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  • A satisfying low-budget movie that does many things right with unexpected twists and clean choreography. There's a clear understanding of technique and an entertaining experience. The pace slows in segments, but I've seen movies with bigger budgets that tell more cliched stories.
  • Mick Garris (known for his adaptations of Stephen King's stories n the creator of Masters of Horror) directs the sequences of the theatre where characters from all the segments eventually turn up.

    The first seg - The Thing in the Woods is directed by Alejandro Brugués (Juan of the Dead) n is a homage to the slashers n alien/creature films of the 80s filled with solid gore, comedy n the scream of the final girl.

    The second seg - Mirare is directed by Joe Dante (Gremlins, Howling, Piranha) n it deals with cosmetic surgery. The segment's conclusion is ridiculous and unpleasantly sarcastic. Mayb Dante feels bad for Mickey Rourke's hard luck.

    The 3rd seg - Masht is directed by Ryûhei Kitamura (Midnight Meat Train) n it takes place in a Boarding School where staff and pupils are possessed by Demons. It has sex without nudity (the sex mayb offensive to some including myslef), weird demonic seizures (hyperextension of joints). I dont know y these demons r obsessed with creating deformities in the joints. Some scenes r spooky n the demonic face is creepy. It has lots of impalings n decapitations. Some like me may b offended with kiddies' deaths.

    The 4th seg - This Way to Egress is directed by David Slade (30 days of Night). It is about a woman who loses touch with reality n is slipping into parallel universe. This one is very surrealistic n frightening at times.

    The 5th seg - Dead is directed by Mick Garris n is set in a hospital where a boy fights evil spirits and a real life murderer. The acting of the boy is awesome.
  • This was a film that I was quite intrigued to see when I saw the beginning of the trailer at my local theater. What really caught my eye about it was the theater setting is a great one for a horror movie. Then I found out this was an anthology film from a podcast and with the directors that made shorts, I was all in. When I saw it was playing at my theater, I caught the late showing. The synopsis is five strangers converge at a haunted movie theater owned by The Projectionist (Mickey Rourke). Once inside, the audience members witness a series of screenings that shows them their deepest fears and darkest secrets over five tales.

    We start this off with a woman leaving an angry voicemail; she is Samantha (Sarah Elizabeth Withers). She comes up to an old, run down theater, but when she looks up at the marquee, it is a film that is starring her and called The Thing in the Woods. She goes to the ticket booth and it prints one for her. Inside, a light leads her to a seat and the film plays.

    Samantha is covered in blood, wearing the same outfit. She comes to a charred body and falls on to it. We see she's being stalked by someone called The Welder (Eric Nelsen). She hides from him and her boyfriend then shows up. They try to flee, but after some events end up back at their cabin. There's something more to what is going on here than just a killer stalking and slashing these teenagers.

    Next we get a couple that goes into the theater. Their film starts and it is entitled Mirari. The woman, Anna (Zarah Mahler), is in the bathroom looking in the mirror. She has a scar on her cheek and she's self-conscious about it. She returns to the table where her boyfriend is on the phone. Jason (Kevin Fonteyne) and her are engaged to be married and he knows how she feels about her scar. He tells her that he is willing to pay for plastic surgery if that makes her happy. She goes to Dr. Mirari (Richard Chamberlain) and during the consultation, he convinces her to get so much more done. Things might not be as what they seem at this clinic and it becomes a nightmare for Anna as she learns what has happened.

    There is then a priest that is outside of the theater. Father Benedict (Maurice Benard) sees his name and the title Mashit. His film starts with a boy on the roof of the church. Everyone stares up in awe as a boy is about to jump. Sister Patricia (Mariela Garriga) goes up to save him, but when she goes to take his hand, it's bent away by an unknown force. He then falls to his death. This really bothers Dani (Stephanie Cood) who was friends with him. There is some inappropriate things going on here and Sister Patricia looks into a book of demons, finding one named Mashit. Father Benedict helps her to try to save the souls of the girls staying there. It might be too late to stop the events that are in motion.

    The next person to enter the theater is Helen (Elizabeth Reaser). Her film is This Way to Egress and starts with her sitting in a waiting room with her two children. They're impatient as they've been waiting for at least an hour. The receptionist (Bronwyn Morrill) keeps telling her to be patient. Things start to get weird as everything becomes dirty and the receptionist's face distorts. Is she going crazy or is something more happening here?

    The final short is titled Dead and it starts with Riley (Faly Rakotohavana) entering the theater. He finds a piano on the stage and starts to play. It then transitions to him playing in an auditorium. His father shows up a bit late, but makes it in time. The trio gets in their vehicle when a man appears from the back. They're all taken outside of it and in a tussle, the father is shot. Riley tries to flee and he's shot as well. When he wakes up in the hospital, he is confused. He keeps getting visited by his mother, who he thinks is still alive. He befriends another patient, Casey (Lexy Panterra), who has the same gift as Riley and it might not be good for him.

    This is an interesting anthology and I will say it definitely kept me entertained. The shorts all have some interesting ideas in them. The Thing in the Woods has a nice swerve to it. I like that it starts as a slasher, one where we start in the middle and then becomes something much more by the end of it. Mirari felt a bit predictable, but I didn't mind where it ended up either. It really plays on something that many of us have with insecurities. Mashit brings some of my favorite things in the hypocrisy and corruption of religion. I also found it interesting that Ryûhei Kitamura was the director as he incorporates the Japanese ghost story into a Spanish based religious film. I didn't catch on to This Way to Egress until reading up on it a bit, but that was a good concept. I just wished they could have conveyed it a bit better for me. Dead also has a good concept, but I personally felt it was the weakest of the bunch. None of them are bad though, I do want to make sure that is established.

    Something I really wanted to touch on with it is that I thought the wraparound was a bit weak as well. I prefer my anthologies to have a strong bridge between them. I do like the idea of The Projectionist. He comes off as creepy and I think that his lines are solid. It just isn't really fleshed out which I what I would have liked. I think that even expanding the film out a bit for that would have worked.

    To the pacing of the film, I think that it is actually put together well. The stories really do get to run their course and I thought they all worked pretty well. Without continuing to harp on the wraparound, I do think that the transition to start each one does actually work. The only issue is that I don't really see a lot of need for The Projectionist aside from his somewhat profound things that he says to make the characters creeped out. The ending I thought was fine for the film that we got as well.

    As to the acting of the film, I actually thought for the movie it was pretty good across the board. Withers really kicks it off and she does well in her role. I definitely like the reversal for her since we start with her. She is also easy on the eyes, which never hurts as well. Mahler does a solid job in the second short. She is a beautiful woman and I like the insecurity she shows. It really made me feel for her and when plastic surgery comes up, it made my heart sink as well. Chamberlain and his nurses were also quite creepy in that one with Fonteyne coming off as a nice guy, but there is something there I didn't trust to start. Benard was good in the next segment as was Garriga and the rest of the cast. Reaser actually really impressed me in hers. The story is a bit minimal there and it is more about her performance. I got the feeling she was overwhelmed to start and when it starts to really develop, it really made sense. She did a great job. To the final short, Rakotohavana was good in his performance. I felt bad for him and what he has to deal with after that fateful night. Panterra is an actress I've known about for years as a singer and it was great seeing her here. I have such a crush on her. Riley's parents and Orson Chaplin as Jenkins were good as well. Shout-out to Rourke as well for his performance with the rest of the cast rounding out the film for what was needed.

    The effects of the film were also really good. I would say that a majority of it was done practically. The slasher aspects of the The Thing in the Woods were good. There is some CGI there as well, but it didn't bother me and it worked for what was needed. The after effects in Mirari creeped me out. There was some CGI used in Mashit were great. As I've said, it felt like a Japanese ghost film and I loved that. There is body contortion that always gets me. This Way to Egress seemed to be done mostly practical and I was on board for it. The changes are so subtle that it is unnerving, almost like we are descending into madness along with her and questioning what we've been seeing. Even more though that we don't really know if we missed something, because it's not really acknowledged. Dead also was mostly practical with a bit of CGI which was also fine for me. The film is shot great even though we have some a range of directors here.

    The last thing to cover would be the soundtrack. Since each short is different, the scores of each have the feel that is needed. I really thought that overall they were all good. They fit for what was needed. At the time of writing these, none of them really stuck out to me, but I really don't have any that bothered me which is much better for me as I'm not great when it comes to the music. I will give a shout out that I love the song that Riley is playing on the piano. It always creeps me out and I love it.

    Now with that said, this is a good anthology. I thought it was one of the better ones to come out recently that I can remember. I really like the range of shorts that we got here and the message they are trying to convey. With how different each one is, it really does all work together, which is great. I do wish there would have been a better wraparound story, as I feel that could have tightened it and connected everything a little bit better though. It is edited together great, with is peaks and valleys as they introduce each story arch. The acting really helps to bring it to life as well. Effects for the film are mostly practical and actually the CGI we get works or just enhances what was needed. The soundtrack of the film is fitting for what they needed and doesn't hurt the film in any way. Overall I'd say that I thought this was good and would recommend giving this is a viewing.
  • Very good movie. I was surprised. Their choice of cover art is horrible and makes it look cheap but it's not. Give it a watch. If you like horror at all you'll enjoy this.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    My take on this is probably not a popular one, as I have seen many user reviews praise the first and last segments, the one I felt merited watching it is not mentioned by anyone. Spoilers from here on out.

    The first segment is a take on traditional slasher movies. Overall unappealing costume and set design with the gore being the only real highlight. The main characters have been running from a killer through the woods, they appear clean, no torn clothing, soon it appears that they are fleeing from a boring slasher villain and starting in media res helps few thing but a convoluted twist ending with poor cg. Not a great start, but ok.

    The second segment is funny and entertaining enough, it features one of the few unsettling scenes (a dream) and is really predictable.

    The third segment is an absolute snooze fest with few appealing twists or justifications for it's narrative, and awful cg ruins whatever charm the gore and low-key synthwave could have brought to the affair.

    The fourth segment is the only one that in my opinion makes the movie worth watching. It features genuinely scary shifts in reality, and i found the concept of "descending realities" to be an interesting one. It has shades of the silent hill otherworld or the downside from S L Grey's "The Mall". Interesting effects and a cool, ambiguous concept. Not earth-shattering, but being shot in black and white makes this segment stand out even more. I get why most people tuning into something like this would find it unappealing, I guess, but with the fifth and third segments book-ending it this one stands out like a speck of gold in a pile of dung.

    The last segment is embarrassing. The sixth sens meets awful writing and poor characters. Featuring a murder man robber who has little to do but antagonize the main character and lacks any motivation beyond being a bad man who does bad things for undefined reasons. Also we have an edgy dreadlock girl who attempts suicide because she is edgy or something. Absolute drivel.

    I get that most of these installments seem like they're trying to play up the shlock but they come off as boring and unispired, which when you're given the opportunity to experiment and execute tighter, more focused horror narratives they all come off as lazy, by-the-numbers, derivative trash with plots anyone who has watched a few horror movies can see coming from a mile away. Instead of phoning it in they should have phoned someone with an actual original, or at least, funny idea.
  • If you liked Masters of Horror, then you're in for a fun ride with Nightmare Cinema. Its always a good time when directors don't have producers constantly trying to ruin their movie. Don't miss if you're a fan.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    A pretty fun anthology with some star directors of genre, including Joe Dante and Mick Garris. I had one clear favorite here, and that was directed by Alejandro Brugues (Juan of the Dead) who pulled out all the stops and had some pretty wild twists in what begins looking like a standard issue "girl chased by blade wielding psychopath in remote woods" story to something really funny and unexpected. The other tales are all okay and shot well. Plenty of blood and guts and VFX. What you don't get is great writing. An exorcism story never explains itself. It looks very cinematic, but I didn't understand what was going on or why really. The last story about a kid whose family is murdered is a cool ghost tale, but never explains why the killer is so intent on this kid and this family so it was hard to connect to. But the flick is fun overall if you watch for the first story and then enjoy some gore, some scares, a creepy Mickey Rourke, hot nuns getting boned, and cinematic eye candy.
  • Aw, yeah! This is a pretty good anthology for a Saturday night watch. Garris and company know how to bring the fun to the horror, which is what got me into horror films in the first place. My favorite horror films all have a sense of fun: Waxwork, Nightmare on Elm Street 3 - Dream Warriors, Lost Boys, etc. It's gotta be scary AND fun to get me hooked and coming back. Mick Garris is well aware of these dynamics, and they show in Nightmare Cinema.

    While not as precise and crafty as Garris's Masters of Horror (which remains his defining work as a director and producer), this feels in the same vein, and in the same universe. If you're a fan of the masters, of 80s horror, Nightmare Cinema delivers the goods. I'll always get excited for anything that has Mick's name attached. He's a legend in the genre, and it's great to see something new from him.
  • nebk26 June 2019
    Warning: Spoilers
    Not great by any stretch of the imagination. Even though there are some noticeably talented actors in the roles (Richard Chamberlain, Elizabeth Reaser and Mickey Rourke) the talent is offset by the number of less talented actors in the other roles. Some of the segments have a certain horror charm but the writing and acting is mediocre at times and the segments look more suitable for 20 minute Twilight Zone episodes rather than as a feature film. I did sort of like the segment in which a girl is having her facial scar fixed by Dr. Mirari (Chamberlain) and the segment called This Way To Egress about a woman who seems to be in a different dimension (Reaser). The rest I thought were more or less uninteresting although the segment called Dead does have one good jump scare. I also found Mickey Rourkes look scary although that has nothing to do with the film, rather the fact that he has teeth so white and so fake that they might scare you. Or maybe it's the fact that he looks orange.

    Overall Nightmare Cinema has nothing really new to offer and is ultimately mostly forgettable. There are better horrors out there.
  • namstonk1 September 2019
    Ok, firstly this won't suit most but for a horror fan it's a cracking romp, bear in mind this isn't what you get from Blumhouse etc, this is camp 80's horror. It's OTT on all levels and takes the piss beautifully out of the modern horrors. The cast is faultless and they all seem to have a good laugh playing their tongue in cheek characters. So kick off them knee high boots and insert youself willingly into this bonkers horror, a quiet gem.
  • Found this disappointing, out of the 5 segments, only two are good, and only one is truly great.

    The other 3 I found extremely sub-par, lazy writing and just generally uninspired. One is slasher bit with a twist, one is about religion, another is about death and afterlife....none of these 3 were very good.

    I did very much like the one where the woman goes to get her facial scar removed - this was the second short film and was a really cool sort of old school 'body horror' piece.

    And I absolutely LOVED the black and white fourth segment, it was actually superb and very like something you would see in Black Mirror. It's dark, unsettling, creepy, compelling, with superb acting.

    That segment is completely in a league of its own and I would almost say is kinda too good considering the rest of the movie isn't of similar quality. I would have easily watched an hour or even feature length of it.

    Overall this collection is worth a watch considering 2 out of the 5 segments are quite good.
  • This is my first review after having watched several horror movies based on IMDb reviews.

    I do give the movie a chance if the beginning is boring / cliched until I have watched the end. But this movie is really bad. I wouldn't recommend since all the short horror stories are meaningless and lack a storyline.

    And it's neither scary. My final advice save yourselves some time. Or watch evil dead once again. That would really be a good option.
  • Disjointed, fright-free, head-scratching experience. With so many talented people involved, it's hard to figure how this turned out so bad. A mess IMO. If you liked it, happy for you. Me, not so much.
  • It has some strange choices, for instance the first movie looks cheap but funny, but only later we see some good actors.
  • No stories here will change your life or alter the horror genre forever. But it gave me what I wanted: Entertainment value. That's what I watch movies for and this one delivered on a number of fronts.

    The inherent cheesiness with some of the presentation is really part of its charm, but there is also some really great direction and there are some respectable performances (especially by the young lead in the final story) throughout. I'm a sucker for anthology horror and I felt very satisfied with this one overall.
  • staunton-jb27 October 2018
    A great new horror anthology! Saw it last night at a festival (and was lucky enough to meet the great Mick Garris and have a film signed)! Fabulous fun with wonderful gore effects. See it and enjoy!
  • philpip22 June 2019
    Finally a great horror movie to watch- they are so few and far between these days. Hopefully they will have a part 2 - I cannot wait!
  • MovieLover098711 January 2019
    It was great to see a horror anthology as this!! Scary, funny action, has everything!!! Loved Kitamura's short in this one. A bloody and original kids masacre!!!
  • Mick Garris delivers his long anticipated Horror Anthology. Here he has assembled directors Alejandro Brugués, Joe Dante, Ryûhei Kitamura, and David Slade to join him at the helm of the segments. Garris also directs the linking sequences set in a cinema theatre where Mickey O'Rourke is the projectionist and the audience are lured in to view films which feature strangely familiar characters.

    The Thing in the Woods, directed by Alejandro Brugués is a pastiche which throws in every cliche from slashers to alien spiders. It convinces though and has the potential to grow into a feature length Comedy-Horror feature.

    Mirare directed by Joe Dante deals with the weirder aspects of cosmetic surgery philia, taking it far beyond any logical conclusion. Again this segment is suffused with humour and has an interesting plot twist but elements of it may be upsetting for the squeamish

    Mashit directed by Ryûhei Kitamura takes place in a Catholic Boarding School where staff and pupils are possessed by Demons. Nasty Nuns and Putrid Priests have to battle with an army of possessed pupils.and took over teachers.

    This Way to Egress directed by David Slade is filmed in dark monochrome and is the one film not enlivened by humour, a woman loses touch with reality and seems to have crossed into a frightening parallel universe. Dark and the one segment without humour delivers a jolt of existential terror.

    Dead directed Mick Garris is set in a hospital where a boy fights evil spirits and a real life murder. Darkly comical but it would take few script changes to turn this tale into straight horror.

    It was probably appropriate to have one totally bleak segment seeing as a dark vein of humour does run through the other four shorts (five counting the linking sequence). As many shocks as laughs though in this satisfying collection. It was even more enjoyable to watch it at the Dublin Halloween Horrorthon at the Irish Film Institute. 8/10.
  • 12 years of catholic school never saw a nun that looks like those in this movie. I watched this on YouTube so I didn't know anything about this beforehand, and my guess is that's a good thing because if I knew Mickey Rourke was in it I would have passed. I'm glad I watched and he's is one of the reasons I liked it so much. I could be reading to much into this but the segment with the plastic surgeon and his constant trips under the knife it seems he's poking fun at himself. I think this was pretty original stuff but seeing as I have not seen every horror movie some of this could have been done before I just haven't seen it. And on top of Mickey Rourke this had Richard Chamberlin not a great actor but surely at least a name from the past some of you may know. I expected nothing and was very pleasantly surprised. Absolutely worth the two hours to watch and if you don't like a story fast forward to the next one.
  • Most of the ideas are good. The problem lies in the execution of each of those ideas.
  • This film turned out okay mainly because of the different short films, which made all the difference. It wasn't fantastic but certainly not horrible either. Mickey Rourke looks blimming awful but at least the horror that he is adds to the films overall tone.

    The film certainly could have been put together a bit better which scores it a straight 5 out of 10 stars.
  • 4 out of 5 segments are pretty good, Which is usually how it goes in these types of films, the middle one is usually the weakest.

    Overall recommended, worth a watch.
  • I liked the first story, the rest were okay. The premise is old school and silly, but not bad. Mickey Rourke, in old age, is the perfect conveyor of nightmares!
  • westsideschl22 September 2019
    At first I thought this was going to be the cheapest of horror redux non-creative ripoffs (highlighted by the overbearing music/sound effects of impending doom), but as I viewed it as more of a spoofing of the genre (intended or not) it was more captivating & entertaining. People's fears become reality as they sit alone in this supposed theater.
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