By the time Vine was shut down in January 2017, the "Sanders Shorts", or "Thomas Sanders Vines" as they were known then, had been seen a total of 7.4 billion times, and Sanders' account had 8.3 million subscribers, which made Thomas Sanders one of the most successful viners in the history of the Vine platform.

The first nine chapters were recordings of Thomas Sanders and his friends in their real life, either before or after stage performances or at parties, some of them even untitled. It was on the 10th chapter when he started doing proper scripted chapters, first with puns or rudimentary animations, and later including music snippets and impressions, until an impression of Stewie Griffin, from "Family Guy", gave him his first huge success and prompted him to start doing more impressions and later include the skits and pranks that, along with music, became the sign of identity of the series.

This series is a combination of unrelated episodes and different sub-series of related episodes. The most important of them is the "Narrating People's Lives" sub-series, a.k.a. "Storytime", which is the one that made Thomas Sanders an online star, spawning a stage musical tour through the USA and Canada in 2016, "Ultimate Storytime". Other important sub-series include 'Misleading Compliments', 'Disney/Pokemon Pranks with Friends', 'Shoutout Sunday', and the four sub-series starring the three characters that would later become stars of the spin-off Sanders Sides (2016): 'Dad Jokes Become Legit' and 'I Shall Be a Perfect Dad', starring Patton; 'Me as a Disney Prince', starring Roman; and 'If I Were a Teacher', starring Logan.

The longest running of the "Sanders Shorts" sub-series of episodes is "Shoutout Sunday", where each Sunday Thomas Sanders chooses a name among his followers an dedicates them a snippet of a song with their name on it, a dedication which also goes to anyone watching sharing that name. The first entry as "Shoutout Sunday" (there was an earlier entry released on a Thursday simply titled "Shoutout") was released on 6 May 2013 (actually released on a Monday for being released after midnight, something that has happened on rare occasions), barely one month after the beginning of the series. Since then, whether on Sunday or the following Monday, it hasn't failed any single week, even after the change from Vine to Instagram, and still goes on nowadays, which means more than 250 episodes of "Sanders Shorts" are dedicated to Shoutout Sundays, five times the quantity of other classic series like "Narrating People's Lives" or "Disney Pranks with Friends", and counting. Despite of this longevity, "Shoutout Sunday" is the only of the classic "Sanders Shorts" series that is never featured on Thomas Sanders (2013) compilations.

For most of 2013, Thomas Sanders did the Vines only for fun and not for profit. Especially in the first three months, he would experiment and experiment with the Vine app, releasing several episodes each day. The record of the highest number of "Sanders Shorts" in a single day is in May 11, 2013, when he released five episodes the same day (counting from midnight), but the average rate between April and June 2013 was of three episodes each day. May 2013 also has the record of the highest number of episodes in a single month, with 86 episodes, followed by June 2013 with 66 episodes. It would be in July 2013 when he would slow himself down and set the goal of doing at least one Vine each day. He would fulfill this with rare occasional exceptions until he started focusing more on his YouTube activity in 2016, when the closure of Vine was announced, and more notably when Vine was actually shut down in January 2017. From then on, releases started getting separated in time as a rule. Usually, though, there would be no more than three or four days between each release with exceptions, and he keeps his goal of releasing at least one short entry each and every day he's not working on a YouTube production or releasing it. To make up for the lower number of entries, he makes them longer, now that the 6-second time limit imposed by Vine is gone.

Even though the Vine network was shut down in January 2017, Thomas Sanders kept on using the Vine app to record the episodes after that date, as he couldn't find any other phone app that would record in the perfect square screen, 1:1 aspect ratio he wanted. As the Vine app is still limited to the original 6 seconds, any scene he records with the app is also constrained to these six seconds, and so, if he wants to do longer shots, he has to record as many consecutive six seconds shots as needed and put insert shots between them in post-production. Only if he couldn't do that, he would use the regular phone camera and hope that the difference in quality wouldn't be noticeable after editing.

In the early days of his Vine career, Thomas Sanders said on his Twitter account that he chose the names for his "Shoutout Sunday" series by looking for someone among his followers who had been a good supporter and did not ask for a Shoutout, and repeated several times after that that the more someone would ask for a Shoutout, the lesser the possibilities they would actually get it. These tweets date back to 2013, so it's unknown if he changed his mind over time about this subject.

One of the most popular series from the "Sanders Shorts" were the "School Series". There, he appeared as a high school student doing pranks to teachers in the middle of class or the teacher and the class did a skit with him playing a student or, later on, the Teacher Guy. This series, and the fact that Thomas Sanders, to keep the joke rolling, usually passed some of them for real in his Twitter in the earlier days of his Vine career, made the audience get confused about Thomas' real age. They assumed that he was a late teenager or young adult between 17 to 20 years old, and some people still think it, as he really looked that age. In real life, when he started the School Series in 2013, he already was 24 years old, had long finished college graduating as a chemical engineer in 2011, and was working as a manufacturing engineer in a pharmaceutic factory, a job he left when he became a Vine star at the end of 2013. It was later known that in reality, the teachers were high school drama teachers and the kids were their students, and Thomas used the "School Series" as a form of helping the teachers give the kids an acting exercise as a complement to their drama classes. In 2016, Thomas, to avoid any more confusions and misconstructions, and since he was already 27 and had started looking too old to play a high-school teenager, decided to phase out the student character and not to play it anymore. The "School Series", however, keeps going to keep helping drama teachers, but now he plays the Teacher Guy on them.