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  • Don't believe any of the positive reviews from late January, they all sound staged (like the show's audience and "comedians"), especially because they all seem to mention "fresh" and "diversity" like it's some college graduate's first job resume. I can only assume the Russians hacked IMDB in the hopes that this show won't be cancelled so Americans will be stuck with this garbage for years to come.

    I've seen bad comics and I've seen this show. I'll watch Fluffy all day long if this show was my only other option. The commercials ruin all the jokes by showing the only ones that might get even a Mona Lisa smile from me. It's like listening to dad jokes on repeat or your really annoying coworker recounting their boring weekend.

    Yes, this is my first review but I felt it was my civic duty to counter all the fake positive reviews. Do yourself a favor when this show comes on, change the channel and take a shower.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Some people are just not funny. Imagine a world where the government rounded up the least humorous people and stuck them in a room. This show documents that world.
  • Nothing funny here. Just foul mouthed supposed comedians saying raunchy filth to appeal to whom I do not know. Needs to be put out of its misery.
  • grayceon22 January 2018
    • SLIGHTLY less awful than comedy knockout

    • Corny unfunny host
    • "Comedians" just tell personal stories that you can tell are extremely over exaggerated
    • The audience looks like they're paid to be there
    • The the comedy scenes usually don't really fit with the "jokes"

    I'm all for lesser known comedians getting their time to shine, but it seems like they just grabbed people off the street and told them to try and be funny. Only watch this if you want to roast the awful jokes with a group of friends because the chances of actually being entertained by this show are extremely low.

    Update: Look at influx of reviews that are 9+. They are obviously trying to bring their rating up since all those accounts are brand new lmfao.
  • rockcereal6 January 2018
    Edit: Aye, sounds like they've been putting in fake positive reviews to inflate the ratings. Real nice.

    It's horrible. The show mostly consists of people detailing life stories and such. There is little to no humor; it's mostly just obnoxious narration with badly acted skits playing in the background as well as the audience's laughter artificially injected in. The pacing is unnecessarily frantic and it's horribly awkward and cringey.
  • znep277 February 2018
    Unfunny nobodies do stand-up "comedy", and we get to see the "jokes" acted out.

    You might remember (but probably not) a TV show on Comedy Central in the early 00's called "Shorties Watchin' Shorties". It was the same thing, only animated, with some cartoon babies talking to each other between comedians. It didn't last, and for good reason. If a comic's act is any good, it's already funny, and we don't need to see it acted out. It could be watchable, but completely unnecessary. If the act isn't funny, it's not going to become funny by seeing it acted out.

    The problem with any show that just has select bits from different comedians, is it's usually a mixed bag. You have to watch several comedians you don't like, and then when a good one comes along, you want to see the rest of their act, not change to a new one. But Laff Mobb's Laff Tracks has a bigger problem. None of the comedians are funny. At all. At least Shorties Watchin' Shorties had some decent comedians. The people on this show don't even tell actual jokes, they're just pointless stories that have no punchlines. It can actually get pretty embarrassing to watch.

    Don't trust the sudden influx of positive reviews that all happened to pop up within a couple days of each other, all from users who have never written another review. I haven't written many myself, but I felt the need to offset any false impressions people may get from these obviously fake reviews.
  • onandumas15 January 2018
    I feel like there was another show like this a long time ago but with didn't last long.

    You mean to tell me they bring people all the way out here with a fake audience to tell ONE joke? The acting is terrible and awkward and the comedians are like 3/10 funny...if that. I've been trying to find the applause and laugh now signs cause it is so obvious they have one. No one in their right mind would laugh in a live audience like this with the jokes they tell.
  • thereffman17 February 2018
    Is this bad. I'll echo another review, all the positive reviews you see are fake. Why? Just look at the excessive exclamation points, they can't even try and hide the fakeness of the reviews, pathetic. I thought TruTV turned a corner getting rid of Hardcore Pawn, Chicken Fried Stings, Operation Repo and the other complete and utter garbage they had and signed shows like Impractical Jokers and Adam Ruins Everything. Two shows that are actually worth a watch. However, shows like this, Carbonaro Effect, Hack my Life and Talkshow the Gameshow, I have my concerns about the network again. I actually didn't mind that show they had about the high school teachers, but that's been gone for a while.

    I'm hardly even talking about Laff Tracks here, and neither will you, even if you force yourself to watch this abortion of a show.
  • Everything about this show is utter garbage. The "Comedians" as they call themselves, are not funny in any way. Then, you get to watch their stupid joke be played out...which is even worse. I have no idea who authorized this show to exist. Anytime I see one of the trailers for this show I immediately feel my brain cells commingling suicide one at a time. Please, do yourself a favor, instead of watching this show. Go stare at your toilet while flushing it, it will be far more entertaining.
  • I've tried watching the show twice and I can't even get through it. Everything about this show just sucks. I find it extremely hard to believe that people actually enjoy this. I know tru tv has had some interesting shows over the years but this one is definitely the worst and needs to go fast.
  • Do you pay the audience to laugh? I mean seriously
  • This show is not funny. I will turn it off immediately. Stop playing this show.
  • jxm-8454218 October 2019
    So not funny, if people actually find this funny all I can say is wow. These "comedians" should find new jobs. This abomination of a tv show should be cancelled immediately.
  • First of all, it's not funny. The premise is that actors portray the stories of no-name comedians. The problem is that the comedy, which usually isn't funny at all anyway, is written to be performed by the comic. The great part of stand-up is watching the comic's portrayal, mannerisms, expression, etc. Word-for-word portrayals of dull anecdotes just takes away from whatever humor was there in the first place.

    This is a place-holder show. I'm surprised it's still on TV since it must take a not-insignificant amount of money to hire the fake enthusiastic crowd, film, and edit the "comedy" clips.

    Seriously, just have some live feeds from open mic night at random comedy clubs. It would be way more entertaining.
  • paigeromoser3 September 2018
    Warning: Spoilers
    The actors are okay, but it's really not funny to me. The host appears to be very uncomfortable and akward. The audience seems staged. The first episode I watched, a young woman comedian came out and immediately started mocking a kind of wooo white girl probably because she's white and had blond hair. I mean, at least she was cheering as loud as she could for ya! You could immediately tell she was offended, at least from what they aired.

    Tru TV should really air more of Adam Ruins Everything if anything.
  • irocklasvegas18 October 2018
    Want to see actually funny people act out actual comedic lines? Better off watching Drunk History. Want to cringe at canned laughter and all around terrible comics? This show is for you. This show is a lot like their name, "Laff Mobb." It's meant for people who can't spell or know what laughter is.
  • bastianalec15 November 2018
    Comedians aren't funny and very corny. Crowd obviously are paid to laugh. Don't waste your time watching...
  • Hoo boy, this "show" is terrible. The audience is obviously paid to be there and told when to laugh. And the comedians are not funny at all. Did the producers get random people off the street and say,"We're shooting a tv show, act funny,"? This show is almost as bad as Comedy Knockout.
  • That's all.

    Apparently that's too short of a review though.
  • If "flipping comedy on its head" means to take away the magic of painting a scene and having characters appear by a standup's crafted words and delivery, they have flipped it on its head ... And it's now close to braindead.
  • godsmuse112 December 2019
    Read all the 1 star reviews and they say exactly every thing I think about this show. TruTV needs to take this off their channels.
  • This show just isn't funny, but maybe it can be improved by getting some better comedians and do something else other then acting out the jokes.
  • I knew it would be absolutely awful just by the commercials. Can't believe anyone thought this was funny enough to air. Disgusted by its existence.
  • The good reviews have to be fake. The jokes are so boring that they have to add crappy videos to go along with it to try and make it funny but all it does is make it so much worse.
  • jlmcduffie-126 January 2018
    This show is a fun new take on standup and a welcome breath of fresh air during these tense times. It's nice to be able to watch a show and seriously laugh. The comedians are funny and the reenactments take the jokes to a new level.
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