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  • "You gotta make a buck" sums up this trendy but empty effort by the once-great James Avalon, now reduced to cranking out the type of porn he famously reviled two decades ago. It's easy enough for him to rationalize this step down, given the deterioration in quality and audiences' taste in recent years.

    So James delivers competently staged and photographed sex footage involving the Adult industry's top femme talent performing IR acts with untalented Black studs. To paraphrase Oliver Stone (putting words into Martin Sheen's mouth in "Wall Street")i: "What you see is a guy who never measured a man's success by the size of his DICK!".

    Principal size queen here is Angela White, briefly convincing in the token dialog set-up scene, thanking old high school buddy (with a big dick) Isiah Maxwell for letting her stay at his home, and then delivering the real thank you in terms of hot sex. Currently porn's #1 star, she carries on well a tradition of bombastic brunettes I date back to Christy Canyon and Sarah Young.

    Maxwell plays another role, just as awkwardly in his stiff line readings (and slow to stiffen dick) opposite Romi Rain in a two-part story about booty calls. Part One had Romi listening to pal Karlee Grey extol the wonders of randomly phoning (or texting I presume, phoning being passe) a guy from her stored Contacts list and arranging for a quickie stopover to get serviced. Karlee had chosen Rob Piper, former winner (unearned) of an AVN award whose only qualification for screen time is, you guessed it, an extraordinarily big dick. Karlee manages to deep-throat that member, perhaps the technical highlight of the DVD.

    Avalon lost considerable cred with me for the final scene, as he cast my current favorite, British beauty Stella Cox, and managed, after some tantalizing tease footage (including a very sexy cut-out body stocking), to feature her in a dull, unarousing XXX bout. Part of the blame goes to Ricky Johnson, a light-skinned Black dude filling in for bigger names in porn videos of late. He's dead air opposite Stella posing, and then just a cock with human attached when he goes through the motions of humping her. Poor Stella, after making such wonderful Brit Porn videos back home she's been quickly reduced to mindless junk like her scene here since gravitating to the big bucks offered in Chatsworth.