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  • Bree Mills brings in the B-team, with cameramen Craven Moorehead and Matt Holder directing segments alongside her helmer/partner Alan for the hodge-podge compilation with that IMDb prohibited (in a review at least) title "Stop...". Its three separate sections don't add up to much, unless you're a card carrying addict (oops, I meant subscriber) to Mills & Stills' websites like "Mommy's Girl".

    The two-parter that serves as the Girlfriends Films' release DVD's title is where our intrepid pornographers attempted to toss a change-up pitch at me, but failed to sail it past this porn archaeologist. The setting is the "Immoral Proposal" mansion (see Nica Noelle's feature by that name, shot there), but some wag thought that a modest remodeling would fool me. Au contraire: the mansion's doors were replaced by plain white ones minus the signature oval-panes, and upstairs the bedroom had similarly replaced concave windows with white window frames rather than natural wood, but the interior layout and iconic spiral staircase gave away the game. This is the fabulous and distinctive location for hundreds of porn shoots in recent years, apparently tougher to spot circa late 2016 due to those new doors.

    That setting is backdrop for horny step-mom Julia Ann to make a fool of her daughter cute Gia Paige by humping Gia's friend Molly Mae, she of the petite frame bearing surprisingly big natural tits. Gia returns home to spy on them, and masturbate as horny voyeuse. In Part Two, Julia gets her way after the inevitable confrontation by "a-ha, I caught you!" Gia by immediately moving into a three-way for the show's inevitable crypto-incest content.

    A similar plot line, attributed to Bree and her story lady Lucy J, is used in the vignette titled "My Mom's Friend". Megan Rain, young veteran of a couple of Marc Dorcel made-in-France features, phones in the exposition, as her mom's gal pal India Summer visits, and rather sarcastically seduces the kid after being caught masturbating in absent mama's bed.

    This vignette ends with India announcing a plot against the mom, but the Part Two disappointingly is lame role-playing instead, filled with dialog like "Can I call you mommy?". Summer puts on one of mom's dresses and has the daughter gladly fulfill one of her erotic day-dreams, namely humping her mother. This is the essence of the popularity of Stills & Mills' endless stream (pun intended) of incest content: the viewer is to imagine incest, while the letter of the law (not its spirit) is obeyed by the pornographers constantly including disclaimers that the characters are not blood-related.

    Showiest segment is thankfully the shortest, named "Meet the Moms". Surely this would have played better in a parallel universe where Barbra Streisand lent her acting talents to porn, but instead we have newly- minted MILF Katie Morgan portraying Kenna James' mom (oops, her step- mom, how quickly I forget!). Kenna has presented her lesbian lover Cadence Lux with an engagement ring, and reluctantly agrees to take the young blonde to meet her parents.

    Unfortunately the other parent is also a mommy, Dana DeArmond, who overplays her nasty, sarcastic mode grilling the would-be daughter-in- law unmercifully. Bree and her unnamed director (probably not Alan, but either Craven or Matt) pour on the over-the-top farce with even a buzzer-attached lie detector pressed into service to harass and embarrass Lux.

    This builds to a four-way lesbian orgy and daisy-chain that is meant to thrill the addicts (fans) of this nonsense but left me cold. It typifies the recent gonzo takeover of Adult Entertainment, substituting crass explicitness for the Old School mirroring of Mainstream Drama (or even Comedy). The only good line in the generally unscripted mess is a bulls-eye: "Dana, can't you be a little less crazy?". Apparently not.