During the original Karate Kid shoot, late director John G. Avildsen shot hours of tournament footage from multiple angles. The crew behind Cobra Kai searched the studio vault and found a ton of never-before-seen clips, which they were able to introduce into the series via flashbacks. One of them includes Zabka's real life mom, who was in the stands in different angles that went unseen until 2018. Ralph Macchio told Uproxx there are three brand new angles of the famous crane kick.

The show was renewed for a fourth season before the third season was even released.

Daniel's car in season 2 is the actual same car from The Karate Kid (1984). It was given to Ralph Macchio after the completion of the first film.

The headband that Daniel wears when he decides to train karate again, is the actual headband from The Karate Kid (1984). It was given to Ralph Macchio after the completion of the first film.

Ralph Macchio was 56 years old at the release of this series - four years older than Pat Morita was at the time of release of The Karate Kid.

In a behind the scenes featurette, Ralph Macchio and William Zabka state that even though most of the scenes they were in together in the original Karate Kid, they were either arguing or Macchio was "getting his ass kicked," they were friendly and had a lot of fun on set.

In real life, Ralph Macchio and William Zabka became friends after the original Karate Kid film was completed and became a hit. Macchio said that they became even closer friends after Noriyuki "Pat" Morita (Mr. Miyagi) passed away in 2005. Ralph Macchio and William Zabka were also 80s teen heartthrobs, with Zabka usually being depicted as 'the bad boy".

Most of the Cobra Kai students have experience in martial arts as actual black belts or advanced trained dancers.

Originally the series was part of YouTube Originals, content exclusively for their Premium users. However in June 2020 Netflix bought the rights of the series including the unaired season 3.

When the yoga class enters the Cobra Kai dojo, the first pose they do is the Cobra.

Xolo (Miguel) Maridueña revealed in an interview that before they filmed his character's first kiss with Samantha (Mary Mouser) on screen, Mouser told him she prefers not to kiss someone for the first time on camera, and would rather get the "heebie-jeebies" out of the way by kissing each other off-screen before they start filming. He said he got really nervous and started popping breath mints. Then, as he leaned in to kiss her, Mouser whispered very timidly, "Xolo, I'm nervous, you are like a brother to me," which really made it awkward for him.

Miyagi-Do students wear blue clothes while Cobra Kais wear red. Whenever either student is caught in a conflict between the 2 dojos, they'd wear both colors or a combination of the two.

Johnny lives in the Reseda Heights apartments. This apartment complex and its location are made to resemble Daniel Larusso's apartment complex in the original Karate Kid, complete with identical paint and coloring on the lettering. This also references the discrimination Daniel experienced in the first movie for being from Reseda instead of a richer part of LA like Johnny and Ali (Elizabeth Shue), and is meant to illustrate how low Johnny has descended since the original film.

Bill Conti's music score from the first movie, as well as some songs from the soundtrack, have been used in this show.

Each season has at least one episode named after a song, one named as a Spanish word, and one named for a phrase or line from the original movie.

When Johnny Lawrence has Aisha making a recording of him for a commercial for the Cobra Kai dojo, he tells her to add the Cobra Kai logo at the end and to make it chrome so it really stands out, a reference to the Cobra Kai logo for the series that appears at the end of every episode.

According to Jon Hurwitz: the flip on the wall that Robby does in his second juvie was all Tanner Buchanan, no stunt doubles.

Ralph Macchio was 22 years old portraying a 17 year old high school student while filming the first "Karate Kid" film. Mary Mouser, who plays his daughter, Samantha, in the series "Cobra Kai," was also 22 years old portraying a 17 year old while filming Season One of the show.

Diora Baird played William Zabka's wife in Hot Tub Time Machine (2010). In Cobra Kai she plays his ex and mother to his son Robby.

Most of the Cobra Kai students were named after members of the crew.

The first two seasons were shown on YouTube Premium (formerly YouTube Red). Filming of season three was completed in early 2020. Due to production costs, the decision was made to take YouTube Premium away from original programming. Cobra Kai was picked up by Netflix which will show the first two seasons in fall of 2020 and has postponed the release of season three until 2021.

The movie Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka) is watching on TV in the first episode, is Iron Eagle (1986). Actor Rob Garrison, who played Tommy, a fellow Cobra Kai and Johnny's friend in The Karate Kid, also appeared as Packer in the early scenes of Iron Eagle.

Over the years, many Karate Kid fans joked that Daniel was the real villain of the first movie, while Johnny was mostly just defending himself and/or retaliating to Daniel's antics (for example, there's this take on Daniel's actions from J. Matthew Turner). In this series, it's shown that that's exactly how Johnny sees the events. The series doesn't cast either man as a simple villain, but shows that both are flawed and often blinded by their own assumptions, and who's the hero is often a matter of perspective.

The creators of the show revealed that Cobra Kai was originally conceived as a feature film. They changed to an ongoing series to benefit of the longer times to tell a bigger story and differents points of view for the characters. This was revealed during the Netflix's official YouTube Channel show "Reunited Apart".

Sean Kanan has expressed his interest in reprising his role as Mike Barnes from The Karate Kid Part III (1989).

Although he plays a character who is roughly 20 years older than Daniel LaRusso, Thomas Ian Griffith is actually a few months younger than Ralph Macchio.

In season 2 episode 10, the book Sam is holding in class is "The Outsiders." Ralph Macchio (Daniel) starred in The Outsiders (1983). His character was coincidentally called Johnny.

Daniel serves Bananarama Pancakes to his kids for breakfast . Bananarama's song "Cruel Summer" appears in The Karate Kid (1984), in the scene where Daniel first rides his bike to school. The song was a hit in 1984 but never made the movie soundtrack. The song was later remixed and used as a cover in the season 2 finale.

According to Jacob Bertrand (Hawk/Eli) in a Netflix interview, the Mohawk takes approximately an hour to apply and construct while the back tattoo takes approximately 25 minutes to get done (45 minutes when he used to dance while it was being applied).

Thomas Ian Griffith He had originally turned down several offers to portray Terry Silver in Cobra Kai (2018) citing his retirement from acting. In May 2021, after filming of season four had completed, Netflix confirmed that Griffith will return as Terry Silver for season four of Cobra Kai.

creators always hoped to bring Ali into the series at some point, and were pleasantly surprised when Elisabeth Shue approached them first

At the start of the series, the scar above Hawk's lip is extremely prominent. As the series continues however, it becomes less apparent, symbolising Hawk's growing confidence.

Chad McQueen, who played Dutch in the Karate Kid (1984) declined the opportunity to reprise the character for the show.

Jacob Bertrand had no idea about Eli's transformation into Hawk when he was auditioning for the show. He was under the impression he was to be playing a simple bullying victim.

When the series was announced, it was dismissed by many as yet another unnecessary Hollywood revival of a long-dead franchise with nostalgic value and that it would flop. The fact that it was premiering on YouTube Red, a service which had struggled to gain traction against streaming giants Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime also didn't help. When it premiered, reviewers praised it for being a well-written series that manages to balance the nostalgia while bringing new energy and dynamic characters and the first episode wound up being watched by 5.4 million viewers on its first day. The series was quickly renewed for a second season within a week, eventually picked up by Netflix, and is held up as an example of how to revive a dormant franchise the right way.

One of the executive producers is Will Smith. Smith also served as a producer of the 2010 film reboot, which starred his son, Jaden.

Originally set to be born December 18, 1968, the continuity timeline set up in The Karate Kid Part II and The Karate Kid Part III, actually placed Daniel's birthday December 19, 1966, making him turn 18 years old the night before the All-Valley 18 & Under Karate Tournament, and be almost 52 years old by the start of Cobra Kai Season Three.

Throughout the series Johnny is constantly seen drinking Coors Banquet while Daniel is drinking more "upscale" drinks or "craft" and imported beers. Daniel makes light jokes about Johnny drinking "old man beer" while Johnny refers to Daniel's drinks as "pussy" beer. This was done to show Johnny as a "Blue Collar" guy set in his ways while Daniel is able to adapt into the age of Social Media and political correctness. Daniel throughout the series is seen drinking Corona, Samuel Adams Boston Lager, Samuel Adams Summer Ale, and Blue Moon. Blue Moon is made by Coors ironically enough.

When Thomas Ian Griffith, who made his screen debut playing the psychotic baddie Terry Silver in The Karate Kid Part III ,first heard of Cobra Kai, he was completely unimpressed. "I heard they were doing a TV show based on the Karate Kid series. And thought, 'Oh my God, this will be a disaster,'" the 59-year-old says from his Los Angeles home. "My wife and I tuned into YouTube one day, watched the pilot episode, and we were blown away. And just binged the first season going, 'This is smart, it's irreverent, it's funny, it's nostalgia.' It had all those great ingredients." But Griffith didn't bust out his black gi or his character's signature ponytail quite yet. He figured because the show focused on the OG characters (like Ralph Macchio's Daniel LaRusso and William Zabka's Johnny Lawrence) that he probably wasn't going to get the call anytime soon. It didn't help that he retired from acting to become a writer years prior, culminating in a stint on NBC's fantasy series Grimm. When it seemed more and more likely that his character might make his way back to that Reseda strip mall dojo, he wasn't sure that's what he wanted. "I was on the fence," he says. "It's like, how are they going to bring this bigger-than-life character to this world? And how would he fit in? And what has he been doing for the last 30 years?". To say Terry Silver is larger-than-life is, frankly, an understatement. He's almost a cartoon version of what a karate film villain would look like. As originally written, Silver is John Kreese's Vietnam war buddy and silent partner in the Cobra Kai dojo who made himself a fortune dumping toxic sludge all over Asia while making deals half-naked in a sauna talking into a cell phone the size of a large brick. How could you turn this guy into an actual character? "When creators [Jon Hurwitz, Josh Heald, and Hayden Schlossberg] contacted me, we did a Zoom, and they had answered all those questions," Griffith says. "They had mapped this incredible backstory." That's it. He was sold, and his first screen role would be the thing that got him out of the writers' room and back in front of the camera. Though he had kept up his karate practice in the intervening years, he was still nervous until his first day on set. "I just had this very freeing feeling, walking on saying, 'This is my space. I own this,'" he says about getting back into the acting spirit as easily as he left it.

The showrunners allowed the actors a lot of input into how their characters had changed since the events of the original films, along with fleshing out their backstories. Most of Johnny's backstory (having an abusive home life and seeing Kreese as a father figure), was created by William Zabka himself during shooting of the first film as a way to get a better feel for the character. This backstory was integrated with the series and is now officially canon. Martin Kove, similarly, long ago had developed the idea that Kreese was a Shell-Shocked Veteran whose wartime experiences traumatized him into cruelty. This was adopted in the show's third season, which focuses heavily on Kreese's Start of Darkness. Tamlyn Tomita worked with the creators to offer a more accurate depiction of Okinawa than Part 2, helping to translate script passages into Okinawan dialect and choreographing Kumiko's dance scene. Yuji Okomoto had a long phone conversation with Josh Heald soon after he was cast, where he offered suggestions about Chozen's Character Development since Part 2. He was surprised and flattered at how many of his ideas made it into the show.

Cobra Kai is the first time that Terry Silver and Johnny Lawrence share scenes together.

Tanner Buchanan has the most martial arts training of the principal actors of all of 4 Karate Kid movies plus this series, with a purple belt in tae kwon do, about halfway to a black belt. However, if one were to include the 2010 reboot of the franchise, Jackie Chan would take this title as he has actually earned a black belt.

Season 5 of Cobra Kai was renewed 4 months before the release of season 4 premier, infact Jon Hurwitzs has tweeted that season 5 is allready a wrap on December 19th and editing needs to be made and reshoots can also happen.

Owen Morgan, who plays the weakest Cobra Kai, Bert, is an actual black belt in karate (2019).

Xolo Maridueña (Miguel) briefly dated Hannah Kepple (Moon) during production of season 2.

In the series, Terry Silver is portrayed as being 20+ years older than Daniel. However in reality, Thomas Ian Griffith is actually four months younger than Ralph Macchio.

On 10 May 2018, YouTube announced a second season going into production.

Fathom Events screened a double feature of the first two episodes followed by The Karate Kid (1984) in select theaters on April 25 2018, a week before the series premiered on YouTube Red.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Ralph Macchio explained his disdain the second "Karate Kid" sequel. "I was not a fan of how 'The Karate Kid 3' came out. I felt the story was only repeating itself and was not character forwarding for the end of LaRusso," Macchio told THR. "And production-wise, it was being written one way and then changed another way. It was not a smooth ride. In the end, there were parts of the character that I didn't embrace as well as I did with the original and the first sequel. I don't put it on the top of my resume." Now, with the fourth season of "Cobra Kai," Macchio said he is now happy with how the framework of "The Karate Kid: Part III" is worked into the series' narrative. "It informs 'Cobra Kai' going forward, clearly with season four. It gives us so much story," Macchio told THR. "And what is so wonderful about doing the 'Cobra Kai' series, the creators find ways to take that story and let it evolve and find backstories for characters who might have been thinly written." Macchio also revealed that he likes how Silver's story has been more refined In "The Karate Kid: Part III," Silver had a manic presence at times, and he brings a calmer demeanor to "Cobra Kai" at least initially. Silver's villainy does eventually re-emerge sometimes in unexpected ways and Macchio is pleased with how Silver's storyline has become another big element to enhance the overall story of the series. "There is a larger-than-life element to 'Cobra Kai.' When you break it down, it is kind of ridiculous but that is why it is so much fun! So you take a character like Terry Silver for this show with those larger-than-life elements and his relationship with Daniel, then add those layers of complexity to his evilness. And now it becomes a refined performance," Macchio observed for THR. "On top of that, from the perspective of Daniel as an adult, now we are adding other stakes and elements about his own kids and students. It is remarkable that what I would call the shortcomings of the original franchise are now bearing fruit 36 years later."

Up until the final episode of season three, only Daniel Larusso (Ralph Macchio) and John Kreese (Martin Kove) have appeared in all three of the primary Karate Kid movies and every season of Cobra Kai.

Courtney Henggeler gave birth to her second child in March 2019, which means that she was pregnant during Season 2's shooting. One scene shows a flashback of her pregnancy with Sam, but other scenes have the actress holding her coat in front of her and sitting or standing behind scenery.

Jacob Bertrand was well aware Cobra Kai fans loathed his Hawk persona -- but he relished every moment. In fact, he was having so much fun playing arguably the most detested villain on the series that he pushed back when the writers told him Hawk would return to form as Eli and join the Miyagi-Do heroes. He stated: "Oh, are you kidding me? The villain is way more fun. Playing evil Hawk was the best! I know he was a total dick and a bully to people -- but I would break Demetri's [Gianni DeCenzo's] arm 10 times over. (Laughs.) But seriously, playing the villain is more fun because it is more out-there. When I auditioned for the series, there was no Hawk. There was only Eli when I read the script. It was a challenge for me to wrap my head around doing two completely different characters -- but it is the same person who has a little of both inside them."

Season 3 will available on Netflix on January 1, 2021.

The entire show is a labor of love for both William Zabka and Ralph Macchio. Their friendship and love of making the original movies are what started it. Together, they executive co-produced it, meaning that they're putting in time and money behind the camera as well as in front. And it shows in both the nostalgia and thought put into the show.

Though the show had a sizable fanbase after it debuted on YouTube Red, it was bottlenecked by the platform's limited subscriber base (which Google never released figures for, but may have been as few as 1.5 million subscribers). When the show debuted to a much larger audience on Netflix in 2020 it became one of the most streamed shows of the year, many of whom were likely unaware it was a two-year-old show imported from another service.

Daniel tells Robby hockey doesn't count. In real life, Ralph Macchio is a fan of the National Hockey League's New York Islanders and was featured as the team's celebrity captain in the 1991 Pro Set Platinum trading card series.

Diora Baird is only 16 years older than her onscreen son, Tanner Buchanan. Also, Courtney Hennegler is only 17 years older than Mary Mouser.

The tease of Ali's return at the end of Season 2 was made before they actually talked to Elisabeth Shue and found she was willing to return to the role

Martin Kove who plays John Kreese and Jacob Bertrand who plays Hawk share the same birthday of March 6th. There is 54 years difference between them.

Despite his death in 2005, Pat Morita who played Mr. Miyagi in the previous four Karate Kid movies, is still part of the series. He is mentioned occasionally and seen in flashback sequences. The fifth episode is dedicated to his memory. A body double is also used in a season 2 episode showing Mr. Miyagi building his backyard.

In season 3, it was Mary Mouser's idea to forgo any attempt to style Sam's hair, reasoning that Sam in her traumatized state would be neglecting her appearance.

Terry Silver says to Robby Keene "A man can't stand, he can't fight". He says the very same thing to Ralph Macchio in the Karate Kid 3.

The big fight in the final episode of Season 3 was supposed to take place in the rain at the Miyagi-Do dojo, but scheduling conflicts and weather forced its move to the LaRusso house. The creators of the show acknowledged that this made the fight darker and edgier. Hayden Schlossberg: "Now it's a home invasion. It begs the question with the police and all of that. I would love to see how that shapes up next season."

During the final episode of Season 3 when Sam and Miguel are trying to get Miyagi-do and Eagle Fang to join forces, Chris and Mitch get into an argument about WWE alliances. This was supposed to set up a scene that was deleted where the two of them use a wrestling tag team move to take down Rickenberger during the house brawl.

Ralph Macchio's son Daniel has a non-speaking appearance in "The Good, The Bad, and the Badass". He's the young bespectacled man sitting behind Johnny Lawrence.

When asked how long it took to put on the Mohawk and the tattoo and lip scarf Jacob Bertrand stated: "When I had the mohawk, I think mine was the longest at just over two hours for the hair, the tattoos and the lip. Now that I have a buzz cut, I am back to 20 minutes, unless my shirt is off. When I first got the role I was like, "Oh, man. I have to have a mohawk? I don't want to cut my hair, I love my hair." And then my dad was like, "Dude, I cannot have a mohawk at my job, and I would love to have a mohawk at my job." So I realized how cool it was -- and then I grew to love it. When the creators came to me and said they were going to buzz my head, I was like, "Whoa. Hang on there, guys!" But it was the arc for the season, and I am glad they did it."

The overwhelmingly positive reaction the series has gotten for being a great example of a modern take on a classic piece of beloved nostalgia, and how to do it right when so many revived IPs have been getting it wrong. Instead of depicting Johnny and Daniel as out of focus, past their prime, and/or making them the butt of numerous "Haha, they're old now!" jokes, it shows that both of them still have room to change and grow as individuals and both of them still have a lot to offer the younger generation that has put trust in them. The showrunners' love for the original films is readily apparent with the way it treats the story and characters with the utmost respect (without coming off as overt pandering), and it succeeds grandly in getting old fans and brand-new viewers alike to care equally about both the familiar older characters and the newcomers.

As of season three, the shortest running episode is the third episode of season one, "Esqueleto," at 23 minutes. The longest running episode is the tenth episode of season four, "The Rise," at 47 minutes

Released 24 years after The Next Karate Kid (1994) starring Hilary Swank and 29 years after The Karate Kid Part III (1989) with Ralph Macchio, who reprises his role of Daniel LaRusso in this series.

Jacob Bertrand who plays "Hawk" and Peyton List who plays Tory in season 2 both starred together in the Disney Channel movie The Swap.

While the show was a YouTube Red exclusive, it remained inaccessible (outside of a few free episodes) to a significant chunk of the world who couldn't get YouTube Red, which included a considerable swathe of Asia, East Europe, Africa and South America. Its transition to Netflix made the show available worldwide.

In season 4 episode 4, Bicephaly, Daniel mentions " a Drive-In fight with switchblades" referencing a crucial scene in the movie the Outsiders (1983) in which Ralph Macchio starred as a Greaser named Johnny who ends up stabbing someone with a Switchblade.

In 2021, the show was nominated for Best Comedy Series at the 73rd Primetime Emmy Awards. While the series is a Dramedy and does contain a good amount of comedic moments, most fans, critics, and the creators themselves consider the show to skew more towards the drama end. Additionally, most viewers agree that Season 3 (the season that got the nomination) is easily the darkest of the show's seasons, particularly with the flashbacks to Kreese's combat experiences in Vietnam being a major storyline.

Mr. Miyagi lived until 2011, six years after Pat Morita's passing in 2005.

When the official Twitter account of the series posted a tweet asking "Anyone have a spare hair tie?", fans speculated Terry Silver would return in Season 4, considering that Kreese's last scene in season 3 was a flashback of him freeing Silver from the POW camp, and Silver pledging his everlasting loyalty to Kreese, then Kreese giving someone a phone call saying "Hey, long time." They were proven right a day later.

When Cobra Kai was about to debut, Macchio was asked by The Wrap about the kick and he replied, "No hits to the face was clearly something when the referee made the list of things what not to do." He then added, "If that didn't happen, I don't know if we'd be talking about that movie 34 years later." though, Macchio was on The Tonight Show where Jimmy Fallon asked him some questions about the films, including "At the end of The Karate Kid you famously win the All-Valley Karate Championship with the crane kick. Was the kick actually legal?" Macchio replied, "Here's my theory no here's the truth. Here's the truth. It's been a while and I've been fighting off these theories a long time. Listen, Mr. Miyagi was the ultimate teacher, so, and LaRusso had him as his trainer. And as the superior trainer he's basically the human Yoda. You don't bet against Yoda. You don't bet against Miyagi. That number one. Number two, I would say, is that LaRusso, how did he train? He trained over a couple of weeks time by household chores, never having the ability of privilege to have a sparring partner. His opponent there, bud, was like, you know, in combat-ready training for years for this event." He then pointed out the illegal leg sweep by one of the Cobra Kai fighters and concluded, "And if you look at the tape, not only, does the does the ref say 'point, winner.' A win is a win [Johnny] literally arguably charged, ran into the kick. LaRusso had nothing to do but defend himself." However, we really don't even need to go that far, as the answers are all clear in the film itself. Daniel oddly didn't actually check on the rules of the tournament until they were literally AT the tournament, and it was his girlfriend, Ali, who explained, "Everything above your waist is a point. You can hit the head, sternum, kidneys, ribs." And then, in the tournament, kicks to the faces were repeatedly counted as legal points! Johnny's shown getting a point from a kick to the face. And later, Dutch getting a point from a kick to Daniel's face.

Miguel mentions the Rocky series which was directed by The Karate Kid director John G. Avildsen. So the director of The Karate Kid movies existed in this universe he just never made them.

At first, it was largely avoided with the main teenage characters - Xolo Maridueña was 16 when season 1 was filmed, and Miguel was maybe a year younger at most. However, as the events of the series moved slower than real time during production, the gaps between the characters and their actors began to grow. By Season 3, most of the actors were in their late teens and early twenties while their characters only aged one year In-Universe and it particularly shows with Maridueña, Gianni DeCenzo (Demetri), and Owen Morgan (Bert) having visibly aged several years. The same occurred with Griffin Santopietro as Anthony. Both the actor and character were born in 2007, making him 10-11 years old in Season 1. However, by the time of Season 4, Anthony is only 11-12, while Santopietro is 14 and has clearly aged several years, creating a stark difference between how he appeared at the beginning of the show and how he appears now.

Had Elisabeth Shue not agreed to return in season three, it would have been revealed that the Facebook message Johnny received from Ali was actually sent by her husband.

When Sam and Miguel catch Demetri making out with Yasmine, Demetri straight up calls Yasmine "Cruella" and asks her why she's not off killing puppies. That same year, Paul Walter Hauser (Stingray) played Horace in Disney's Cruella (in fact, part of the reason why he couldn't return for season 3 was because he was busy shooting Cruella).

While most people who watched the original film pegged Johnny Lawrence as little more than a jerk*ss bully, William Zabka actually felt enough sympathy for Johnny to come up with a backstory that explained how he came to be such a jerk in the first place, and believed that deep down, there was a decent guy hiding underneath that unpleasant exterior. 34 years later, his personal headcanon would become official canon, and Zabka would get a chance to show the fans a nobler side of Johnny that they got only small glimpses of in the movie.

Jean-Claude Van Damme, who is referenced numerous times in the show due to Johnny being a fan, is a big fan of the show and has praised it on his social media accountsm

The actor who plays Xander Stone in Season 1 is a stunt actor and choreographer.

Creators of the show have been hoping to work the song "Thunderstuck" by legendary rock band AC/DC into an episode over the course of its four seasons, but the price is too steep. In a interview with Entertainment Weekly, co-creator Jon Hurwitz revealed that he and the show's other writers had "Thunderstuck" in mind for a montage in a Season 4 scene in which Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka) puts Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) through some grueling Eagle Fang training. And it wasn't the first time they wanted to feature the iconic 1990 tune. "We had 'Thunderstruck' written into the script," explained Hurwitz. "We've written 'Thunderstruck' into the script several times over the years, and we've never been able to afford it in that moment or to make that choice [to spend the money on it] right now." Without the AC/DC track, the creators had to turn to an alternate tune, and music supervisor Michelle Johnson ended up landing "Breakin' Outta Hell" by Australian rockers Airbourne, who've garnered many comparisons to AC/DC over the years. AC/DC aren't the only band whose price is currently too high for Cobra Kai. "A lot of times we write things into the script, but sometimes we'll write something into the script that we can't afford," added Hurwitz. "I mean, our fantasy is having the kind of music budget that would allow for us to have nonstop AC/DC and Bon Jovi and Guns N' Roses."

Thomas Ian Griffith was really on the fence about going back to the same character. And had reservations, but the creators [Jon Hurwitz, Josh Heald and Hayden Schlossberg] had mapped out a path for his character. They answered all the questions he had for them, like, "Why was he the way he was? What makes him tick? What has he been doing these past 30 years?" That was all part of their explanation and so appealing. Also, they were all in on the joke of a billionaire then and now walking away from his world to go back into the karate world in the San Fernando Valley. He is a super-smart guy, Terry Silver. And he has tried to build a life with all the beautiful distractions; the music, all the great art in his house by the water. He is trying to keep that inner demon in control -- and then Kreese (Martin Kove) comes back and brings it out of him. Then, it is all-consuming again. Griffith stated: "You may hate Terry, but you want to watch him because I think there are sprinkles of truth in his madness. And I think that is why people enjoy him on a visceral level."

Mary Mouser, in a YouTube video, revealed that she was talking about the "s'mores" scene and her boyfriend said making s'mores with a peanut butter cup was "Kinda genius. It's a Sa'more!" She told this to the directors and they loved it enough to use the line.

When Miguel is trying to convince Johnny to let Aisha join Cobra Kai, he tells Johnny that her father is Isiah Robinson, a Hall of Fame lineman for the Chargers. However, no such Hall of Fame football player exists. The closest match is Isiah Robertson, who was a 6 time Pro Bowl linebacker in the 70s for the Los Angeles Rams and Buffalo Bills. Robertson was killed in a limo accident in December 2018, roughly 6 months after the release of the first season.

Thomas Ian Griffith is actually four months younger than Ralph Macchio. For added measure Nick Marini who played young Silver in the 1968 flashbacks was older than Thomas Ian Griffith was at the time of filming Karate Kid III.

Many Cobra Kai cast members are into the game Magic: The Gathering, Gianni DeCenzo and Jacob Bertrand revealed. DeCenzo and Bertrand spoke with Showbiz Cheat Sheet on Dec. 20 21, DeCenzo by Zoom and Bertrand by phone. 'Cobra Kai' cast members Jacob Bertrand and Xolo Maridueña taught Gianni DeCenzo Magic: The Gathering "Jacob got me and Xolo into it, I would say season 2," DiCenzo told Cheat Sheet. "At first they would just kick my ass all the time. It was so bad, but I think I've gotten a little bit better. I mean, I haven't played in a while so I might be wrong, but yeah, I've just been building decks because it's so much fun." DiCenzo added that Magic: The Gathering games can last two hours or more. Bertrand acknowledged his dominance over DiCenzo. Oh heck yeah, those get pretty intense," Bertrand told Cheat Sheet. "We'll have everybody over. We'll play a lot of Magic and I will say I'm sorry, Gianni. He's usually on the receiving end of quite the beat down in the game."

Ralph Macchio spoke about Thomas Ian Griffith Standing across, he's still tall," Macchio said at the Q&A, imitating craning his neck. "He's still taller than hell. There's no way to look cool when you're looking at a guy like this all the time. I'm doing my best." William Zabka was not in The Karate Kid Part III although he has said he met with director John G. Avildsen about possibly returning. In season 1, Johnny doesn't even know who Silver was. So Cobra Kai Season 4 was their first encounter. "I had never met him even until he was on set outside my trailer," Zabka said. "We said hey for the first time and it was an instant connection. Like, 'Hey man, welcome here. How are they keeping us apart?' He said, 'We need some scenes together.' I'm like, 'I think one's coming,' and then one comes. He's awesome and this character, in the show, he's the most of the black and white. He's still nuanced but he's clearly dangerous to the point of you're worrying this needs to be dealt with swiftly if possible which is great for us. Up til now it's been the rivalries and the intensity has gone up 10 notches."

Hawks Mohawk colors were blue then he changed it red and finally purple. Red and blue make purple.

The ideas that Johnny writes on the list titled "how to fix Miguel's legs" are electric shock, hypnosis, acupuncture, Tony Robbins, and LSD. As soon as he writes LSD Johnny throws the list away.

The show's first season gathered high acclaim within a few days of being released (to the point that a second season was confirmed before the first week was over) and made many people more accepting of the YouTube Red service overall.

The series proved to be this for YouTube Red, becoming its first show to outperform Netflix and Hulu. However, it wound up proving to be the service's only hit and the company decided to shift their business away from scripted content as a result. Starting in late August 2020, Cobra Kai is now streaming on Netflix.

In Karate Kid Part III, Silver's ranting painted the picture that he dumped toxic waste full-time, and he mentioned being lucky to make one deal a year without being indicted. Yet in Cobra Kai, far from Silver being in court nonstop (which would have become a matter of public record), the only "dirt" Demetri can find on him is one toxic waste scandal in Borneo.

Eli's mohawk was real hair from Jacob Bertrand they just cut off his hair then made it into a mohawk and put it back, on no wigs were involved.

Robby Keene shares a name (but not a spelling), with former international soccer player Robbie Keane. Of course, the character, as it turns out, also used to play soccer.

It was confirmed on Instagram That Dutch a.k.a Chad McQueen will not appear In Cobra Kai.

The S4 storyline is inspired by the song 'You're the Best'.

YouTube's Sensei Seth has made previous videos examining the accuracy of the karate depicted in the show and assessing which character is the best fighter, and even choreographed his own fight scene using the Cobra Kai combat style. In a video, he demonstrates how to fight like a student of Eagle Fang, the new dojo started by former Cobra Kai sensei Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka). The hilariously named Eagle Fang has an ostensibly less aggressive philosophy than the "strike first, no mercy" principles of Cobra Kai, but is not just focused on defense in the way that Miyagi-do is. Therefore, Seth incorporates elements of both offense and defense into his demonstration. "By being able to do more things, you become less predictable," he says. "That's kind of just what being a better martial artist is about; learning to do more things that you're not super good at. It's a really cool evolution that the show took, to let its characters be offensive and defensive at the same time." Seth goes on to explain that having this combination of styles allows you to have more options in a fight, showing the difference in the various styles in some footage of himself using karate techniques while sparring with a Muay Thai fighter. "By doing this, the martial artist knows what they're doing and can start branching out and learning new things that are uncharacteristic of what they're used to, which is cool, because it just shows growth," he says. "Essentially, what I'm saying here, is everything is Eagle Fang karate."

Gianni DeCenzo shared one emotional moment with his father while filming season 3. "So I had seen the original Karate Kid with my dad," DeCenzo told Showbiz Cheat Sheet. "Being able to share that experience with him, when he flew out, I think it was season 3, he flew out to visit me for I think Thanksgiving." When DeCenzo's father visited, it was like stepping into the movie. "I actually got to show him around the Cobra Kai set, and I was like, 'Hey dad, look, this is yours and my childhood. Isn't this awesome?" DeCenzo said. "Just getting to share that with him was a really cool experience. We took pictures together." DeCenzo showed his father around the entire set. "I don't know why, I really wanted to show him the bathroom of the Cobra Kai set just because the people that make the sets are so good," DeCenzo said. The bathroom didn't get a whole lot of screen time in The Karate Kid or Cobra Kai. However, you can see it in the background, especially when Johnny and Kreese (Martin Kove) talk in the back office, or now when Kreese and Terry Silver (Thomas Ian Griffith) talk back there. Anyone who's had a part-time job in a mall store knows the perfunctory bathroom.

Mary Mouser bears a strong resemblance to Ralph Macchio's own daughter Julia. Griffin Santopietro (who plays Daniel's son Anthony), has actually started looking a lot like how Ralph Macchio used to look like in the 80s.

Both Gianni DeCenzo and Jacob Bertrand each practice different martial arts other than karate between seasons "I try to stay flexible," DeCenzo told Cheat Sheet. "Something that I like to do, especially with my dad, we take Kkrav Maga classes which is an Israeli fighting technique. It's definitely different from the stuff that they have us do on Cobra Kai but it has a lot of similar kicks and punches so it does help in that sense. In general, I just try to stay in shape. I always tell myself next season I'll get shredded so hey, who knows? Maybe season 6, fingers crossed." Jacob Bertrand knows more martial arts than Eli Moskowitz/Hawk Betrand began training from season 1 of Cobra Kai, but has added to his practice between seasons as it relates to Eli/Hawk. "In between season 3 and 4, I was doing a little bit of Muay Thai," Bertrand said. "Specifically for my character, that's what I train more than anything. Hawk is constantly throwing these super brutal elbows. That's what I trained at during the off season." Each season, the Cobra Kai cast members add to their skills. For those who only started in season 2, it's helpful to have more training under their belt. "As the years went by, I knew more and more what to expect," DeCenzo said. "I had gotten better and better and trained on the off time to try to make sure I was prepared for whatever they would throw at me. They would throw things at us pretty last minute sometimes because they're just so busy training other people. It can be a hectic schedule but I felt a bit more prepared in later seasons, which thank God." Even for Bertrand, training from the beginning is still not the same as dedicated martial arts training. Bertrand is still an actor, but after four seasons, the accumulated training is paying off for the Cobra Kai cast. "I think it's just becoming more and more comfortable," Bertrand said. "Getting the flow down to the choreography. I will say first starting off, choreography was decently difficult for me to remember, but as seasons go on, just working so much choreography over and over again, you start to be able to retain that and work at that muscle memory more. Be able to just pick up things quicker. That's the biggest thing I noticed is I can pick up choreography a lot quicker now than when I first started. That's probably been the nicest thing is just working at that memory skill a lot. There's definitely been a big change from season 1 to now, for sure."

Cobra Kai makes some references to WWE wrestling organization. In the past, WWE had a faction of wrestlers named "The Spirit Squad" that spoofs Johnny, Bobby, Tommy, Jimmy and Dutch, naming them Kenny, Johnny, Nicky, Mikey and Mitch, with Kenny being their leader and highly resembling Johnny, being tall, lean and blond, and also wearing a head band and recognized as the most gifted member of the group.

So far, as of season 4, Ralph Macchio (Daniel LaRusso) and William Zabka (Johnny Lawrence) are the only actors to appear in every episode of the series.

In Season 2, Johnny briefly reunites with his fellow Cobra Kai members (minus Dutch) to party with their friend Tommy, who is dying from cancer. The actor who played Tommy, Rob Garrison, died from kidney failure in September 2019, a few months after his Season 2 appearance.

In a season 2 behind the scenes featurette, Ralph Macchio says that he has not seen Elisabeth Shue in a long time. He then follows that by saying "Who knows? I might see her again soon," teasing a Shue's return as Ali in season 3.

In Season 2 Tommy dies and ends up in a body bag. It's a clear nod to the infamous quote "Get him a body bag" during the final match between Daniel and Johnny in the original Karate Kid. Sadly, Rob Garrison, the actor who played Tommy, passed away from kidney failure in real life shortly after filming the episode.

There's a long standing belief that Daniel (Ralph Macchio) was the true antagonist of the original Karate Kid movie. This is due to the fact that he seems to instigate all the confrontations that ultimately result in him getting beaten up. This argument seems to be further strengthened in Cobra Kai, as he seems almost insulted that Johnny has reopened the Cobra Kai dojo. Despite this being an obvious attempt by Johnny to improve his life, Daniel goes to great lengths to have the dojo fail and get closed down. It was even referenced in the season 3 premiere about him being the real bully.

Thomas Ian Griffith came out of a 14 year retirement from acting to reprise his role as Terry Silver.

The only member of Johnny's group of friends from Cobra Kai from the original Karate Kid movie to not appear in the series is Dutch (whom Daniel fought in the All Valley Tournament), due to Dutch serving time in Lompoc Prison. Chad McQueen was asked to reprise his role but refused due to commitments to his company, McQueen Racing.

Thomas Ian Griffith originally declined an offer to reprise his character, Terry Silver, since he has retired from acting. Nevertheless, Silver's return to the franchise (once again played by Griffith) in Season 4 was confirmed by Netflix on their social media on May 27th, 2021 after being teased throughout season 3 with Kreese's Vietnam flashback subplot.

It has been confirmed that Daniel will return to Okinawa in season 3. This could pave the way for Tamlyn Tomita and Yuji Okumoto from The Karate Kid 2, reprising their roles as Kumiko and Chozen, respectively.

When Hawk and other Cobra Kai members vandalize the Miyagi-Do dojo and steal Mr. Miyagi's Medal of Honor, it marks the third time in the Karate Kid saga that such events have taken place against Miyagi-Do karate. In Karate Kid Part II, Chozen and his gang destroy the Miyagi dojo in Okinawa. And in Karate Kid Part III, Mike Barnes steals Mr. Miyagi's bonsai trees from his home in an effort to make Daniel re-enter the All Valley Tournament.

When Johnny reunites with his old friends from high school, he mentions how Tommy beat Vidal in the semi finals in the 1983 tournament. Vidal is the same fighter that Johnny beat in the semi finals one year later before facing Daniel in the original Karate Kid film.

In season 3 episode 9. Elisabeth Shue makes her much anticipated return as Ali Mills.

In a season 3 episode, Amanda Larusso calls Kreese "Rambo". Martin Kove, who plays Kreese, starred in Rambo: First Blood Part II as Ericson.

During the scene when Johnny and his original Cobra Kai friends are in the bar, Johnny says that Tommy gave him a run for his money in the '83 tournament's final match. However, in the original Karate Kid film, the tournament announcer says that Johnny and Tommy's other friend and former Cobra Kai member, Bobby Brown, was the runner-up to Johnny in the previous year (1983), meaning that Tommy never made it to the finals.

Most viewers were tricked twice while watching Season 3. The first time was in Kreese's first flashback. Many fans thought that the varsity captain played by Jesse Kove was John Kreese at first, until it was revealed that the busboy was Kreese. The second time was in John Kreese's flashbacks to Vietnam. Fans thought that Kreese's fellow soldier with the ponytail was Terry Silver, until it was revealed that the other soldier was Terry Silver.

On September 17, 2019, Nichole Brown, who plays Aisha Robinson, announced via Instagram that she will not be returning for season 3. Stating that "they couldn't find a place to put me in [the scripts]. She decided to leave the show rather than essentially being demoted to an extra.

It's become apparent that Miguel Diaz evolved into what Daniel wanted to become in the original movie, as all Daniel wanted to learn karate for was to get even with Johnny and the Cobra Kai guys the same way they did to him. Miguel, once he finally gets his skills in order, successfully beats Kyler and his buddies and is never messed with again by them. Meanwhile Daniel obviously learned an alternate form that focuses less on aggression, and his revenge involved upsetting Johnny at the All-Valley Karate Tournament despite his injury, earning the respect of Johnny, and exposing Kreese for what he really was. Furthermore, both Daniel and Miguel's path to learn karate start the same; with their eventual senseis stepping in to stop the kids that were bullying them, them asking if that person can teach them karate and being initially shut down, but then they change their minds and teach them. (Mr. Miyagi somewhat reluctantly because his attempt at diplomacy with the original Cobra Kai failed and Johnny after he and Daniel talked about their encounter in the finals back in the day.)

Martin Kove's (John Kreese) son Jesse Kove, plays the varsity captain in one of Kreese's flashbacks

It has been confirmed that Karate Kid 2 characters, Chozen (Yuji Okumoto) and Kumiko (Tamlyn Tomita), will appear in season 3.

It has been confirmed that the season 3 episodes will be the longest of all the series.

The fight scene between the Miyagi Do's and the Cobra Kai's in Season 2 Episode 10, is similar to the rumble between the greasers and the socs in The Outsiders (1983), which also starred Ralph Macchio.

This Series reverses the Karate Kid 1 and 3 films endings by having Cobra Kai win both times in the tournaments.

Jon Hurwitz, Hayden Schlossberg and Josh Heald spoke with Showbiz Cheat Sheet by Zoom on Dec. 2. They addressed the controversial All-Valley Karate Tournament changes they made "I think we just went with what we felt was the best for the story of this season," Schlossberg said. "There are different ways that we were going. As soon as we made the decision that Miguel wouldn't be in the finals, you start to wonder well, where are the stakes and what's going to be the most fulfilling ending. We laid it out how it is. All different kinds of discussions over the combinations, permutations of what would happen at the tournament. That was just what we felt would be the most entertaining in that order." Heald said it was important to make Tory and Samantha the deciding fight. Ever since the high school fight in season 2, Tory has kept coming after Samantha. Samantha struck back in season 4, humiliating Tory at work. So, seeing them fight in an official tournament capacity was satisfying. This really was the rivalry of the season," Heald said. "Tory/Sam continues from Season 3. There's a lot left unresolved after that that needed this big most momentous moment whereas the boys' fight was really a battle for each of them individually overcoming their own issues with their own selves and their own dojos. This was really about this rivalry and it felt like that was well placed as the climax." Hurwitz added that Mouser and List also deserve credit for being able to handle the All-Valley Karate Tournament. List only joined the show in season 2 and Mouser didn't practice Karate until the second season. Headlining the All-Valley Karate Tournament was ultimately a testament to the skills they acquired. "That fight is so emotional for all of us to watch," Hurwitz said. "Those two actresses came in with no knowledge of Karate onto our show and we've seen them both grow over the years as athletes and as Karate warriors. We feel like that fight is such a special fight that's unlike any sort of fight I've ever seen in a sports story like this. You've seen a lot of two men in that kind of a battle but this one felt really special."

In the prom scene in Season 4, Robby and Tory dance to a song called "In Your Eyes" by The Weekend. In the prom scene from The Next Karate Kid, Julie and Eric dance to a song called "In Your Eyes" by Cleto Escobedo.

In the opening of season 3 episode 7, Sam and Tory engage in a continuation of what was unfinished at the school during the season 2 finale. Towards the end of the fight, Tory forcibly attempts to drown Sam; which is a possible reference to the Outsiders (1983) when Ponyboy was being drowned for badmouthing to the Socs.

This series is a tribute to the late Pat Morita and Director John G Avildsen