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  • "What the heck is going on in this movie?!" is what I kept asking myself throughout this film, and I am still asking. Supposedly this film has to be seen twice to really get it. I submit that there's not that much to get.

    Nothing happens in this film. The twist ending that explains everything does not save it. A mystery needs to have something interesting happening as it unfolds, and this film is just endless dialogue with no action. Silly contests pass for story milestones. Unlikable characters pass for story development.

    A good puzzle movie is an interesting story that turns out to have another level completely. (Think about The Sixth Sense: The kid sees dead people throughout the whole movie, then it turns out something else has been happening right in front of us.) This is a boring story that has a convenient explanation. Even if the second viewing is more interesting, is it really worth sitting through the first viewing? For a good low-budget puzzle movie, see Blood Punch (2014).

    Props to Nicholas Tucci who convincingly portrays Richard as a rich frat boy douchebag.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    What the heck is this movie about?! Nothing happens, it's all about the twist at the end, and that's not enough to save it. A mystery needs to have interesting things happening as it unfolds, and this film is just endless dialogue with no action. Without the ending, the film is all silly contests and unlikeable characters. For a good low-budget puzzle movie, see Blood Punch (2014). Props to Nicholas Tucci who convincingly portrays Richard as a rich frat boy blowhard.
  • This movie is dreck. Slooooooooow, annoying main male character, and this twist ending I saw coming and even if I hadn't it would not be the "Surprise" that some reviewers make it out. It does nothing to make the movie any better. I recommend you pass on this. It's just stupid.
  • Where do I even begin... this film was erotic, weird, thrilling, creepy, suspenseful, sexual, provocative and I could go on. I loved the creepy "brother". He played weird so incredibly well. The cast was only 4 people which you don't realize because this is such a terrific film. It wasn't until towards the end that it really hit. I loved the way this film was shot, the acting was exceptional and it had a wonderful story. This film did it for me. I'm glad to give this film a big thumbs up.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Tho I didn't think it was slow and boring. I thought it was funny and bizarre. what I didn't like was the supposed brothers acting like a weird wussy. Like when they want a three way and he accidentally kills the guy. The naked paino playing had me cracking up. I hated the ending. My thought the whole film were these people were imposters and that as the movie unfolded he'd find out. At the end I kind of thought that was going to happen. Was that really his brother? So they have a company were people pay for these kinds of things but so he just did it to the brother for the hell of it. Idk. Kind of stupid. I thought it a cool idea for a business kind of like the game. But in the end the movie would have been better if they'd gone the route of them being impoters and maybe he could of found the real brother tied up in that place. Idk. Now I'm writing the script. To sum it up I thought it was a decent watch.
  • This is a really solid psychological thriller. The tension between Seth played by Adam Wepler and his intensely competitive (and rich) long lost brother Richard played by Nicholas Tucci is fantastic even if the source of the conflict is obtuse, rounding out the main cast is the enigmatic Abby played by Catherine Corcoran, whose intentions are unknown throughout the film. With Seth everything is on the surface, what you see is what you get. He's insecure, genuine and unsuccessful, but the other characters have their hidden agendas and motivations which propel the story forward as Seth is jostled from one psycho-drama to the next, never fully comfortable but still craving connection and drawn to the allure of financial support despite the psychological abuse.

    This film is a bit reminiscent of films like The Game or Cloverfield Lane, but stands on it's own merit. The script is very clever, the acting is phenomenal and the production value and music is outstanding. This is the kind of film indies strive to be.

    I highly recommend watching this film, sink into it, you'll be surprised where it takes you.
  • Long Lost is filled with twists and turns that keep you guessing what's going to happen next. Also some really interesting scenes, especially one revolving around "fluffy bunny". The actors give strong performances and the cinematography is great for an Indie. Nicely done.
  • Long Lost is a very intense thriller. It starts off being really odd, having hilarious moments (The Chubby Bunny Scene), but for the most part creeping you out just in how the different characters interact. I kept guessing where this was going, and the twist at the end was really unexpected.

    The acting, cinematography, music and direction is superb. Absolutely recommend watching this!
  • ben-3633328 June 2019
    I. Love. This. Film. Sure, the payoff at the end is absolutely awesome, but it's such a great journey along the way because it grabs you and keeps you wondering where on earth it's all going to go.

    Long Lost is a tough film to review, because there are so many bizarre twists and turns that I'd hate to ruin anything. Funny, sexy, surprising, mysterious, suspenseful--this is a love triangle wrapped inside of a puzzle that's locked inside of a time bomb. Brilliantly written and directed, and perfectly casted.

    The performances are strong across the board. Adam Weppler kills it as the bewildered bookish fella with integrity and Nicholas Tucci does a fantastic job striking the balance between intimidating and hilarious. I think Catherine Corcoran steels the show though. She's downright magnetic as the proverbial rabbit that keeps the dog running along the track. Without her, nobody would believe that anyone would be able to stomach what the protagonist goes through.

    Go for the ride. Stay for the ending! You won't regret it.
  • This is a movie filled with surprises. It's a small indie that through it's energy and suspense, grows into something very large. And that suspense does build, slowly but surely, throughout the story. The drama gets really intense! The film just grabbed and held onto me throughout. Great direction, cinematography and acting. Just an excellent film!
  • Erik Bloomquist gets strong performances out of his actors. All the technicals are first rate, and the film keeps you engaged with its twists and turns. A tight and entertaining 90 minutes. Well worth the time.
  • JGReviews1 August 2019
    I watched Long Lost after seeing that it was a new release on Amazon and was recommended on their "Popular Movies" section. I'm always a bit more interested in indie fare and I was intrigued by the trailer, so I decided to give the film a watch and I definitely enjoyed the film. Long Lost is a bit of a slow-burn drama with plenty of suspense. It's the kind of film that you might see at a good film festival (I looked it up after and Long Lost played at LOTS of festivals). The movie is full of suspense and I felt uneasy throughout (in a good way). The plot and performances held my attention until the end -- don't worry, no spoilers here. The cinematography and beautiful location deserves a specific mention since they were standouts as well. I would definitely recommend Long Lost to anyone who, like me, likes quality indie films, particularly a good suspense film.
  • The story unfolds slowly, very slowly... so much that I wondered how the conclusion could possibly work but it does. You have to be patient but it's not as if the movie is dull or boring. In fact, I was busy the entire time speculating and trying to figure out what's really going on. The way things unfold, it's clear that something nefarious is going on behind the scenes but it's impossible to figure out. In the end it all makes sense and I'm interested enough to watch it a second time to pick up on all the little details I missed.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This interpersonal thriller is essentially a monster-in-the-house film and is totally effective as such. Tucci's committed performance buoys the film, the twist at the end is probably one that you won't see coming (and one that will prompt you to enjoy reconsidering previous moments in the film, like when Richard destroys his hearing aid while swimming), and Corcoran's final line is great.
  • I never knew just what it was that filled me with such unease from almost the first frame of this film, but it was a good kind of unease, and Long Lost is a thoroughly entertaining and fascinating film. Writer & director Erik Bloomquist has put together a compelling story with a perfect ensemble of characters that range from unassuming and virtually harmless, to seemingly downright diabolical, the end product of which being a smart, steadily unnerving and disquieting story with a twist ending you'll be talking about long after the end credits roll.
  • Honestly didn't know wtf was going on for like the first hour and then everything really started unraveling and i totally got it. definitely a slow burn, but i'm into that stuff. skimmed through it again after i knew the twist and saw all these little things i missed which was crazy. definitely a little more mellow than the trailer seems (at least for most of it), but that's not a bad thing. the actors were really good too which i guess they'd have to be to keep my interest for an hour and a half with only 3 people.
  • A suspenseful, darkly comedic, and thrilling film that demands to be seen numerous times. Every aspect of the film - the directing, score, cinematography, acting, etc. - is so well thought out and meticulously crafted. Had the pleasure of seeing a screening a few days ago and attending a talk-back with some of the cast and crew afterwards. Their eloquence and generosity only served to add to the excellent story that they have so wonderfully told.
  • This was done in a very amateur way, bad acting, story full of holes and annoying characters. The twist is pretty lackluster and dies nothing to save the story. If anything brings in more holes. Much better movies out there.
  • My wife and I sat down to watch this movie recently. I had previously prefaced the evening's entertainment by telling her to be prepared for a very good, scary thriller. It was neither. The character, Seth, has to be one of the wussiest roles seen in recent, if not so recent memory. If people think this movie is scary and thrilling then they should never watch The Exorcist or Bram Stoker's Dracula (1992) to name just two that could cause them cardiac arrest.
  • Long Lost is one of those films that is fast-paced and thoroughly entertaining from start to finish. The climax of the film had me asking so many questions, and I continued to think of the movie days after viewing it. The sign of any good movie is continued thinking of the plot line and discussing it with others. Long Lost delivers exactly that. It's hip, relevant, edgy, and slightly twisted. I was at the edge of my seat during the climax and wanted/needed to view it twice to help answer any unanswered questions.
  • jckbradsound10 April 2019
    This movie will take you on a rollercoaster and you could honestly watch it multiple times with a different perspective of what its about!
  • This movie is a lot of fun. The chubby bunny scene is a personal favorite of mine. The twist at the end is fantastic and completely took me by surprise. The film is incredibly suspenseful and keeps you guessing the whole time.

    The direction and performances are all excellent Adam Weppler is the real deal. He looks like a young Harrison Ford and has some real acting chops. Look out for this young up and comer.
  • Not sure why theres so many 9 & 10 ratings bc sorry this film doesnt rate that. It is quite frustrating bc it does draw you in w hopes of a great payoff which doesnt come. It was slow but the story interestingly weird enough to keep you watching...waiting...and waiting....and waiting some more. Oh and for all those comments about it being "sexual" or a "sexual thriller"? Seriously? It is not. One scene in the whole film "implies" a threesome but nothing ever happens and the most skin you see is the chick in a bikini. I watched through to the end, you will too probably but you will likely feel let down. So my advice, go in with zero expectations then you might not feel so bad at the end. Overall I gave it a 4 bc it was shot well, the acting was decent for the most part and though the story was bizzare, it could have had more uuhhmph with a payoff.
  • First I will say this movie had potential that was murdered by a horribly ridiculous twist. The first 5 minutes of this movie I was intrigued and that's mostly because of Nicholas Tucci's character. On a side note why didn't we cast this guy as Christian Grey? His character is immediately intimidating and daunting. So the main character meets his long lost half brother and his brother's girlfriend. He stays for dinner where his long-lost half-brother turns out to be a douche. Though he stays. He develops some sort of crush on his brother's girlfriend who convinces him to stay despite his half-brother's increasingly strange behavior. For a while I thought maybe the brother was holding her hostage. I thought maybe he wasn't really his half-brother at all and he was going to hold him hostage too. So it is a mystery that you can't guess but when the finale arrives you wish it hadn't. It reminded me of that movie Escape Room. Most of the movie is fine and then it gets to the ending and just destroys everything they put together the last hour and 15 minutes. Then it gives you a weird Cabin in the Woods moment which is hilarious because Fran Kranz from Cabin in the Woods is there to complete the bizarre twist. The ending is so disappointing I can't help but despise this movie. Watching it really is like having sex without orgasm. It's good and it builds and builds then has no satisfying release. Therefore I'm left just feeling like I wasted my time. I highly do not recommend this movie.
  • This psycho-thriller had just the right amount of quirky and dark comedy to keep my mind thoroughly engaged and completely thrown off while doing what I love to do while watching a psycho thriller, "figure out what's really happening!" But I couldn't and I LOVE that I couldn't figure this out. Bloomquist's directing and cinematography were fantastic, and I specifically enjoyed Tucci's (Richard) performance.
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