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  • akhil0273 May 2022
    When Sethuramaiyer returns, you expect something atleast decent. This had nothing good other than Jagathy. There's nothing new to offer. There's so many characters who doesn't have any relevance in the plot. The script, direction and the make up reminded me of the local dramas in Kerala. The climax twist is shown like a big twist. I was like "Hoo! Bhayankaram thanne".
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Where do I even start!

    1. Why was the minister and CM meeting the CBI in Delhi??

    2. Who sent those jihadi mails?? How does Sethu come to a conclusion that 2nd email is fake?

    3. Motivation for the lawyer lady to put in CBI investigation petition was flimsy

    4. Whole guest-house "mystery", what was that all about?

    5. Why doesn't CBI, India's top investigative agency, use forensics and just rely on one man's speculation? 90% of the things would be solved with proper call records, tracing, DNA analysis and just basic investigative methods

    6. Why does Meyjo has 3 names? Again basic investigative methods would have helped catch him easily.

    7. Why doesn't the main antagonist provide the killer with photo of his wife which he must have at his house? What is the use of tearing up the paper after the plot to kill her goes horribly wrong?

    8. Why kill the journalist simply because he raised some hypothetical questions?

    9. If covering up was so important then why not silence that paper delivery girl who witnessed the murder?

    10. Why don't the experienced and trained CBI officers use gloves while collecting evidence? Also all evidence collection from people's houses needs warrants, So Sethu's final "blow" to IG will not hold in court.

    11. What happened to that minister's PA who went missing?

    12. Why did Susan change her name after divorce? What was her motivation?

    13. What happened to that corrupt cop? Why does he suddenly appear out of nowhere to give some clue to Sethu?

    14. Why wasn't Venu's and Journo's death investigated using forensics?

    15. Why was Sam killed? If killing people was so easy for the antagonist then why not kill his wife in similar manner?

    16. Why was 2nd post-mortem of Sam not done through CBI's own forensics?

    17. Why did the journalist paint Killer's portrait? And why were they friends in the first place?

    18 Why was the killer carrying his research to "hack" pacemaker in his locket USB drive?

    19. Why does Sethu, an experienced CBI officer, directly plugs in the USB drive from killer and a notorious hacker in his office computer without worrying about another hack?

    20. Why was the killer let off even though you have a mountain of evidence that he was building a software to hack the pacemaker and the minister who was killed also had the pacemaker implanted?

    Why was this idiotic movie made in the first place!!?? I can go on and on!!

    Only saving grace of the movies are the stars in it. That is all. Utterly nonsensical and disappointing,
  • An one time watchable average movie.. If you have watched all cbi series, this would be definitely disappoint you.. Script and story telling is too weak that it feels like lagging just after few minutes of movie. Climax is somewhat expected but still okay...
  • Warning: Spoilers
    CBI 5 is made just for namesake it appears. Although the fourth film wasn't upto the mark, it did keep the viewers engaged till the very end.

    This fifth film fails completely in the script, making and pathetic casting. Although the visuals are of current gen quality, certain camera angle made it nauseating.

    Rapid cuts at certain parts made it difficult to understand and prolonged shots of walking, climbing on cars and driving with no dialogues or any events happening is a prime example of pathetic editing and screenplay.

    Mammooty, although aged quite a bit, is the only saving grace of the film- portraying the legendary Sethurama Iyer- the calm composed Indian Sherlock Holmes- although here he ends up in more mistakes than revelations.

    S N Swamy had hyped it claiming to be a film with a climax never seen before,while keeping it the same as his script of The Truth 1999. A high ranking police official is the culprit.

    Mukesh, Sai Kumar has aged a lot but stays in their characters well. Placement of Jagathy Sreekumar in the film was a pleasant surprise- the only thing makers managed to pull off successfully.

    Film ends with a hint for a sequel. Kindly refrain from such a stupidity and don't ruin the Iyer's charisma.
  • Too much stretched story..... extremely boring.....slept and woke up several times during movie.....crime story absolutely no action at all....lots of talking and talking and talking among characters...that's all.... unnecessary garbage stress to viewer's brain... sometimes felt like vomiting.....
  • I'm a huge fan of CBI series. Perhaps this was the first movie which I ever saw on first day first show without seeing the IMDB ratings and reviews.

    Writing a sequel for a popular film series is an extremely tough task. Expectations are always high and we expect a better ones than the previous or at least a matching one. Here nostalgia is the marketing strategy. Films including James bond series work on this principle.

    The movie revolve around a series of not so obviously related murders which police fails to resolves and thus case was handed over to CBI.

    The script was weak and lagging through out the movie. Even the opening scenes featuring an induction session for the IPS trainees was badly written and executed.

    Only beautiful and memorable scene in this movie is that of Jagathy. We miss you Sir!

    The movie end with a lot of questions unanswered.

    At the end I wish to set up another CBI investigation to find the missing script!
  • CBI 5: The Brain is actually CBI: The Greatest Hits. All ideas, including the climax twist, have been rehashed from the previous films. SN Swamy tries to contemporize one of the kills, but once certain things become evident in the more briskly paced second half, I realized that he was only harking back to another script of his (from the '90s) starring Mammootty himself. The film is exposition-heavy, and those vague close-up shots, which may have worked 15-20 years ago, fail to work here. The setting, the playout of events, and the not-so-novel idea of the killer having accomplices are all picked up from the earlier entries and Swamy's other works. But the most disappointing factor here is the motive for the killings - not only is it the weakest element but it also struggles to firmly bind everything together. Even when there were loopholes and questionable climaxes in the earlier ventures, at least the murderer's motive was one that made sense.

    P. S - It was a pleasure seeing Jagathy Sreekumar (as Vikram) for that wonderfully effective but short scene. Even Mukesh (as Chacko) showing up for just a couple of scenes felt nice.
  • Mammotty looks good , music is good. Last villain acted well. That is it.

    Such a mediocre investigation method and made up twists.

    Over acting by Ranji panikkar Sai KUMAR and Asha Sarath. No acting by Pisharody and rest of CBI team.

    Killed the nostalgia about CBI films.
  • niranjanabi1 May 2022
    CBI 5
    CBI 5 Disappointing Cbi 5 the brain directed by k Madhu is an average movie.... The script was so weak so we will feel so lag ...The usual thrilling scenes that we can see on cbi series is not shown here.... Both half was so lag and unwanted scenes makes movie little bit boring ...Mammotys character can't make anything special in this movie...Another impt things is the comeback of swargachithra after 15 years.... Hatsoff to jagathi sir he has done his job superbly ....climax was little bit interesting Overall its an average movie one time watchable one.
  • I have a particular fondness for detective films and used to love CBI films but this film was a disappointment. The film was a procession of unnecessary shots (don't ask if the film itself isn't). Many of the scenes seem to be dragged out without any coherence, not engaging, and without energy at all. "Brain" becomes an object that is not used anywhere except in the title of the film, like a deflated balloon. A very silly film, an even more childish climax. Ambilechettan's presence brought happiness.
  • A good, once to watch, suspense thriller, keeping in line with all the CBI movies released till now, but casting falling short of the past movies.

    The movies falls short on the fact that Mamooty's character was not really needed to solve the mystery as in the past, or the mystery got unfolded by itself was a bit of a letdown.

    The introduction of the protagonist in the fist half is so deliberate that the writer tried his max, but couldn't in anyway inculcate the character to show up in a way of investigation but on it own.

    The similar clichés of CBI officials and interrogated people still continues and could have been done away with.

    The inculcation of scenes that bare no requirement to the movie adds to the lag, both in first and second half of the movie. These scenes and characters have no meaning to the movie or plays any importance in the storyline.

    But all in all, the writer and director has combined again well to bring out a good movie.
  • It was an 2005 generation movie....old type and old people may enjoy the movie but the audience have changed their crime thriller perspective. It was an average film.there are many illogical things in the film.
  • iammonay20 June 2022
    This story has too many faults in its script. Remember it's a CBI story. They lack common sense to collect basic details on so many occasssions.

    In addition, every dialogue and acting looked very dramatic, nothing genuine.

    In short, i was bored watching this movie. Most of my family fell asleep half way through.. that says how it went.
  • The story started good. Twists and turns were making the story interesting. But I felt they were trying to create a lot of misdirections to keep the suspense alive. Which in turn left lot of open ended threads. At one point the writer just hastily grabbed one thread and reached a conclusion. Its not even logical ending.

    The entry of the main protagonist Sethuraman Iyer is delayed for a better effect. But it was too delayed. At one point of time I started feeling when will the story begins. They had a good story with good actors to give us a great movie. But they failed spectacularly.

    Editing could have been much better. This is the worst part of the movie.

    Its an ok one time watch. That too being generous.
  • Direction was poor, supporting actors performance was not up to mark, dialogues were unnatural and editing was not good. Cuts and transitions felt disconnected at many places.
  • CBI series for me is something different. Oru CBI Diarykurup set the benchmark for investigative thrillers. Jagratha failed to get much attention like its predecessor but it was a really good film and was successful in the box office. Sethurama Iyer CBI was also a really good film. After Sethurama Iyer CBI, Nerariyan CBI came which disappointed me. But CBI 5 really exceeded my expectation because I went with no expectation. I will be saying about the good and bad of the movie in a non-spoiler way.

    The Bad

    Some subplots was started but was left unanswered which left me scratching my head. Also the motive of the killer is a little generic and dumb. The first half is very lagging and nothing is thrilling in it. But after the first half, it goes smooth and great. This is the only movie in the series which has less or no action sequences, which is not a bad thing but I just mentioned it. The pattern of the killing and how they presented it is very poor and disappointing. Soubin, Asha Sharath, Ansiba and Anoop Menon were miscasts.

    The Good

    Technically this film is really good. The remixed background score of Iyer by Jakes Bejoy reminded me of the original score from the original one. The cinematography is great. Screenplay wise, this one has an average one but is better than Nerariyan CBI. The second half is really good and gives us some thrills. Some of the performances are really good. Mammootty gives the same vibe of Iyer from the predecessors and also gives a restrained performance. They have tried to do something different with the character of Iyer and have succeeded with it. Loved the scene in which Jagathy was there. It was a pivotal moment in which Jagathy appeared and had a good role. Jagathy did his best and was good. Mukesh and Sai Kumar had a limited appearance but they did a good job. Sai Kumar brings some nostalgic memories. Others did an average job. The climax twist was really unexpected, interesting and good.

    So I recommend all of you to watch it but it isn't very good but you can get entertained and the fans and haters of Nerariyan will love this film and should see it but those who are fans of the first three, it is up to you to decide.
  • Anyone who has watched the previous 4 parts of CBI series will appreciate this one was better than part 4 nerariyan CBI. But this movie is a bit dragging in first half and no where near CBI parts 1 and 3 or even part 2. If you had watched Mammooty's Truth movie that came in 1997, you can easily predict the villain of this movie. But still definitely one time watchable.
  • CBI 5 !

    It has not been upto the standards set by the old movies in the series.

    I felt like the making is done in a way that the makers has not moved from 2010. There are many scenes ( i meant the cinematography )in the movie which makes us feel we are still in those time.

    The movie is packed with many unwanted characters which makes it confusing and giving a sliw pace to the movie.

    Mammootty has done a good job. And rest of the casting was not up to the marks.
  • Glad to see Jagathy back! Mammootty, as always did a wonderful job. Salim Kumar was awesome and the BGM seemed nice. Overall impressive story, but it lacks a touch of classy direction and dialogues. The old school direction may be the reasom.
  • beerbalone14 June 2022
    Nothing close to earlier ones... Pathetic storyline... and direction when we expect a classic from a wonderful team.

    Poor casting i would say... its over crowded... Tried to create the suspense by casting only...

    The crew should get a Nobel for finding pace maker can be hackable in this 21st century...

    Happy for only one thing... Got to see Ambili chettan after a long time... Happy to see him... but at the same time feel so sad to see him like this. May God Bless...
  • This was an absolute waste of my time.

    Too many plot holes, too many irrelevant characters, too many unnecessary narratives, stories within stories that leave you hanging and confused. Over the top acting which was super cringy. Students in my college can act better. Also don't even get me started on the script. Such repetitive lines and terribly incorrect usage of English. The climax was just as disappointing as the whole movie. CBI has lost its charm for sure.
  • proabhinav13 June 2022
    Frankly, a disappointing 2.5 hours and am surprised how is it that people giving this slow dead dying burn even more than 5 .. ...........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................
  • So the lead actor is since 1971, thats a long time, hence also showing as to why he was hardly moving in the movie.

    Old bones

    Coming to the movie, its superbly lengthy, unnecessary ridiculous suspense, the story changes from point to point and the climax, well you just want to break the screen releasing you have just wasted 2 hours and 44 mins of your life.

    If you have invited someone over to watch this, rest assure they will never come back.

    Boring and waste till the end. Dont watch.
  • This film is not a good thriller. I watched all cbi series of swami's. But this film is not near to his previous film. Not a wow factor it's seemes all like thriller films. We don't get anymore this film. Only get mammotys screen present and jagathy sreekumars comeback.
  • Mammootty did amazing in the film as Sethurama Iyer and it was good seeing Jagathy Sreekumar playing his role as Vikram. The BGM gives you nostalgic vibes and I think the story was well crafted with interesting twists as well.

    For some people it may be a one time watchable film but I think it varies with people. I think this film is a minimum 8 but I loved it so I'm giving it a 10!
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