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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Richard Hendrick (Jeffrey DeMunn ) is the head of Kendrick Industries, a multi million-dollar company. He moves into an upscale retirement community along with his wife Lily (Melora Walters ) called Amaranth. Lily doesn't like living in a "Cocoon" a hint at what is to come. Like the film "Cocoon" the people stay young. Dr. Campbell (Christopher Denham) is a miracle worker who does all kinds of surgeries. The staff comes from refugees who disappear when an organ is needed. Lily has issues while Richard wants to stay.

    The characters made the film interesting. The plot was predictable, at least to Ron Howard. The ending failed to be climatic.

    Guide: Implied sex. No nudity. Do not recall any swearing.
  • Mehki_Girl12 September 2020
    Warning: Spoilers
    This is a slow moving movie with lots of old people, so probably won't appeal to the scrim crowd.

    It doesn't take long to figure out what's going on and it's fairly interesting to get there.

    Lots of ethical questions which are answered or resolved by throwing a bunch of money at it.

    Spoilers below ************************************************** This isn't so far fetched when it was in the news just a few years ago that poor desperate people in India were selling their organs.

    I guess if you're rich you can pay someone a lousy $25,000 for a human body part and feel like it's a win-win for everyone.
  • mikeymikes-6701227 September 2020
    I gave the movie a 10 because I felt that its ratings needed to be a little higher than they were. To me the movie was more a seven or an eight star film. I would definitely watch again.
  • Not a masterpiece but a very decent mystery thriller with excellent acting and a very good cast. A little slow and moderately predictable but was worth watching till the satisfying end. With who we have as president and the way society is going I see this story as very plausible and in the very near future.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    So Dale and Lily, they move to some assisted living home? The Amaranth. WoW! What a place. Amazing.

    Apparently Dale had a stroke. And Wife Lily wants him to receive the best of care, as only filthy rich people can get! You know you're not in Kansas anymore when the butler breaks out the dominoes. Everyone should really know how to play dominoes. That's a fact.

    Ruh Roh, one night out in the dining room with a group of fellow partiers, Dale has some sort of heart attack and Lily has to pull the emergency alarm. Dale has to have emergency bypass surgery , which apparently this Dr. Campbell is well equipped to do right there on the premises. Nice to be rich eh?? After this heart attack, they have a new butler when they come back from the hospital. Lily is concerned that Arthur the old butler might have been fired because of the night of the heart attack he didnt come running when Lily called for him.

    Dale is getting around much better after this surgery than he had for a long time. He even turns it up a notch for his wife Lily!!! Lily is finding that she is having problems 'keeping up' with Dale. Dale is more active, sexually with Lily, and also more physically active. Riding horses, etc.

    Lily consults with Dr. Campbell, as to what is going on. And she doesn't seem happy about what little answers she's getting. And then Lily packs a bag. She's not used to Dale acting so....young. Weird she never even really talked to Dale about how she felt at all, she just packs up to leave. But Dale begs her to stay and stay she does.

    Then they attend some other event and Lily has her appendix burst. She wakes up in bed, having had surgery and also getting new news. Lily is Pregnant!!! And Lily makes up with her estranged father, who is in some other home. At this home Lily meets Shirley, the daughter of one of the other residents at the Amaranth. The other resident at the Amaranth appears even younger than the daughter Shirley!!! So what is going on here????

    As we find out, at the Amaranth, they are buying healthy organs from younger donors / patients and transplanting them into these old people. They transplanted a younger womAN's womb into Lily , to get her pregnant with Dale and her own child. When Lily finds out , she is outraged. But what does she do??

    Fast forward to years later, Lily has had her young daughter, and apparently the daughter has some problems of her own and has only a year to live. Lily returns to the Amaranth, where Dr. Campbell says he believes he can help the young girl. So what we end up with is a question or morality and / or ethics. T he organ transplanting is not really illegal, but is it immoral?? Obviously Lily was against it at first but of course she wanted her own daughter to live. Everyone wants their own children to live.

    Basically there wasn't a lot of ups or downs to this movie so I'm just leaving it as a 5/10
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Why did they focus on the old people?

    They should have made the story about the young organ donors....

    This was such a fundamental flaw.

    It would have been so much more interesting to have the story about the young organ donors, and all the 'old' people as minor characters.

    The movie was well paced but not as interesting or unique or shocking as it ould have been.