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  • Wait for it . . . . Silver Lake IS a rich tapestry! (see the movie!) The movie is an example of restraint in storytelling as exemplified (in spades!) by Mr. Starr who seems uniquely qualified in this role. The story is beautiful visually and the score is understated and also quite beautiful and under stated. The child actors steal the show and the ending is both subtle and profound. Bravo in an age of Transformers and Avengers......
  • This movie is about a guy on the BRINK of realizing how to be...a man. He struggles with success, not achieving it, with it rather being in his way. He has fear of life, is there a French absurdist word for it? He is flush with opportunities, he has no sense of urgency. The film has numerous low key jokes. I like subtle humor, I am from OKLAHOMA, we just got subtle humor ,4 years ago. He is surrounded by people who are lost. They don't know themselves. He is recognizing himself, though he has a desire to be something with a family... I'm sad. This movie won't grab people who don't take time to think things over.

    Watch the movie if you are an artist, a stepdad, or newly divorced. Do not watch it if you like Nascar, you won't get it..
  • Carriexoc14 September 2019
    This isn't an adventure people! This is a very simple story about a writer, his friends and his girlfriend with daughters. It's good for one watch. Very slow at times but lovely moments throughout.
  • drjgardner14 July 2019
    Maybe it's just me, but the characters in this film are un-engaging. The dialogue looks like it was taken from tape recording of a writer who simply went around and taped his friends. And the acting is on par with the dialogue.
  • More platitudes? more banal dialogue and stereotypes? no can do. it's full. 2 stars because i am too nice to give 1