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  • In the most respected way,, this was barely enjoyable ,, and in some part it went to almost unwatchable .

    The plot is ingenuine ,, but the script of all was just not good,, like if i was a 15 years old i'd maybe enjoy it ,, but the screenplay is so dull and disconnected ,,, the genre says Comedy/Drama ,., well the comedy was absent and the drama level was at best mediocre ..

    The cast was Meh,, i mean i liked that guy "Vito Sanz" in "the laws of thermodynamics" but man here he was a bit extra ,, i really was counting on him to shake it up a little by bringing more comedy but nope ,, didn't work. .. as for the lead "Silvia Alonso" i looked her up, and she apparently did some TV comedy shows and a couple of movies last year and the one before ,, but honestly seen no impact what so ever ..

    The movie over all is described as mediocre,, 5 stars is a bit much ,, but this year didn't really watch much Spanish comedy so i wiggled up a little .
  • After watching this comedy, i feel pitty for the actors. It is a hard profession, they cannot say no, they cannot miss an opportunity.

    At the beginning it seemed obvious, that try be a remake of "Life as We Know It". But after the half of the film without happening anything at all, i understood that was a drifting boat lost in a great ocean.

    Make a film cost huge human and economic efforts. In this film it appear many famous actors that means budget. Without a decent script, the value of the film is null.

    Waste just a cent in projects like this one has not any logic, is completely unbelievable.

    I feel pitty for all the actors and technicians involved. I feel shame that a terrible project like this