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  • makuleta26 September 2018
    This is a fantastic show! I love that you get two stories in one episode and it doesn't drag on like other shows!

    Wish there was a season 2 though!!
  • I really enjoyed this series. I hope that they decide to film another season.
  • This show is interesting the stories are not your normal boo scary stuff but more unique and honest feeling and it is now haunted things on the same channel
  • Warning: Spoilers

    OK, so a homeless kid decides to stay in a haunted church and watch old films. UTTER BS MADE UP CRAP!

    Those who have been homeless can call out all the BS in this episode. Let me state a few winners; 1) An entire abandoned church in Detroit is completely empty, no one else in it. BS! 2) Kid sleeps with a bed in the middle of the entire church, BS! 3) Instead of looking for food he spends his nights watching an old film projector that magically has sound with no tape recordings (Yes, old film projectors did not include audio). Magical BS! 4) After he is spooked out of the church he decides to go back and looks for the body, EXTREME BS!