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  • I know that Romance is out of fashion with the gonzo-obsessed porn consumer nowadays, but Wicked's oh-so-gradual abandoning of its Prime Directive to satisfy Couples is exemplified in this mindless footage from hack Mark Stone (RIP), whose best credits are directing BTS filler rather than features.

    The five segments feature generally unknown jail-bait femmes who may or may not break through to Adult Video careers, but clearly have been tempted by the prospect of a fast-buck. Yes, it is still possible for a willing young girl, hopefully over 18, to get cash in a hurry by cranking out assembly-line porn non-stop for a few months and then disappearing into the straight world from whence she came.

    Exception here is of course Nina Elle, now a card-carrying member of Chatsworth Central Casting's MILF division, her prominent shoulder tattoo setting her apart from sisters Kendra, Alexis, Brandi and Julia Ann. She gets to service, yawn, Tyler Nixon (with a beard or goatee of sorts oddly sprouting from his chin) in the final scene. It's so poorly set-up by couldn't care less auteur Stone that the talented actors seem to be at a loss for words, hardly able to improvise dialog together in a situation of evidently "pad a bit and then hump", which I infer to be the new Kazan's instructions to his players.

    Of the young blood on view, I enjoyed staring at Gia Valentina, but the other no-talents are a blur. They may go on to win meaningless industry awards, or go through the cycle of IR and anal specials before being cast aside by the powers that be, but here they are mere sex workers plying their apprenticeship trade.