The movie was filmed in Oakland during the summer of 2017 concurrently with Sorry to Bother You (2018).

The "kill a hipster save your hood" shirt that Miles receives refers to a song by rapper, George Watsky. Watsky himself has a cameo in the movie as the employee at the Kwikway.

Miles and Ashley's son Sean is named after Rafael Casal's nephew. Rafael wrote and performed a poem called "A.D.D." about his nephew Sean and the over-diagnosis of Attention Deficit Disorder.

The opening montage is set to Verdi's "libiamo ne' lieti calici" ("Let's drink from the joyful cups!") a duet with chorus.

"The Regiment Horns" listed in the closing credits for music are also the Horn Section for Justin Timberlake, on both the 20/20 Experience, and the Man of the Woods recording and tours. They also have appeared with Talib Kweli, Ne-Yo, Bruno Mars, Usher, and many many others.

In Patrick's house, Miles is boxing up two portraits and Patrick says, "Dountes and Santiago can't be facing each other, they do not get along". The portraits are of Daveed's father (Dountes) and Rafael's father (Santiago).

The character Nak is a reference to Daveed and Rafael's longtime friend, poet and playwright Chinaka Hodge. Daveed also references Chinaka in the song "Something In The Water" on the "Collin EP" which is the first of three EPs that make up the Blindspotting soundtrack.

On The Daily Show, Trevor Noah and Daveed Diggs refer to rapping as "heightened language." It is carefully introduced so that it seems natural by the time of the climax, a time when the brain activity is "heightened"

The use of "heightened" language at the climax is similar to Shakespeare's use of language. When asked by Trevor Noah if they use "heightened language" in Oakland, Daveed Diggs replied, "Yes," perhaps proving that Shakepeare and his contemporaries were not writing "poetry" in a vacuum.

Structurally, the film is close to a Shakespearean play with a small epilogue. The main action of the film is bookended by classical references: the opening montage of Oakland is not set to hip hop or other urban music, as is the norm for other "gritty city" films, but to an operatic chorus from Verdi's " La Traviata" "Libiamo ne' lieti calici" ("Let's drink from the joyful cups"), and the "Shakespearean" rap