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  • mgpapas7 May 2019
    I almost never give anything 10 stars, and would probably only have given this a 9 if it weren't so grossly underrated. Only 3 episodes in, but it's become one of my favorite shows on now, and if its quality remains this high will likely be among my all time favorites. As man I want to contradict the reviews, and ratings this show has gotten from men (6.1 compared with 8.5 from women). Men are portrayed honestly, and no worse than they should be given our attitudes towards women in the 1830's.
  • Gentleman Jack have a superb casting all over. However. Suranne Jones is in a league of her own, as always. Why she is not up there, among the great Hollywood stars, is probably because she is best known as a tv-actor. Put her in a drama next to anyone and Suranne will overshine anyone. Best actor ever!
  • Gentleman Jack is by far, one of the best offerings on HBO in a while. It is lush in the setting, historically appropriate to the era and consistently presents glorious attention to detail! Ann Lister was indeed a woman who was not willing to sit out life to conform to 19th Century expectations of women. The characters are realistic and the lend themselves to a fast moving series. Being a lover of women does not endear Ann Lister to her family and local associates, but it is hardly an impediment to stop her. This is a refreshing series aptly presented in the spring as one bounces along the footpaths of Northern England with Ann Listeras she goes about her life at break neck speed. This is a series definitely worth seeing!
  • I've been looking forward to this series. A story about strong confident women during a time when it wasn't fashionable to be so. I love the clever dialogue and how Ms Lister breaks the 4th wall and looks into the camera, as though you and she share a mutual amusement or secret. And best of all it's based on a real person from history.
  • HBO hit it out of the park with this. Stellar cast, stellar script & story based on the real Anne Lister who refused to be left behind in her time nor conform to what proper society thought a lady should be or do. Leaves one to wonder how many other brave women stepped up like she did, but didn't leave a diary behind or no one cared enough to save it for prosperitys sake, sadly. I'd hate to think she's the only one. Thank you HBO & BBC for bringing this to life. It's by far the best of period pieces we've had to choose from in a while...I applaude BBC for always getting behind great period pieces and HBO for supporting BBC this time round for bringing this wonderful series to fruition.
  • I have started watching some other series from HBO that were not even worth the time spent for one episode never mind seven or eight ," Succession "comes to mind. It matters not one bit what the subject matter of a mini series is when the script , acting , art direction and especially the character development are spot on. I don't think you'll grow impatient watching this as is the case with so many TV pieces ; impatient for the next episode would be more like it. The movies Phantom Thread and The Favourite , period pieces both, were not even close to being 1/2 as good as this and probably with twice the budget and "A List " players. Vision and ideas make good movies ; it takes more than just money. Hats off to HBO/BBC for green lighting this and getting it made. Recommended period. I came back to add to my review. It's a beautiful love story rendered in a natural and believable way no matter the subjects' orientation. The story is so naturally told and well woven together perhaps because they had Anne Lister's diaries to work from. Don't miss it.
  • esmerelda-5722123 April 2019
    I have spent far to much time watching period pieces, Jane Austin theater and everything on PBS. FINALLY a heroine who doesn't simper, have her value judged in her ability to marry and produce kids, but who is funny and daring and very much alive.

    The music is awesome and only enhances her sense of purpose to take life on her defined terms. Can't wait for the next episode.
  • I watched the first episode not knowing what to expect and i was pleasantly surprised at how wity and entertaining the central character was, And props to Suranne Jones who was able to easily portray the intimate struggles of a queer, strong woman in the 1800s. She played her role wonderfully well. I would recommend especially if you like historical/period drama
  • This series moves very quickly amidst the lush northern part of England. Ann Lister is a woman way ahead of her time, who gets what she wants. The characters are realistic and her personality is stunning, as portrayed by Suranne Jones. What a refreshing offering from HBO!
  • Enjoying every minute of this outstanding series. Suranne Jones does a marvellous job of portraying Anne Lister convincingly - a woman who puts men in their place and cleverly works around those who try to outwit her. All the while she chases after women with the enduring hope that they won't decide they're "not like that" and go off to marry men. Women will be able to relate to many of Anne's adventures and some of her exploits. I rarely give a 10 star rating but this one captures a top rating from me. Highly worth your time.
  • Excellent casting! cheers to the casting director, well written, costumes sets, props spot on. I watched a few episodes so far, and have not been disappointed. So fascinating to watch a production based on an actual person. And it all fits together so dam well! Cheers!!!!
  • Is it just me or does Anne totally use the same mannerism of the 11th Doctor (Who) played by Matt Smith and also a touch of Sherlock's Robert Downey Jr. And breaking that 4th wall is just really fun addding to her persona. .....Regardless I really enjoy her character, it's very refreshing.

    Suranne Jones is an amazing actress. She really puts her full emotions into every character she plays. I'm happy to see a more humorous side of her. And of course she pulls it off effortlessly.
  • With every new episode released the show is getting more and more exciting and entertaining. The characters are interesting, no need for skipping scenes, because everyone's part benefits the whole story. Also, the dialogs are very natural so, they are believable (for example the family meals). It is funny, entertaining by every minute, touching and we can learn a thing or two from it. I am definitely looking for the rest of the episodes and who knows maybe we will see Miss Lister again in sequel!
  • Love love love it. When Anne occasionally breaks that fourth wall, she pulls me into her little secrets. I feel like I'm there lol
  • Everything is awesome - characters, dialog, story, clothes, especially the music, and the scemery. I wish more shows were this good. It has held my attention from the very first minute. Thank you HBO and BBC.

    Just finished the last episode which was wonderful. I wish the series could go on forever. Once again everything was perfect - I really enjoyed Miss Lister's time in Copenhagen. The conversation between her and the Queen was priceless. BBC did an absolutely superb job in every department - selecting the actors, writers, musical score and director and the cinematographers and costume designers, (especially the hats.)
  • There are no words that can describe my excitement and anticipation for each episode, love for the entirety of this show, and how much I absolutely adore Surranne Jones's character, Anne Lister. Her ability to embody such a emboldened, sexy, masculine female, with beautiful femine undertones leaves me in a giddy stupor. The filming does a great job at intensifying and conveying all those characteristics I had just mentioned. Though, thus far all the cast is lovely; I have to make note that Gemma Whelan is an acting beast. She is an absolute chameleon at playing such a range of characters, and doing it well.
  • Suranne Jones gives another great performance in Gentleman Jack based on the true story of Anne Lister a trail blazing lesbian who makes Calamity Jane seem like a lady at a flower show.

    This 8 part series is beautifully set in West Yorkshire when Anne returns home to her family determined to transform the fading fortunes of her Ancestral home Shibden Hall and find a wife.

    Suranne Jones interviewed on a recent Graham Norton show said that Anne Lister's coded diaries were discovered after her death .

    As well as her life story when the code was broken her amorous exploits with women , which of course had to be secret were divulged in graphic detail.

    This looks like a fascinating series I've just watched episode 1 and look forward to the next 7 instalments . This is a BBC/ HBO series and I hope ABC picks it up for local Australian viewers.


    I've just finished watching the final exhilarating 8th episode of Gentleman Jack on Foxtel and felt because of the excellence of the entire series I've added a point to my previous rating and given this series an unusual for me rating of 10/10.

    There are a few reasons in my opinion for a perfect score and the main one is Suranne Jones as the lesbian heroine Anne Lister of the 17th Century who's true story wasn't discovered till her 27 volumes of personal diaries were decoded finally by academic Helena Whitbread in 1983.

    Suranne Jones should win every accolade or award she will no doubt be nominated for as her performance is more than outstanding,she inhabits this character and brings her to life in a period historic setting but in a contemporary and totally believable manner as the whole series successfully manages to achieve. I place this series right up there with the original Brideshead Revisited and Downton Abbey and hope there may be perhaps another series.

    Great news I just read there will be a Series 2 due to the well deserved success of series one. Special praise for the Creator /Director Sally Wanwright and co directors Sarah Harding and Jennifer Perrott also Art directors Abbie Bellwood ,Richard Downes and Tom Atkins.

    This production looks fabulous the costumes by Tom Pye, are beautiful whether their Anne Lister's masculine town and country clothes or the sumptuous gowns worn in the finest homes and courts of Europe.

    The entire cast is faultless and the story is a window to history especially the closeted GLBT world and the life and times in England when Queen Victoria who had just been on the throne for 2 years when the story is set. What a pity she couldn't have read the diaries of Anne Lister, she certainly would have had to reluctantly change her opinion that Lesbianism was non existent.
  • Have recently discovered Wainright through the shows "Happy Valley" and "Scott and Bailey". Both terrific series w respect to writing, directing and acting. Smart, funny (sometimes, when appropriate) and insightful. Like David E Kelley's work.

    This show (so far) carries on these sensibilities. Not to be missed!
  • slingnau124 April 2019
    Stumbled across this show on my Hulu. Anne is so funny! I love her personality and how she runs things. The girl is a fast smooth talker who is fascinated with everything specifically medicine lol. Plan to read the book.
  • In a nutshell, *jaunty music*

    Love this show, love miss Lister. Love everything about it. Keep em coming.
  • This is a nice little gem that's really edgy. I'm really enjoying the season so far.
  • This show is absolutely, hands down, the best 1800s made tv show that I have ever watched. What makes it even better is that the show centers around a strong, bold (LGBT) centric woman who wasn't afraid to speak her mind in a very narrow minded society. This show is beautiful and the biography of Anne Lister has been captured beautifully so far. The dynamic between both lead actresses is phenomenal and I hope this show leads to several awards being won in the future. Awesome awesome show, def a must watch!!
  • It is clear in this series from the first episode the amount of work and talent in the show. From the cinematography, the script writing, how Suranne Jones can be strutting one minute in the country side and fully crying in the next or how Sophie Rundle truly shows us the depth of her character. About the fourth wall breaks I personally think they are a great way to show us what is going on with the character from information we have from the diaries. Personally I would have found it dull if we saw the constant diary writing but with the fourth wall breaks we as viewers are taking it role and have Anne Lister confide exactly what she is thinking. Also the LGBT issues of this series are really fresh and I can't remember a show that has touched the issues lesbians face in such a considerate and touching way. The LGBT writers and creators behind the show make sure we have representation we didn't know we needed. Overall this is an amazingly good, incredibly touching show and everyone on it has done an amazing job and deserves congratulations.
  • This is a really excellent show and my new addiction.
  • Very pleasantly surprised. Four episodes in on HBO, and I cannot recommend this show highly enough. Suranne Jones is fantastic as Anne Lister and Sophie Rundle matches her stride for stride , beautifully and subtly playing Ann Walker. Supporting cast is a wealth of talent. Not a wrong note here. This is television at irs best. Brava!
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