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  • Within the first few minutes of the ceremony Jimmy Kimmel, the charming host, reminds us that we're only a few steps away from Hooters. That was the tone and I believe that the Academy must decide if the affair is going to continue lowering its brow or can we recapture what this event should be about. The movies! Film, past, present and future. That's why spending precious time in ambushing unexpected public members at the Chinese Theater was a cringe worthy, Hootters style move. I love when the Academy reminds their multi million audience all around the world about their glorious history. Not surprisingly Eva Marie Saint's presentation was a highlight that everyone spoke about the following day, so was Rita Moreno.
  • Ratings are dropping because you have a horrible host. Sure, he'll blame cord cutters, competition from other live content, etc. The fact is that Kimmel is boring.
  • This latest annual edition of "The Oscars" "The 90th Academy Awards" wasn't one of the best ones as it just didn't hold interest it seemed a little dull and boring. As usual the ceremony is long as always the long awards season comes to an end! And even though this season plenty of the nominees were good, still a lot were not blockbusters to hold mainstream interest. And their were no surprises or upsets, as the expected favorites all won, it's like a repeat of "The Golden Globes", "SAG", and "Guild Awards".

    Still the show was funny with Jimmy Kimmel again as host who tried with skits and fun sides like prizes and the montages of past winners were memorable before the current awards were given. And yes the ladies message of "The Me Too" movement was in full force.

    "The Shape of Water" rightfully won best picture as it was a great blend of sci-fi drama that tied in perfect with love, connection, and fantasy as that's what movies are about that being dreams. And Gary and Frances were untouchable locks as best actor and actress winners. And Sam and Allison were the eye catching winners of supporting actor and actress trophies. Really nothing great enough said.
  • I hope that I am wrong, I have seen thousands of movies and shows and have been spoken to many friends who like myself are movie lovers and they also have the same opinion. But still I hope we are all wrong and those people at the Academy are right!

    This was officially the worst academy awards so far and will probably keep its shameful place for a long time. Not only in the matter of holding the ceremony but also considering piking up too many worthless movies and unfair nomination process it is a whole new level of disappointment. I constantly ask myself what do they think to themselves when they make this historic decisions so neglectfully and recklessly? I mean just think about it! Some years later people will watch 2017 Oscar nominees and asks themselves was that the best they could do? and maybe one of them watch another movie and as an example see Kate Winslet's brilliant performance in Wonder Wheel and wonders why she has not been even nominated? I know that Woody Allen is not very popular this days but whatever it is, should that affect the performance of a brilliant actress like Winslet? I am not saying that is certainly the reason behind that she has not been nominated but it is actually a desperate effort to find out why! Meryl Streep at the other hand is a pain in the A too. I adore her performance in many movies and shows, specially she was magnificent in Sophie's Choice but for god's sake would you stop this nonsense of piking her up no matter how she has been acting? And was that truly the best picture? Really?

    I can't give any specific accusation like political propaganda, race or gender issues but I can certainly say this is not a fare appreciation of art!
  • Liberal propaganda as usual, will not waste time to write a descriptive review, do some googling others have done it.
  • msudude228 March 2018
    Warning: Spoilers
    I watch the Oscars every year but they have become so predictable. It's more or less just a repeat of the Golden Globes. Whoever wins lead actor and actress in a drama wins the lead actor and actress Oscars. Whoever wins the supporting actor and actress Golden Globe win the Oscar. The only surprise was The Shape of Water winning best picture over Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri.
  • There was a time when user reviews were featured on the front page of each of these entries, but now they are hidden because Hollywood is completely disconnected from reality, and they survive by censorship and propaganda. Critics reviews completely diverge from audience reviews motivated by ever more extreme and shameless politics. Apparently a comic book movie about a black super hero is better than every film ever made, 10/10 by every critic because merit? or could it be something else, so the idea that an awards ceremony run by people this deranged by Trump has simply become a farce. There was a time when Hollywood meant glamour, now, it feels preachy, cheap, tawdry, creepy, and really just a bit sad. These are not the people who can tell stories which delve into the human condition, they actively deny the concept.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Like the majority in the Western world I'm a working class kid (we do make up the majority). I've had to fight hard for everything I've got & I know what it's like to go hungry - I have experience of that! I'm not of any elite, I believe in social justice, health care, strong union representation in the workplace for fair pay & hours. My point is: I'm a true man of the Labour movement & I class myself as a socialist (in the western European sense). I am not a communist & I believe wholehearted in democracy & freedom of expression. That being said, I too believe in dreams & escapism via the medium of entertainment. I love the glamour & glitz that showbiz offers (especially American).

    Nevertheless, these days I get frustrated by this pseudo liberal elite political correctness (that has a fascist taint) which permeates every pore of the US entertainment industry and drowned the Oscars last night. Last night's Oscars was a weird pseudo-victim chic festival.

    I want to see glamour & glitz, beautiful women (of all ages) looking stunning & dashing leading men being charming & funny. I know these people are blessed with looks & incredible wealth & rightfully so - they sell dreams (for the most part) & that's a very lucrative business. But last night's I'm a victim too one-upmanship by these incredibly privileged people actually made me angry. If these female actors want more female-centric films made by women fund them! They're wealthy enough!

    I want to hear from nurses & plumbers, doctors & electricians when it comes to struggle & political insight - not a bunch of people who play make believe for a living.

    The narcissism was stunning!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I was satisfied with the technical awards of Blade Runner 2049 and Dunkirk. Also, Get Out receiving the best original Screenplay, though it should have won Best Picture also. A number of the winners - Gary Oldman, Allison Janney, Frances McDormand etc - were already media hyped, thanks to the Golden Globes, so it was no surprise at all. I liked what Frances McDormand had to say, but her speech was better at The Golden Globes.

    Seeing SriDevi and Shashi Kapoor in the In Memoriam shook me a little. Some traces of a feud between Jimmy Kimmel and Matt Damon still remain! Was this award show trying to be the first award event sequel?

    The final award of Best Picture (as predictable) saw two legends being brought again- Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway. It would be a shame that they had a mix-up again. I thought that The Oscar Committee would pick up new auditors... otherwise Price Waterhouse Coopers would have been sacked!
  • monzthepro2 February 2019
    Jimmy Kimmel does a horrible job of hosting the oscars all the jokes seams the be aimed at Donald Trump which gets old fast. The constant promotions for Disney productions gets obnoxious, the constant mentions of black panther which was just realeased and have no place at the oscars of the previous year.
  • I used to love watching the Oscars every year to see which movie won a Oscar and see if a movie I really liked that year would when a Academy Award. But this years Oscars, I felt like I was watching an Award show that was not the Oscars. This show was very bad that it made me decide to not watch the Oscars ever again and just stick to the ESPY's instead.
  • bobcobb3015 March 2018
    Warning: Spoilers
    Jimmy Kimmel Live was once the best late night show, but now it, and its host are just not funny. Kimmel was not as political as I expected, I had no issue with a few jabs here and there, but the monologue was really weak.

    Eddie Vedder's performance for the late actors, actresses and crew members was the highlight, but no Adam West or Glen Campbell? Come on.

    I made it through the broadcast, I just didn't particularly like it. The movies are too obscure that they nominate. That needs to change.
  • Mrs. Shullivan and I watched this year's Academy Awards as we do every year. We have been watching the awards since the 1950's and as such we have seen the AA shows when they were presented in black and white, through wars, and witnessed some of the best and some of the worst acceptance speeches, as well as some of the best hosts (Bob Hope, Hugh Jackman, and Billy Crystal) and some of the worst hosts (Jon Stewart, James Franco and Anne Hathaway).

    The 2018 Academy Awards can best be described as playing it very, very safe. Jimmy Kimmel's monologues were tame at best and although he took some light jabs at the current United States President and the Vice-President, I believe the producers had heard enough about the far left wing opinions which has been hurting their past years box office figures, in other words, their personal incomes.

    The most outspoken acceptance speech with merit and a standing ovation by her fellow women in theater was in my opinion a class act by this years Best Actress winner Frances McDormand. Ms. McDormand stood at the podium wearing a beautiful yet very conservative dress, wearing little to no makeup on her beautiful and sincere face to mask any deficiencies or highlight any reconstructed body parts. Unlike some of her extremely hypocritical fellow actresses/designers who annually show up with new faces (Jane Fonda, Donatella Versace and/or Renée Zellweger), or with less dress and more skin showing (this years abhorrent winners were Wendi McLendon-Covey, Taraji P. Henson and the near to full nude Albanian singer and actress, Bleona Qereti) Ms. McDormand emphasized that women were deserving to be treated with respect and be granted equal remuneration as the men, including rider clauses in their personal contracts (referring to the disparity between Mark Wahlberg's and Michelle Williams rider clauses for a required re-shoot with replacement actor Christopher Plummer).

    The presenters and the winners were cautious in not placing an over emphasis on gun control, sexual misconduct, or partisan politics. That was in my opinion a wise move. Having said that, the entertainment value at this years awards show was lacking. from Kimmel's opening bland monologue, to the quickly shuffling film montagues that did not really provide any value,the saving grace was the awards themselves.

    Yes, The Shape of Water was truly deserving of the four Academy Awards it received for Best Director, Best Picture, Production Design, and Original Score. The awards were strategically distributed across several films and countries but yet the viewing audience was apparently one of the smallest dating back to 1974. If Billy Crystal, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and/or Kevin Hart are reading this message is for you. Only you three could return the AA's to their previous lustre and entertainment value. Please consider hosting in 2019.

    P.S. Please read my IMDB review of The Shape Of Water dated December 10th, 2017, where three (3) months prior I predicted that The Shape of Water would win for Best Picture. I hate to say "I Told You So"!
  • Jimmy Kimmel made a knowing joke that hopefully there would be no Waterhouse scandal this year as he once again invited Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway to name the Best Picture winner.

    Guillermo del Toro asked Warren Beatty if he could check the envelope, took a peek and then turned to the audience and nodded yes. Wonderful.

    The awards were nicely spread around this year. There was sentimentality with James Ivory winning his first Oscar at almost the age of 90. Roger Deakins won an Oscar at his 14th attempt. He rightly got a standing ovation.

    Keala Settle gave a barnstorming performance with This is Me from the The Greatest Showman.

    After the Harvey Weinstein scandal there were comments made for girl power specifically by Frances McDormand, however the greatest interest was who was going to win the jet ski for the shortest speech!
  • Best Picture W : The Shape of Water M : Dunkirk

    Best Leading Actor W : Gary Oldman (Darkest Hour) M : Gary Oldman (Darkest Hour)

    Best Leading Actress W : Frances McDormand (Three Billboards) M : Sally Hawkins (The Shape of Water)

    Best Supporting Actor W : Sam Rockwell (Three Billboards) M : Sam Rockwell (Three Billboards)

    Best Supporting Actress W : Allison Janney M : Allison Janney

    Best Director W : Guillermo del Toro (The Shape of Water) M : Christopher Nolan (Dunkirk)

    Best Original Screenplay W : Get Out M : Three Billboards

    Best Adapted Screenplay W : Call Me By Your Name M : Logan
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Last night we had the most recent edition of the annual Academy Awards airing. As always it ran for almost 4 hours including commercials, so a bit under 3 without commercials I guess and I was lucky enough this time to see the event on a big screen at a local theater, which really did make a difference for the positive. Host was Jimmy Kimmel like last year and while I am still not a fan of him, he was better this year, had some decent material and kept the bad liberal propaganda also down most of the time. The MeToo debate was of course crucial again all night, but yeah at least they refrained from the stupid premise that every female had to wear black. That made it a colorful night luckily. As for the winners, the 4 acting winners were safe picks this year and it's been a while since really all categories were 100% decided and the possibilities of upsets by Plummer, Metcalf, Day-Lewis and Ronan was just minimal and did not happen of course. I am glad for Del Toro, even if I have not seen The Shape of Water yet, but it looks good and I also would have liked 3 Billboards or Get Out to win I guess as these two were outstanding movies. Especially nice to see some love for Get Out as honestly, this is not the film you'd expect at all to play a key (no pun intended) role at the Oscars. I can only comment on the films I have seen, so nothing to say about A Fantastic Woman or Call Me By Your name the LBGT films this year, but in terms of the former, the Academy clearly loved handing out trophies to countries south of the border this year (maybe in the face of Trump's politics) and all the love for Coco, including the best song Oscar, is evidence of that. But I loved Coco, so I am happy about it. Speaking about Best Song I am glad they let all 5 nominated songs to be performed on stage tis year, even if the selection may not have been as good as in recent years. I love Hugh Jackman and liked The greatest Showman, but after the cringeworthily over-the-top performance of the nominated song there I cannot say I am particularly unhappy it lost. And the Coco song is a good one that captures the film's spirit nicely, so thumbs-up again for Anderson and Lopez.

    Oh yes and Roger Deakins is an Academy Award winner finally. Hooray. I was not a big fan of the new Blade Runner, but honestly you cannot cheer against Deakins whatsoever as he was clearly the most overdue person in the house. Another film I did not like that did well last night was Dunkirk, but oh well I've seen people predict it for Best Picture on several occasions this awards season, so 3 wins in the minor categories is something we can live with. In the documentary category, it is a bit of a shame Agnes Varda lost out as it would have been an amazing icing on the cake of her career (like with Ivory), but I have not seen Icarus yet, so lets see what i think about that after having watched it. Completely on a side-note, who'd have guessed Ivory gets one for writing first after all his directing nominations. Or Greta Gerwig's first nomination is for directing. You definitely could have made a fortune wit that a few years ago. She has such a likable presence though. Glad she got in, even if her film does not exactly look like directing may be its strongest component. Not a director's film by any means. What else? oh yeah Kobe Bryant is an Oscar winner now and he seemed clearly humbled. I wonder what Shaq has to say about that. The animated short category was a bit mediocre this year, but if you have John Williams on board, chances are good you will be lifted above the rest. I may have preferred Pixar's entry or the newest work by the Gruffalo guys to take the crown. Desplat gets his second, Phantom Thread takes costume, not surprising given the subject obviously. As for the big prize, I guess the lack of McDonagh in the direction category shows that the Academy did not love the Billboards as much as everybody else and including Jenkins (yay) in the line-up as well as giving Shape of Water the Production Design Oscar was a good indicator that it will also be tough to beat for the big prize. Away from the awards now, there was some decent material overall, but there were also weak moments like all the Meryl Streep gloating is getting old faster than she does or the visit to the theater next door was also fairly embarrassing. The in Memoriam sequence was good though. Worst presentation this night were Haddish and Rudolph who had good material actually, but really messed it up. Oh wait, maybe Hayek, Judd and Sciorra were even worse. And honestly no idea why they would include Jennifer Lawrence in the company of Mirren, Fonda and Foster and I am not even a great fan of these 3, at least not of Fonda (who seemed a bit bizarre) and not too much of Mirren either. Lawrence felt really out of place there and the way she tried to make up for it as usual with her shenanigans made things even worse. High time she finally moves away from the spotlight and if the Red Sparrow disappoointment helps with that, it's a good thing. I did like the idea though to show all these old winners in a video before the acting winners were announced. Oh yeah Kumail was pretty funny most of the time and you could see that he is an experienced stage performer comedy-wise. Spot-on his stuff. Biggest stunner of the night goes to Eiza Gonzalez without a doubt. What a dress, what a body, great stuff. That's all folks I guess, solid show as a whole see you next year and I still have some catching up to do with this year. Guess I'll go on with "Call Me By Your Name" later today. And I do indeed recommend to watch the event, the Oscars, on a big screen live if you have the chance to. Kinda tough to stay awake until almost 6 in the morning here, but perhaps you are luckier with your time zone. Finally, a few quick snippets: The Trump toilet joke was really tasteless, the Pence joke was unfunny and try-hard, Emma Stone is drop-dead gorgeous, not just cute and finally fun idea to bring Beatty back at the end.
  • First, of all the movies nominated in all categories, the only ones that I've seen are "Baby Driver", "Beauty and the Beast", "The Big Sick", "Blade Runner 2049", "Coco", "Dunkirk", "Get Out", "Kong: Skull Island", "Marshall", "Mudbound", "Roman J. Israel, Esq." and "Star Wars: The Last Jedi". I was satisfied with what "Blade Runner 2049", "Coco" and "Dunkirk" won. A number of the winners - Gary Oldman, Allison Janney, etc - were already favored, so it was no surprise. I liked what Frances McDormand had to say.

    Obviously the most important topic of the ceremony was sexual harassment (complete with a montage introduced by Mira Sorvino, Ashley Judd and Salma Hayek). But there were also the issues that Common mentioned while performing his song with Andra Day (among them Parkland and Puerto Rico, to which Lin-Manuel Miranda also drew attention during an interview on the red carpet). And as expected, a few barbs at Donald Trump. A real irony was that despite all the attention on the underrepresentation of women and minorities in movies, the bulk of the awards went to white men.

    I liked Jimmy Kimmel's hosting, whether it was asking Steven Spielberg for pot or taking a bunch of people to a preview of "A Wrinkle in Time" and handing out swag. I didn't quite understand the purpose of the montage honoring the troops, but I suspect that all the mouth-breathers will complain that Wes Studi didn't "speak American" (not realizing that Studi's ancestral language was in the present-day US long before English was). And finally, this time Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway didn't announce the wrong winner (they weren't about to get tripped up again).

    All in all, I enjoyed it.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    . . . some Five Rings bozo from Spain closed the Games WITHOUT declaring them as "the Best Olympiad ever." What made this clown's omission such a scandal was that he ALWAYS used that tag line for EVERY Olympics he lorded over before and after Atlanta. Sure, some Mad Bomber sprayed shrapnel through the tent where my toddler had stood a few hours earlier (killing a lady who was there a little after us), but at least THESE Olympic hosts weren't torturing and chowing down on Man's Best Friend! All hot dogs aside, I find it easy to declare the 90th Academy Awards the Best Oscars Ever!! With lots of montages, surprising presenters, and well-deserved triumphs, there was something for everyone (even the Dead Folks, thanks no doubt to COCO). Only one alleged wife beater and just a single prosecuted could-be hotel rapist won the coveted gelded statuettes, and women were allowed to do most of the talking (EXCEPT for the vast majority of winners' acceptance speeches, of course). Churchill's DARKEST HOUR became Oldman's finest, as his 98-year-old mom watched from her sofa. THREE BILLBOARDS earned two top billings, leaving TONYA's mommy bellowing "Why me?!" But when push came to shove, the Academy decided to "let By-Gones go Bye-Bye," giving the most Oscars--and the best ones--to citizens of (or working for) Spain. Hopefully, as the Oscar Flame was extinguished, these Iberians had the grace to murmur "Best Oscars Ever!"