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  • Kirpianuscus8 August 2018
    The story - familiar from so many others Turkish series. A girl, her love story, men around her, mixed feelings, drama, good looking actors and the drops of sentimental complications. And , sure, the expectations of viewer. Nothing new. But enough for a decent story and the temptation to identify yourself with characters. So, a nice serie.
  • alirezatalatinew7 March 2020
    Watch these Series And Then your personality and attitude will change :D The Cast is very professional The story is charming And at all it worth to watch Also very helpful for those who want to learn Turkish language.
  • The story line is attractive. though I learnt it is not original. The main actors are good looking and with supporting actors all acted well. I was impressed by Ugur Cavusuglu (Urdal Sargon) and Acelya Topaluglu (Derrin Berger) the most. The series attract and take you to follow up so many drama, suspensions, and beautifully performed romance from the start to the end.

    The only thing that surprised me was the replacements of the actress of the character of Naz, the sister of the main male role.

    I hope to see the main actors together in the next projects.
  • cgumera2 November 2020
    Re watching the show for the second time. Furkan and Andic were both gorgeous. Ayca's acting was always flawless....just feel in love with this girl. Tnx though to Furkan....that i finally found a gem in the Turkish movie industry.
  • sta_gode23 May 2020
    Warning: Spoilers
    The page is very good and you kan ses Good Comics and movies
  • If you watch this ,you will be disappointed...I prefer the original story and's name is SECRET.