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  • My fiance watches it. I've seen it before.

    There is nothing particularly bad about it. The stories are well written. It's well acted. It can be engaging.

    But...I watched ER back in the 90s. I've seen Chicago Fire. I've seen Hill Street Blues. I've seen Law and Order. CHIPS, Baywatch, you name it.

    My issue with it is that it's just like so many other other dramas that I watched over the years that I can't really bring myself to care that much about it. But I won't fault it for quality, what it does it does well. It's just what it does has been done a thousand times before.
  • Honestly, I don't know how they got this series renewed. I guess we have to chalk it up to star power (Angela Bassett and Peter Krause). Don't get me wrong, I'm a Peter Krause fan, but this series is poorly written, the premise is unrealistic, the dialogue is weak, the direction is poor and some of the acting is just bad. I rate this first episode of the third season a 4 (poor) out of 10. The good actors deserve a better vehicle. {Emergency Services Drama}
  • The show was a little too spectacular to be realistic, but characterizations were made in a very compelling way. Free of agendas and stereotypical writing. Mostly by actors from Murphy's previous work, all of them delivered in a big way. Then Connie Britton left, and Jennifer Love Hewitt took over. As much as I love both actresses equality, I think Britton had a much more interesting character. That wasn't your usual TV heroine. Most pet peeves of mine with this show, are how it seems to want to copy all of CBS Chicago franchise series. With 911 people, not being its main protagonists. And that complete flip they made after season 1, with some episodes, getting unnecessarily dramatic. Nothing to do with the acting though. But those dreaded agendas I was talking about earlier, went a little too far sometimes. And for what? Making half of the viewership, lose interest, or quite on the show completely? Who knows.
  • drpainters31 January 2020
    Love the format, characters , drama. One of the most entertaining shows. Highly recommend, especially the big disaster episodes each season.
  • I decided to start to watch this show because the Ryan Murphy name was on it, and being a fan of AHS, I decided to give a shot and try to see a genre that I have always skipped in my long experience as a TV series addicted: emergency enforcement drama. I get to the third season and, don't get me wrong, I kindly enjoy 9-1-1, but is definitely not the best production that I have watched.

    I know that this is pure fiction, but most of emergency situations represented are completely unrealistic, and clearly you don't need to work in this field to understand that. Natural disasters that seems to recall an apocalyptic movie and responders that can save randomly almost all victims, even if clearly would not be possible. I know that 9-1-1 does not want to be too realistic, but emergencies should be at least likely to reality.

    Beside their professional life of these agents, we get to see also their personal ones, and here, there are a lot of clichés. I don't even think that creators tried to do something original, they have simply recycled ideas: all characters has a difficult life, or had a really hard youth/teenage years (parents that did not love, or they just abandoned them). Add to this religion (especially in season 1 is very persisting), and the good old fashioned American patriotism (a little bit moderated in this case, but still there). All this in 2019, a year where these topics should not even be there in the first place, because not original at all.

    The show is just okay, do not expect something extraordinary. I think that the only reason why I keep watching it, is Angela Bassett, that I consider one of the best actresses in Hollywood.
  • ZinQ13 August 2018
    Peter Krause doing something with his hair. He has had the most ridiculous hairstyle for centuries.
  • But watched more and loved it. Great cast and lots of fun and drama.
  • I don't know if the writers could have portrayed a more inaccurate vision of first responders if they tried. This show is so hilariously bad it is tempting to watch just to see how much crazier the show can get. A guy gets a pole impaired in his head and is back to work a few weeks later with barely a scar. The responders never change their gloves, deliver multiple babies in seconds. We have a ridiculous scenario where the sex addict new guy suddenly finds love with someone 20 years his senior (so likely). A couple of gay story lines, lots of drama. I don't know how they sustain it, they've already created most of the unrealistic scenarios you can expect.
  • This show has the most well developed cast. Period.

    I watched for Connie Britton, originally. Once she left, the character development skyrocketed.

    Also, it's some sorcery the way each episode in the past couple seasons has at least one major tearjerking moment. Flood of tears, sometimes.
  • So this is a procedural with a twist; everything focuses on the initial distress call to "911" and the dispatch operator, which was Dartmouth's own Connie Britton in Season 1 and then Ghost Whisperer Jennifer Love Hewitt since S2.

    The big key here is a diverse, terrific cast, led by Angela Bassett (married in real life to Harvard alum and Law and Order veteran Courtney B Vance) who has won many awards for her work on this show.

    There is a ton of action, suspense and thrills and chills as first responders are faced with a bewildering variety of emergency situations all of which demand their finest hour.

    A great show worth watching.
  • Ahmedfadil0013 June 2021
    For a long time, I have not lived with a series to this degree.. Every character whose presence was beautiful and touching. Thank you. I hope it continues for 10 seasons or more.
  • Really this show is absolutely awful. It is so unrealistic and cheesey but man do I love it. Just the kind of switch your brain off show I needed in my life
  • If you look at this from a first-responder perspective you may feel this is absolute *****, if you see it for what I think it is, a comedy/drama show that aims to entertain, then you may find it acceptable.

    I actually found it quite refreshing and conceptually interesting. Acting not bad at all and the story-line not so bad, but yes sure, very much Hollywood and no depiction of real life.

    Just look at the houses the main characters are living in ........
  • I'm glad I gave this show a chance and started watching on Hulu. Only as of recently. I thought it was going to be another typical rescue/police drama but I was way wrong. I've cried and laughed in every episode. You get a real insight to what first responders, firefighters, 911 operators and Police deal with emotionally and physically every day. The cast is great, and I've grown to love all of them. The show is serious but just enough happiness on the show to not be an overbearing sob fest every week. I went from not wanting to watch it, to it being one of my favorite shows. I'm excited to see Jennifer Love Hewitt joining the cast and eager to know what she will bring to the show. If you haven't watched yet, please do. It's very addicting.
  • It's a serious show but at the same time doesn't take itself too seriously. Some of the emergencies are downright absurd but you can't help laughing. I've had two med students roll their eyes at how the victims survive their ordeals. Its over the top emergencies with all its action makes up for its exaggerations. Anyway... who doesn't like to see Angela Bassett in uniform?
  • I only watched a few minutes from an episode and was so grossed out that I regretted watching it.
  • This is a T. V. show if you want 100% realism, watch documentaries ONLY!! The show is about the characters lives, not only thier jobs. I am a Nurse and I catch thier faux pas, but it is ENTERTAINMENT not Educational!!
  • They mix in too many Liberal politics. Every character has a medical or psychological problem. I wanted to watch them rescue people. The problem is these people need to be rescued. Just when you think this show has hope the get into the really Liberal bull that is shoved down our throats that is not even close to reality. Someone call 9-1-1 this show is terminal.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I watched as a truly decent show suddenly flipped on the political agenda switch. Making a hard ass 911 operator into a racist, who hung up on an Asian who she knew was shot, knew was bleeding. Like this happens daily in America!

    They also had a guy refuse treatment because he's a member of a RELIGIOUS group that protests military burials. Which everybody know is also racist!

    I saw people praise this show for not being political in the past. Well they went there now, hard.

    A. as far as I know, there's only ONE(uno) wack-a-doodle church out there that does this. Not even 1/1000th of the affiliate churches to that group, just one single church following one pastor. They aren't doing it because they're racist, they do it because they deplore war. This is the writers of this show further LABELING them. They are wack-jobs. But this is some writer heaping a different agenda on them.

    The 911 operator hanging up on lots of people. You might as well have had her be a Unicorn, too. Nobody in the entire 911 organization would EVER get away with that type of history. 911 calls are routinely, daily monitored.

    In this single episode they turned anybody older or conservative into a racist boogyman.
  • CRITICAL just ended its short run on the local channel and there aren't new episodes of Chicago Fire, but we got this new one which looks really good. We've only just done the first show and I am HOOKED.

    I have to admit that YES, it can be predictable. Like the situation between Angela Bassett's character's husband. As soon as he and the kids hold hands, I knew. And yup, he was.

    As for other elements, the young guy who is only in it for the adrenaline, check. Sage bald headed black chick, check. Tragic older woman operator, check. Hunky flawed chief, check. Yep. Looks like a keeper.

    Also, any show that starts off with a DIE HARD reference? DOUBLE CHECK! I'm looking forward to the rest of the season.
  • Peter Krause and Angela Bassett! Who knew these two could heat up the screen with their great chemistry? They are fabulous together and lead a very good cast on this exciting show. The writing and direction is very well done. The special effects are top notch. I would recommend this show!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Is this what females find sexy?! An over grown whiny dude who's too emotional to actually be a real fire fighter?! Bet he slept with ryan murphy to get this job. He seems like the type of dude that plays hetero but dates the closeted male producers to get roles. Sadly, that happens and it ruins the industry. Weak actors get cast just because they dated the producers or director or writer. It's sad. Females do it, too, but this dude playing buck seems like he did it. His acting is so bad and he whines and fake cries in every episode! Do girls fall for this?! Girls want dudes to be sensitive and emotional but this dude is taking it too far! Lol. He ruins the show for me. When he's not on, it's actually decent. In the episode called "there goes the neighborhood" he takes a random girl from dating app to dinner! They are horrible match. How did he take her to dinner?! Dont do that! Unless you know the girl and like her. Bad date. Very annoying white liberal female type that has to be miserable and make everybody miserable. She didn't smile once! Hey, BUCK! Instead of whining about a bad date, dont take a tinder date to dinner! If you do, and she's bad, GO TO THE BATHROOM AND LEAVE! Let her pay for the dinner! Lol. This clown doesnt know how to adapt! I know the writers wrote that trash in, but Wow! When buck whines and blabs it's just so annoying! When he cries, it makes me angry! Lol. It just seems so forced and fake, as if the writers are trying to pander to the females. OMG A BIG DUDE IS CRYING ALL THE TIME! Wow! Lol. This show is outlandish but i understand why. But buck is not a great character for me. I hate him! Not sure about the actor in real life(stark) but buck is not a great character. Just whines all the time! My goodness. Therapist?! Dude, you have A SISTER! Talk to her! Or learn how to adapt! GROW DAFUQ UP! Dang! Im baking some oatmeal cookies! Had to type this out!
  • I do enjoy this show, probably because I don't work in the industry and unlike others I don't see the mistakes. I noticed most if not all of the negative reviews came from people with years spent as First Responders. Don't take the programme too seriously, it doesn't take itself that seriously. The calls they are responding too prove that and some are quite comical. I too have faulted shows that are not true to real life but those were reality shows where I expect honesty not entertainment like 911.

    They seem to have used a checklist when writing this show: Black man - check Gay black man - check Gay black woman - check Addiction alcohol - check Addiction sex - check Asian - check You get the picture. I was going to roast it for not having transgender or cross dressers but I'd be stirring and not that serious. The acting is good and I love Angela Basset's sometimes moody character. They said that Hill Street Blues was an accurate show but we know differently now and so this isn't accurate but it is entertaining and a good way to while away an hour without straining the brain. Sort of like Chips when it aired in the late 70s, easy and not serious.

    One thing I do enjoy is that it is not chock full of the 'beautiful' people, blue eyed blondes who are overly endowed and stretch their performance but usually come woefully short. I can relate a lot better to this cast as opposed to many other shows. I was a bit annoyed that Abby (played by Connie Britton, a woman now in her 50s) was replaced by the much younger Jennifer Love Hewitt (late 30s). Hollywood is still struggling to give quality roles to older woman and 50 is not old!

    A good 6, enjoy iit for what it is.
  • I don't understand you people! Why give this show the low ratings? It's a great show and I rarely binged my way through a tv show in a week-but I did because it's that good.

    Do yourself a favour. Ignore the haters and check this gem out yourself.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This show is brilliant. The haters are treating this show likes it's a reality show. It's fictional!!

    I could totally relate to Abby and Bucks relationship because I'm her age and I once had a young buck (get it?). The characters in this show are relatable and the chemistry they have with each other is amazing to watch. Especially in the third episode. Poor Chimney.
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