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  • It's incomprehensible to think such cruelty exists... the enslaved woman "Marish" God I felt so deeply about her inhumane mistreatment. What a remarkable and brave woman to have to endure such cruelty for 10 years and at the same time trying to protect her family from harm. This film will break your heart as you watch with despair the unfolding horrendous abuse Misha is facing on a daily basis and seeing with an open eyes how her will broke. But, there is hope in the end as Marish takes the courage to escape. We need these films to become widespread, regardless of how uncomfortable they are, as only the awareness and education of this crime can have a real effect in eradicating it.

    Some of the abusive comments about this film I have seen on internet just show a complete lack of compassion and care and for those who wrote it: this woman is braver than you will ever be.
  • paul2001sw-124 December 2018
    It's terrible that a woman could be effectively enslaved in a coutry as modern as contemporary Hungary; and somehow even more terrible that the slave's "owner" could be so blase about her privilege that she would even let someone,in exchange for sufficient payment, film the relationship. And let no-one consider the arrangement benign. In a photograph taken at the beginning of her indentiture, Marish looks like a normal forty-something; by the time this film was shot, ten years later, she's an old woman. Ultimately, 'A Woman Captured' is uplifting: Marish finds the nerve to run away, and is reunited with her family. It's never explained exactly why this could not have happened before, except possibly that she gained the confidence she needed through getting the chance to tell her story. But the underlying reality depicted is still a truly horific one; the fact that the police say they can do nothing surely part of the reason why such things still happen.