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  • If you think MLA is going to be just a fun action entertainer as it seems from the promos, you're right! The film has all the ingredients for a perfect popcorn entertainer. Kalyan Ram, without a second thought, doesn't just look great in this new look but also performs very well. Same for Kajal Aggarwal and Ravi Kishan. A special mention should go to Brahmanandam's short but hilarious appearance that had me laughing uncontrollably.

    I felt the music too was quite fresh. It was breezy, melodious and urbane in flavor. The visuals are gorgeous and colors are rich. What starts as a fun entertainer morphs into an inspiring one as the film progresses. And yes, there's plenty of action throughout the duration. The action sequences are brilliantly choreographed and placed accordingly. Plus, there is ample emotion and humor, perfectly balanced to produce a desirable impact.

    The story might seem typical in the start but with time, turns out to be a fresh and clever one. There are also some good twists and positive messages that make this more than just a one-time-watch film. MLA truly lives up to the expectations, and turns out to be a crowd-pleasing action flick that balances everything so perfectly that you won't be bored at all.