superman he would not survive that's why they were not in the original story A listers were not only B C strand. Stop it people do the original story once and for all correctly
  • Finally, after seeing Superman die 4 times on the screen, we've got a very accurate and decent adaptation. Don't get me wrong, I don't care if this is accurate in how much similar it is to the comic book. But it gave me the same feeling as reading it (and, damn, I had a lot of feels with this movie). Visually, I loved this movie. Even though there isn't much improvement in the animation, I really liked the color palette. The sunset or night scenes had a great combinnation of colors. The story, as it's fragmented in a few sub-plots, is a progressive journey through the feelings that Superman gives to the people of Metropolis and the whole world, and makes you feel the same desperation they felt on the climax of the movie. What I didn't like was the way the post-credit scenes where shown. I'd prefered if it was all together instead of each one separated from the other. Even though, I really look forward to seeing the Reign of the Supermen next year.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    There will be spoilers ahead. Don't complain afterwards. OK, so it gets off to a slow start but by God does it get going when it gets going. And it's relentless. If you've read the comic then it's different enough to be "NEW" yet it's new enough not be something you will have seen before. There are real emotional scenes in this, it's not just a bit of violence and that's it. You learn enough of the cast going along to be fully invested, Wonder Woman is Wonder Woman, Batman is Batman, the Flash is the Flash, Cyborg is Cyborg etc and the other members you just get. There is a fair amount of violence and blood too, but not too much that it's gratuitous but enough to make it realistic, the fight scenes are just the other side of what you would expect, but not so far that they are not believable in comparison to say the live action movies, super speed, strength etc all match up. And you have that genuine sense that Doomsday is going to win, nothing is stopping him. But you don't need to have an origins story for him, just awe that he's actually killing folks and no one can stop him. As you can probably tell, I really REALLY liked this, it's an excellent addition to the franchise.
  • I've seen Superman:Doomsday and i liked it,but this movie makes so much more. What makes it great is the way it shows what Superman means to the people. Here we see Superman bringing hope to the people,something BvS didn't manage to do. I think WB and DCEU see this and understand who Superman is and why he is much more than a superstrong,flying alien
  • josephbrownheo31 August 2018
    This is a must see Superman movie. All my life i have never like Superman until this movie. They made him seem real. I can't wait to watch the 2nd movie. If you love Superman you like this movie. If you hate Superman you'll fall in love with Superman herefall in love with this superman.
  • For those who whine saying ''Boo, I want a faithful comic adaptation'' then you can create your own DC Animated Universe, tell all the stories that came before Death of Superman and 20 years from now you will manage to do it.

    This is a very good adaptation. Not only we have The Justice League that most know fighting one of the most deadly enemies of DC, not only we have a long battle that drags for a long time, making you feel that Superman is loosing his strenght as it goes by, and not only we have a good iconic scene of one of DC's most iconic charachters, but they made it justice. The scene of the actual Death of Superman is heartbreaking, making you see how the justice league and the entire world are mourning the death of one of its greatest heroes.

    Is it perfect? No. Lex Luthor's actitud for example, is very whiner and annoying, not like the Lex that most know and love, and many would say that the original members of the Justice League would have stopped Doomsday, but it's better this way because it would be strange to see a lot of heroes that not many know facing Doomsday along Superman. In short, a very good movie that so far is the best adaptation we have of one of the best Superman comics ever.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    No point talking about the plot when it's in the title huh?

    great voice acting by the big five in the justice league as usual, but they should get a more threatening Lex Luthor. of course half the plot of Superman: Doomsday, and yet this movie is much more, DC has been building Superman's character for a while and in this movie they gave an insight about his life as a human.

    but there's more and pretty much the best part about the movie, this wasn't a job for the justice league, Doomsday was too strong, this was a job for the man of steel and the man of steel alone, seeing superman fight to his very limit punch by punch and blow by blow for about 30 minutes. and watching him slowly dying, this planet's ultimate protector, has made feel for the first time ever that this movie earned the right to kill superman in the best to date story where he dies, that I have ever seen.
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