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  • Be wary of low rating reviews, I saw a post on a forum that is frequented by one of the groups dramatized in this show, sending everyone over here to sign up to IMDB and hit this show with bad reviews and low ratings (suggesting accusing it of being crap compared to the movie / 'bad acting' / 'bad writing' etc.) because they didn't like their depiction in it and want to shut it down.

    (After seeing this I checked most of the reviewers who have given it 1 - 2 stars, and most have no other reviews they've written on any other film/show on IMDB other than this, and only became a member to post their review here, which seems pretty suspicious to me).

    Of course, this is a controversial show, clearly intentionally so, and it is inevitable that it will be attacked in this way, and it probably expected it (maybe even wanted it). But it also means a lot of the reviews here aren't genuine, which is a shame. (And I have a suspicion this review will get downvoted a lot as well!)

    Anyhow, that aside. I watched this show, from beginning to end, over about three nights. I was a fan of the original movie, having been repelled/compelled by it when I was about 14, and I was also familiar with the work of one of the other directors/writers on it who made a New Zealand movie I loved a few years ago.

    My honest response at the end of the sixth episode was that it was undeniably a very unique, engaging and at times shocking and powerful show, and one that I'm extremely glad I watched. I agreed with Karl Quinn's review in The Age - I can genuinely say it was one of the most invigorating pieces of television I've seen all year, Australian or not. Some of the acting was really exceptional (Lachy Hulme, Jacqui Mackenzie, David Wenham among others), some of the moments of tension downright unbearable, and some of the more sudden twists I really didn't see coming.

    It felt like it got better as it went on (although for me slightly peaked in the middle in some ways), and sustained tension to the end. It also left many questions after it had finished (as it clearly intended to).

    I agree with some other reviews that stated there are too many storylines - there are too many, and it became confusing trying to keep up with all of them (and the different characters they involved). This wasn't helped by the first episode trying to throw too many characters at us without really setting them all up properly, so it took a bit to ease into the show (and it took a bit to like some of the characters to be honest - not that I suppose you're meant to 'like' any of the characters in a show like this I guess, but still).

    And there are some storylines that don't seem to go anywhere in the end which can be quite annoying (though certainly not unique to this show, it's one of my complaints about TV in general). Also, for my personal taste, there was just too much violence in the end - I'm into action as much as the next person, but you can become numb to it after a while. The tension was really well done, but the violence after a while just felt a bit bludgeoning. I felt there were times they could have made a more powerful statement with less violence.

    And of course - Toby Wallace who plays Kane did a really strong job, although he has huge boots to fill in succeeding Russell Crowe, and I just didn't feel like his character was given enough for him to work with to try and fully hit it at that level. It seemed at times his character was an enigma in an interesting way, and at other times an enigma in a confused way.

    But overall, as with the movie I found this series thoroughly compelling, and in today's social/political climate, quite brave - often excellently directed and written, with a very intense and memorable score, and a few genuine moments/twists where my mouth dropped at what they did - and what I simply didn't see coming. For me that's a sign of a great show, despite it's occasional shortcomings.

    As a side note, I sincerely hope this is a sign of things to come in Australian TV. It needs more bold shows like this to compete on an international playing field, and the ambition that a show like this had is applaudable.

    9 out of 10, and if they ever made a second season, I'd hunt it out. Bravo to the filmmakers - please ignore the trolls and keep going.
  • Yeah Its definitely is not a big budget TV show but has a solid story and within its own means a very captivating drama series. I can understand that it's not to everyone's liking but I was very impressed and eagerly await for a second series. to put it short if your interested in a story and not just special effect budgets and over paid actors that most are use too then its well worth a watch.
  • The first couple of episodes were great but the quality of the acting and the writing seemed to go downhill from there. The final episode was a mess as the writers struggled to tie together all the key plot elements and it became a bit ridiculous.

    Overall I still felt this was worth watching. It is a fascinating look at extremism and violence. It shines the spotlight on both right-wing racists and left-wing anarchists. Although these two groups are at opposite ends of the political spectrum they are similar in that they believe unquestioningly in their in political ideals and don't hesitate to use violence to achieve them. The irony is that both sides spend most of their time fighting each other and achieving nothing politically.

    I think most people could see the hypocrisy and stupidity of these two groups for what they are. Although there does seem to be a risk that some people who already hold extreme views would see the fictional story as confirming their own biases.
  • The series was better than I thought it would be. It's not without it's flaws; the portrayal of the anti-fascist group as violent provocateurs was fanciful, and the acting from some of the younger cast members was so wooden it was distracting, but once you get over that, it's a pretty compelling watch. Once I started, I continued to binge. It's nicely shot and put together. I've read other reviewers criticising its pace, but I think it's spot on. It maintains a sinister atmosphere throughout and, although that can become tiresome in some cases, it works well in this series. It's disturbing, as it should be. Cast from the original film (Dan Wyllie, John Brumpton and especially Jacqueline McKenzie) are excellent and David Wenham is, as usual, brilliant. I'm looking forward to a second season.
  • (three Eps in so far) I really wanted to see this as some uber left propaganda film and call ir rubbish. I REALLY did. but unfortunately it's better than that. It's not anywhere near as good as the film, let's get that straight. The use of a very similar score is annoying but manageable. The cinematography is nicely managed and at times both bleak and beautiful. This feels more underbelly than Romper Stomper, and the side stories are pretty thin, but overall it's good. It's not ground breaking and it's not brilliant, but it's not the pile of trash I thought it was going to be. Very obvious that at least one of these reviewers didn't watch it at all. The fake news element was handled very well, the leeches at the news are as slimy as they need to be. will update this later once I've seen the whole season.
  • The show provides many insights into racism, extremism, and their modern iterations, without apology. And I applaud it for that.

    While delving into the modern far right and left wing, it doesn't succumb to the false equivalency they've been subjected to in recent times. "Anti-fasc" while anarchistic and occasionally violent, are shown to be at the very least compassionate (helping a homeless child), and respectful (when asking for support, offering to let them prove themselves first). On the converse Patriot Blue are shown to use tactics not uncommon to their real life counterparts. Intimidation and demands (not requests) of loyalty are common, and brutal. While they may be two sides of the same coin, one side exudes humanity, the other, inhumanity.

    Further, the media does not get off lightly, David Wenham is (as usual) excellent. His depiction of a journalist clearly inspired by, shall we just say A.B. is accurate to a tee. While generally quite eloquent, when his facade has been challenged a different kind of monster emerges, and Wenham has nailed it.

    Character development, while occasionally slow, is very well done, with the occasional twist. The tragic story of the main character had me feeling exceptionally lucky, and Toby Wallace does a fantastic job with him. A relatively nuanced performance, and the almost imperceptible tics he provides the character makes you feel as though you both do and don't know this person, and that's intentional.

    Confronting for some, challenging for most, this show should be judged on its' merits, as such a recommended viewing for anyone (within the age restrictions obviously). But remember, if this show makes the hair on your back bristle, ask yourself; why?
  • Don't listen to them and watch a well made and very thoughtful drama that will make your head spin until the very end. Good actors and good characters with multiple stories to tell. Not to be missed and it's a 10 out of 10 for me. Well done Australia.
  • I always liked the original and was curious as to what this show would be like after so many years. I have to say for a series that, what I imagine didn't have a huge budget. Is really compelling drama. It doesn't throw any punches (excuse the pun), and whilst some of the acting isn't great, it's counter balanced by so really good performances. The first episode is a bit messy at times, with too much thrown in (I went back and watched it again after binge watching the rest of the episodes, as to be honest I didn't watch them week to week). Point being, stick with it, as it just gets better.
  • Crazy story line and flawless acting! Cant undestand how you can mark this show down! Definitely a must watch TV show!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The directing, writing, and casting have managed to put on one of the worst displays of incompetence in Australian TV history, and some poor sap paid them. How on Earth did they get some returning talent from the 1992 movie and still stuff it up this bad.

    I'm not sure I can blame the actors, although they certainly don't do anything astounding, and seem ill-fitted and awkward in their roles.

    Unfortunately, these guys are piggy backing on the iconic movie Romper Stomper (1992). Without the name, I doubt they would even get funding. This is an insult to Australian TV.

    The scenarios are unbelievable. Both too tame with the language, and too extreme with the amateur hour violence. The casting is also absolute rubbish. Highlighting this is the pairing of Blake with Zoe.

    I'm 24 minutes into episode one, and about to turn it off. After 38 years on this planet, this is the first time a TV series has prompted me to sign up to IMDB and write a review.

    * Edit * upgraded to 4 stars. I kept at it and finished the series. The show picked up at around episode 4. The scenarios and dialogue are still complete rubbish, but at least the overall story got better.

    The ending, however, is abrupt and disappointing, and it feels like some story lines were not followed through. It makes you wonder why they were ever included in the show.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I was excited when I heard of the release of Romper Stomper from Stan however it wasn't without concern as 2018 and 1992 is a very different world. Romper was a favourite movie of mine, brutal, in your face and without political leanings. It showed the skinhead culture, the Nazism, hate, loyalty, mateship and desperation of forgotten disaffected young men coupled with the struggle of hard-working migrants trying to fit in in an unfamiliar world. It resonated with many at the time as it looked at the extremes of our racially infused multicultural Australia.

    The reboot sees it brought into 2017. I'll cut to the chase- the first 3 eps did not impress at all. The acting was weak, particularly from the kids in Juvi and the Anti-fac group. Lachy Hulme as Blake and David Denham as Jago held my interest long enough to get to ep 4. From here it did pick up with Toby Wallace's character Kane really shining through - his Hando inspired ruthless leadership under guidance of old gang member "Cackles" brought back some of the old brilliance...but only some. Dan Wyllie was very good as Vic/Cackles and John Brumpton as a struggling but forever angry Magoo was excellent.

    Here is where it went wrong from my perspective. The story lines did not have enough depth - Gabe(J Mackenzie )and the Cop(J L Taylor) relationship was not even required and went nowhere. The African gangs seemed like afterthought and didn't add to the storyline. Zoe (Sophie Lowe) and her odd Christian perspective was not built up enough to feel real. Why was Magoo's daughter Asian - why was he still a neo Nazi? Not enough background on the infiltration of Cindy into Anti-fac helping out her foster brother Kane and later Vic - the young actress did get better as it progressed. The Muslim family was true to the typical liberal left styling of the film industry - no sign of extremism, just facing racial profiling at every turn. Farid (J Maroun) and Amir (P Raei) are strong actors but their characters again, like many in this, did not develop. Anit-Fac were portayed as the "good" bad guys, which holds to the current anti populist politics line, however they were portayed as a violent and anarchist mob, but again no real depth. I wanted more insight into Anti-fac - what drove them? The Blue Patriots were not as interesting as Handos old crew - portrayed as a bunch of bumbling nationalist idiots rather than the interesting (and also idiotic) sub culture of neo nazi skins that we saw in the orginal. Gabe and her fathers story was frustrating to watch, including the scene with Gabe and Kane and learning of the incestuous nature of his father (which I thought was either Hando or Davey given she hated her father and had stopped seeing him). The final episode, whilst not terrible, did not round much out (perhaps intentionally) but saw a murderous end at the hands of right wing terror aligned to suicide bomber style of those they detest (ironic?). It was shocking the sheer size of the explosion.

    This could have been very good, but felt rushed and needed far more character development. With so much brilliant international tv and strong Aussie talent out there this unfortunately missed the mark and its ratings will be strong based on its historical links rather than in its own merits. It was just "okay"..
  • Most of the bad reviews seem to be from idiots who didn't watch past the first episode or are too used to big production CGI nonsense, the story has many falsities such as portraying the antifa as heroes(an embarrassment and I don't know what some reviewers are thinking) but I found the whole thing quite accurate and I binged it all in one day, not as good as the original film but a very compelling story none the less, just watch til the last episode and you will not be disappointed if you have even half decent taste in films and are not some over saturated fool who needs constant action and CGI to maintain interest, it could have done some things much better and could do with some more toned writing to trim the fat but the show does a very good job at not being cliche and it keeps you interested, very impressed with the ending and hope another series is made
  • B-grade actors, very poorly made and just hard to watch,
  • kirkbyscott20 October 2018
    Bad acting, poor plot, unrealistic depictions. It's just poorly done. Lacks the dark intensity of the film.
  • Where to begin, as someone who lives in Melbourne both during the times of the first film, and still today, the utter crap that show spews out is sad, the reality of it was the scene depicted in the first episode was in reference to Moomba 2017/18 in Melbourne a group of 100 African youth robbed citizens and attack bystanders yet in this they make it out like it was whites who did it, from trying to link the main guy to Blair C is laughable to say the least, after watching about 10 mins i had to give up, Melbourne does have a problem yes but the truth is it is a result of the left, just like in the 80/90s it has reared its ugly head again these days in the form of, wannabe Antifa members and African gangs terrorising the citizens yet when mentioned gets hushed away under the guise of RACISM, when the statistics speak for themselves.
  • Couldn't believe how powerful this was - totally depressing about humanity.

    I immediately went to IMdb and was horrified that opinion says the series tails off!

    I've already written this & cannot write again - the system crashed! Lately this happens all the time.

    The internet is screwed because of politicians and sloppy security.

    The end.

    Dave - 65 - London disable bi-sex/polar/man/woman - good god (NO) Not in a million years.
  • chris_homard5 April 2018
    I just can't understand the reviews saying this is worthy of watching. Acting is appalling. The cast are lifeless. The plot goes nowhere. The story is told poorly. How did anyone give them the rights to the title of "Romper stomper"? They really have butchered the memory of the original title. Australian film and television really has taken a dramatic fall of late.
  • Essentially what we have here is a third rate tv series playing on the name of a cult movie from a previous generation.

    The production is, at best, average and the cast appears to consist of Home and Away rejects.

    One of the previous reviewers compared the series favourably to Underbelly, I can only assume they either work for the production company or have never seen an episode of that.

    I suspect that without the Romper Stomper name that this mediorcre piece of work would have been unlikely to receive airtime, it really is that bad.
  • What a mess. a shame and a stain on Australian film. too many plots that never tie up. the whole mess with proper writing and direction might have made a 90 min. straight to video bit.

    not a loveable or memorable character, despite having scores of actors with speaking roles. the producers and creative team should migrate as it is unlikely they'll ever get work down under again. i can never blame actors as they neither write or direct pictures and i will give a shout out to the camera crew.

    otherwise don't waste a moment here. there is so much good to see instead.

    i suspect friends in high places commissioned this mess and likely prevented good drama from being greenlit. pity.

    heads should roll over this travesty.
  • This could have been something great, but instead it is just another Australian flop.
  • As expected, the Patriots are generically portrayed as racist extremists and the fascist anti-fascists get kid glove treatment. They do give a glimpse into the socialist occupation of and bias in the universities, as well as media complicity and lack of objectivity.

    We will see if the series ever gets realistic or becomes enjoyable to watch.
  • w-9579412 January 2018
    As I expected ,another shocker for Aussie TV,mediocre on every level,Stan stop producing this junk and spend the dollars on more showtime content that people want to watch,with actors that can act and writer's who can write .
  • The series was pretty good, I'm not sure if they are making a season 2 or that was it? hopefully they are. I actually think its more like american history x than the original romper stomper.

    As someone else said there are some dodgey reviews in here which you can tell all flooded in one after the other at some point.
  • I was so excited for this remake, considering the current political tensions in Australia there could have been so much interest and depth to this series. Instead we're presented with a cast of B grade actors with a muted and expected story line. In the first episode I think we're introduced to about 20 characters and 10 different story lies so that you have no idea who to care about and honestly aren't interested in any of them. I only made partway through the second episode before turning it off. Such a shame, Australian cinema has so much more to offer than this shallow snooze fest
  • The plot is convoluted. The actor's performances are mediocre at best, and sometimes down right ridiculous - it's almost like the director told everyone to be angry all the time. Their motives are not rooted in anything human. Then there is the story which is utterly ridiculous, and does not suspend the audience's disbelief. It's almost like those tasked with the choice of airing this show were forced to continue with it even though it was a huge pile of steaming doo-doo. Compared to other Australian dramas like Under Belly it's quite obvious the show's writers were just not up to the task of re-inventing the original movie into a series. The only good thing I can say is that it includes some poetry from Henry Lawson - about the only thought provoking moment in the entire show.
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