• WARNING: Spoilers

    Matt and Tanner Return in another night out in Waterloo, Iowa and are gifted tickets to the Waterloo Black Hawks Hockey game that night. Tyler the Tool throws their evening off with a public prank that embarrasses the Bros. Tyler the Tool and his sidekick Tyler leave them reeling and deciding to take the night life to neighboring Cedar Falls, Iowa in pursuit of their prankster and their chance at redemption.

    With a ride from the always attentive Uber Jew they are en-route to Cedar Falls, Iowa which is the college town right next to Waterloo, Iowa and the night continues with the Bros. waiting for the universe to deliver the Karma that is so deserved by Tyler the Tool. Old friends and a Coldfunk funk music performance at VooDoo Lounge will prove to be the needed catapult to provide the Bros. with justice against their long time rival.

    Harry the Hipster, Cousin Oliver, Glen the Ref, The Don, Lipstick Leslie, Porn Peddler Pete, and of Course the cedar valley's sexiest man alive Jeff Lantz along many new friends are on the path throughout the Cedar Valley. The Bros. find their way through the beloved Midwest town of Waterloo, Iowa and neighboring Cedar Falls with copious amounts of Scotch and always entertaining night life characters that adorn their lifestyle. The Bros. end their night downtown Waterloo in the famous Newtons Restaurant.

    Like Bros. this is a Micro Budget filmed made in Waterloo, Iowa for $5,000 and distributed independently by Donzilla, Inc a corporation owned by Writer Producer Director Don Tjernagel of Waterloo, Iowa