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  • Drama movie like this are most peaceful to the heart and soul because of natural shots and truth inside the story. Truth of society how actresses are rejected and left naked when they do not lay over with someone. Mant great movies consist beautiful shots which moves us to watch them again and again for example A River Runs Through It(classic example), Legends of the Fall, Winter Sleep and The Wild Pear Trees. Mountain Rest dosent compete with them but still it is good to maintain your soul with serenity.
  • bierbreth25 February 2020
    Slow movie, with a contrived air of menace that never pays off. It's supposed to take place in the Appalachian region, but none of the "locals" have anything remotely close to regional dialects. Shawn Hatosy makes a ridiculous effort at a mountain/southern accent that's even worse than the usual, lame Californian attempt at a faux southern drawl. The characters are all boring and not very likable, and the plot is thin and sketchy. Not even sure why this movie got made.
  • A moving film supported by beautiful cinematography. Can't wait to see more from this director!