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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Personable characters (especially the elderly aunt) enhance the story (and unlike the previous film it wasn't raining 90% of the time.) The plot is a little convoluted and far-fetched, and I groaned at the end when a tiresome trope of mysteries was sprung on us (not the one where the usually female hero goes after the criminal single-handedly), When she has a chance, Amaia fails to shoot and kill both her mother who is about to kill Amaia's child, and the man behind all the gruesome killings over the preceding years (and who tried to kill her moments before.) Would have been justified and saved so much trouble.
  • The Legend Of The Bones: Inspector Salazar is back. In this connected sequel Amala is investigating a series of murders where women are killed and an arm cut off, the killers then commit suicide. Someone is taunting the inspector, the killers leave her notes with the word Tartallo, a fabled killer of Christians. In a parallel case churches are being desecrated, bones left, it seems to be connected to the persecution of the Cagots by the RCC and The Inquisition. The Cagot community practiced Folk Magic and were accused of being witches. WE see flashbacks of Cagots being burned. Salazar has her own problems: her mother is violently insane; her aunt reads Tarot Cards and sees doom approaching; she has a newly born baby. Another Fortean tale set in the Basque Country, CSI labs in old cavernous buildings, bones found in a cave, dark foresrs. An Opus Dei priest/psychiatrist who believes real evil is at work in the area. Based on a novel by Dolores Redondo, second in the Baztan Trilogy. Director Fernando González Molina working from a screenplay by Luiso Berdejo delivers an engaging dark thriller. In Spanish, English and Basque, subtitled. On Netflix. 8/10.
  • Based on the best seller Trilogy of Basan, Legado en los huesos is a more solid movie in almost every detail. Budget has increased and special effects are excellent. Scenery is so perfect photographed that inspire fear and desires to be there all at the same time. In general all technical and production aspects had improve substantially and not because the first part had any deficiency. Acting is the only part that requires a little losing up for the main character. Marta Etura a solid actress over acts sometimes or feels too serious for a charismatic character. It is difficult to accept everybody follows and loves her. There is a third part coming that I expect take care of the new characters. A group of great actors doing very little here. I did not read the books but assume their stories will gain weight on the conclusion. In brief; a good thriller with many mysteries and some rather unexpected situations.
  • I enjoyed watching the investigations unfold in this murder mystery/thriller. The main storyline is well developed and gets up and running pretty quickly. The characters have depth and are well acted, the main inspector is likable and smart. An enjoyable thriller!
  • 04/19/2020 I hope future watchers of this 2 hour+ movie get more out of it than I did? Never scary or even interesting for me. I found it hard to follow and get into. (I never did) My hope for other potential watchers is that I just wasn't paying attention close enough. So with that thought in mind, I'll rate it somewhere in the middle as to not cast dispersion on what might otherwise be a decent movie? Foreign language barrier didn't help. I consistently use c.c. in every movie for missing details that might otherwise be lost. Bon Appetit'
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Man, what a letdown! Even >The Invisible Guardian wasn't all that compelling, we have to admit that. The problem is that, with this new feature, the authors simply kept on doing the same mistakes as before. They learned nothing. And so, being things as they are, we are presented with a so-called mystery feature film that not only doesn't make all that sense but also doesn't really come to an end, given the final cliffhanger that leaves us questioning (or maybe just wondering whether it's worth to watch another 2-hour movie like this one that would probably not make any sense either...).

    To sum it up, I would say that, just like in the previous movie:
    • The main character, the detective, well... she doesn't seem to do all that much: she just basically keeps on wandering without doing any real police work. Work that she lets her colleagues do while she keeps herself busy by making Skype calls with her "FBI friend", breast-feeding and listening to some "sensations" of hers.

    • The "witch/black magic" plot it's not only cliched but "ominously" ridiculous, and of course had to have something to do with the crazy mother of the detective (you'll see that coming if you have seen the previous movie...)
    Furthermore, like in >The Invisible Guardian the esotheric is just basically thrown in as to try to make things more interesting and thrilling but just ends up dragging the all movie down minute after minute. It's confusionary and very much left unexplained (Why the scene at the beginning? Why little town of Betzan is supposed to be riddled with witches and dark cult followers? And, by the way, who the hell are this cult followers that some old friend of the detective's mother suddenly bring to her attention and then disappear from the narrative (we should suppose because they want to make the next movie about them...)? We could go on with examples of unanswered questions for another hour.

    This is a truncated movie with no real ending. It's a frustrating feature because of its sometimes lackluster plot and frequent plot holes and unfinished narrative. Also because of the bad acting and the almost total absence of suspense (the only exception to this being the last few minutes).

    So, if you wanna see an unfinished and convoluted thriller that'll leave you lingering 'till the next movie comes out well, help yourself. You'll be well served. But, on the other hand, if you like well-rounded thrillers that pack real surprises and that are able to connect all the dots together nicely, that are able to wrap the all narrative up in a satisfying and logical way well, give this movie a pass.
  • Incredibly annoying protagonist whose stupidity and incompetence is only matched with the cringe level of the scenes in English with American husband who is utterly superfluous. So many plot holes. Could have been great, missed opportunity.
  • flipu-1778319 April 2020
    Warning: Spoilers
    For an inspector, she's so freaking dumb and stupid. She has a knack for dropping her gun and never using it when it needs to be shot. Even to the point of when her son's life is in danger. Dumb.
  • This is the second story of a trilogy ( I didn't read the books), I liked the first and this movie went deeper in family history and the towns past. I would have like to see more of the love triangle between "work" husband and actual husband, they are both cute and she has chemistry with both. Still spooky but the murders seemed more methodical and purposeful in the first movie. I will be waiting for the third installment.
  • Average rating 6/10? Overrated!!! Very slow movie, bad storyline and the end?? The worst. Again, do not waste 2 hours of your life with this movie, I love Spanish movies, but this one really sucks.
  • bajaharley18 April 2020
    This movie is very slow it seems they wish to talk more than actual work. The lead investigator hasn't a clue what she is doing. I also noticed she had a perfect opportunity to help out a young lad but instead turned a blind eye. Overall just boring boring boring and the acting was horrible especially the lead investigator and her boyfriend partner. They definitely picked the wrong actors for this drama.
  • The movie had an interesting premise but was poorly executed. The problem I'm finding with a lot of foreign movies is that they've copied Hollywood tropes and cliches and they really haven't made them work to their advantage. This is a prime example. The lead detective does nothing but give orders around. Scenes are placed randomly with no continuity making the movie hard to follow. There's no explanation for a lot of scenes, you somehow have to guess what happened or try to infer from the rapidly spoken Spanish. Overall, a poor attempt at a thriller. Watch it if you have nothing else to do on a Sunday afternoon.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    A FBI trained investigator who cries every time she has to do anything difficult. It gets old real quick!
  • anwar_b_uk22 April 2020
    Warning: Spoilers
    The star amia cant act , she has no screen presence , no chemistry with her on screen husband. She has to be the worst inspector in history, she cant shoot, cant run, is crying all the time making heavy noises when she has to sneak up to people. Her partner has better ideas than her. The story panders about without leading anywhere. She is scared of her mother and is supposed to be a police, she keeps calling her mentor on Skype what is she a trainee , dont want it
  • Marta Etura must be the worst Spanish actress I've ever seen. Expressionless, dull, unable to elicit sympathy or at least, interest.. It doesn't help that her charachter is the most unlikable and bad-written one in the whole trilogy. I've never seen a movie where every single other character is more likable, interesting and worth watching than the protagonist. I haven't read the books, so I cannot say if the story is to blame, but judging the movie by itself, it is just a hollywood wannabe, plus horrible dialogue (Gosh, Etura butchering the English lines was painful to watch, and especially, to hear). Scenes stolen straight from American movies that just don't work. Over the top, farfetched plot, laughable drama and little subtlety make what could have been a decent noir into ridiculous borefest.
  • I quite enjoyed the first movie of this supposed trilogy. However, I had a difficult time following the story in this one. Specially there is too much talking with details and clues coming at a rate that you could not possibly process. I did not feel bothered to see what is going to happen. In other words, this movie did not manage to make me engaged. Very hardly I give up watching a movie but I had to do that here since It seemed like I was not gaining anything from this and I fact it made me feel dizzy a bit.
  • Amaia Salazar (Marta Etura) returns from her maternity break to be assigned to the mysterious discovery of the numerous skeletons in a cave, a fleeting reference to which was made in the first part of the Baztan Trilogy, The Invisible Guardian. Unfortunately for her, even on this occasion her disturbed past, family circle and her mother seem to be deeply involved with the sinister case.

    Amaia has to balance her time as a new mother, an ace investigator and a wife, whilst battling the demons of her past life. What she discovers is a chilling revelation of her birth, family intrigue and a devastating truth about her mother that clarifies why Amaia was treated with such acrimony by her mother that almost resulted in her choking to death on one occasion. But on this occasion, Amaia's fight is far more personal, as it's not just her, but her newborn baby that's under the threat too.

    The Legacy of The Bones pretty much ties up the loose ends left idle in the first part of the trilogy and sheds light on some more disturbing aspects of the Salazar family. The sleepy town, overcast conditions, grey skies and the murky revelations all conjure up a heady cocktail of thrill and suspense in this yet another drama noir that causes significant discomfort for the mind.
  • DISCLAIMER: This is the first movie of the trilogy I saw, so I cannot say whether not having seen the first one played any role in my experience with this one. Now, to the business at hand: this movie is a perfect example of what detective thrillers-mysteries are not supposed to be. This movie introduces an avalanche of plot points every minute, which unavoidably leads to an overabundance of unresolved plotlines, what a more malicious critic would call "plotholes", or even "contradictions". This movie has just so much stuff in it, yet it leaves the most interesting aspects of the plot with absolutely not sufficient development. Basically all the characters' motivations are unclear. I will not get into the nitty-gritty because I want to keep this review spoiler free. The simplest crime stories, with a tightly-knit plot, tend to be best. This movie bit off way more than it could chew and it shows. VERDICT: Absolutely don't pay to watch it, and even if you can access it for free, I would suggest giving it a pass. Even with full, unwavering attention to the movie very many things make no sense, let alone if you just plan to watch it casually. I suppose acting and cinematography are fine. It's the story that is lacking, and in a crime mystery, it's the story that matters
  • One of the best mysteries. Well written and timed. Start to finish gripping. Smart strong lead cop with equally strong team of police. Didn't realize this was a trio of stories and can't wait to read/see the rest.
  • Found both movies enjoyable, with suspenseful mystery. Just the kind of movies I love. Waiting for the third one.
  • imursel26 April 2020
    Another Netflix trash. So stupid and very confusing plot. Don't waste your time.
  • Still superb roll on No3 hopefully arrives sooner than later
  • rumanadu17824 April 2020
    The director seemed to be in a rush. The story was moving fast without any connection. Poorly written screenplay, lack of connection between the scenes. And also annoyed about the fact that, what's the point of having a A list actor if you are not going to give him screen time? Couldn't understand why Leonardo Sbaragila did this movie?
  • AhmedAshraf9118 April 2020
    This movie supposed to be horror movie I didn't find any scene can be sorted as a horror scene, this movie is slow and the story not clear Don't watch this movie , i regret about the two hours wasted in this
  • I must have watched atleast a couple of hundred foreign language films and I am a fairly fast reader but this was the first time I found it difficult to keep track of a movie by reading the subtitles. The fact that I was not aware that this is the second movie in a trilogy could have also been one of the factors.

    Women are ending up dead with an arm amputated in the Basque region of Spain and Inspector Amaia Salazar is assigned the responsibility of catching the perpetrator. As a whodunnit it's nothing spectacular but the atmosphere of rural Spain adds to the intrigue. There is a supernatural element to the novels that the movie is based upon and that was definitely a downer atleast for me. Amaia Salazar calling her FBI instructor for guidance is largely cribgeworthy. The English conversations between Amaia and her boyfriend feel really out of place. I watched it just day before yesterday and truth be told I have forgotten most of what happens. It's an alright movie.
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