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  • Warning: Spoilers
    The tensions between Latino and Caucasian communities in the West often lead to life-threatening risks, as captured in detail in Loco Love. At a time when the United States is being more protective than ever to safeguard itself against illegal immigrants from Latin American countries, a person from either community cannot think of even befriending someone from the other community, let alone falling in love. Highlighting this issue from teenagers' perspective perhaps brings a fresh vision as Marisol (Melany Bennet) falls in love with Gavin (Evan Deverian) moments after meeting him not knowing what dangerous consequences are waiting for them on the edge of the knife.

    Other than racism, teenagers' naïve and limited understanding has also been pictured in a subtle way. Marisol being already in a relationship with a member of her own community (Ramon, who is more like a gangster) dares to have an affair with Gavin, and Gavin, quite surprisingly, also has a girlfriend already! From the beginning of the film, the viewers can be quite sure that this new trivially formed relationship won't last long, owing to the overconfident attitudes of both these characters. In addition to the families of both Gavin and Marisol, their friends are also conservative and won't support them at all.

    Perhaps some more detail to the characters could have done justice. The script is written in a casual manner and the ending is disappointing in a way that it closes the doors on us, leaving little room for takeaways.
  • It was alright it's just a different version of AMAR TE DUELE movie
  • Jessicanu945 October 2018
    Omg bad acting. Also I could not stand that guy. It was not worth watching
  • Different because it has Latinos in an integrated USA setting . Trying to find a movie like that is generally like trying to find Latinos in a U.S. history book , not easy. The setting is in Arizona where the young people go to a school that's dominated by Latinos and Caucasians , that's what the movie people refer to them as. A girl and boy from each group are attracted to each other. Maybe that's the way it is Arizona but the schools in my California area do not have many Caucasians (?) so the setting looks unusual. The teen girl main character strings along two guys , is immoral and talks back to her father,really lost interest in the movie fast . The portrayal of both groups is negative ,viewing is not recommended but maybe this is considered modern day entertainment and the Mexican producers were trying to fit in.
  • It is supposed to take place in Arizona but i saw jim's burgers in the begging and i also saw Roosevelt High School both places are located in East Los Angeles.