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  • If you stomach the presence on screen of Bluebird head honcho Paul Chaplin, who elects to hump three of the five featured femmes on his payroll, then you can sit through this lousy effort from the late, not so great Brit label.

    Premise is folks visiting their shrink or sex therapist and the girls taking it in the ass. That's it, a typical low-concept from Bluebird, and the femmes are all better suited to other Bluebird projects.

    Breast in show automatically goes to Jasmine Black, who gets her first name misspelled in the bargain (I hope it was spelled correctly on her all-important paycheck). She's a vision in white underwear, hardly properly dressed for a couch session, but just right for porn.

    From Eastern Europe, Jeny Baby is the loveliest star, while Emma Butt is the most energetic, her acting down pat as she plays the therapist wearing trademark horned-rim glasses and servicing Ian Tate. His screen credit is Dirty Dog, but his character name is Mr. Tate -typical nonsense. He dreams of big butts, and Emma is just the ticket.

    IR action is provided by the UK's Numero Uno Black porn actress Jasmine Webb, also wearing glasses to portray a therapist, who gets to hump client Clarke Kent, who unlike Superman has a fear of black holes. (That's a joke son, get it?).

    Fortunately Chaplin keeps his ugly kisser off-screen 99% of the time, but we have to watch the egotist's dick for half of the show's duration -not an appetizing prospect at all. Even AVN, who fawned over his horrible "blockbusters" mocking Batman and Bonnie & Clyde, failed to praise this stinker.