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  • Makoto Shinkai is a genius.

    The thing is, he's kind of rubbing it in our face. Every moment of every film he's ever made seems to have been designed to be the most gorgeous and touching thing you've ever seen, and this approach extends to this production, which is A COMMERCIAL. IT IS A COMMERCIAL. It has no business being this good. This feels like a trailer for a simultaneously heartwarming and heartbreaking anime, except it's A COMMERCIAL.

    What is wrong with you, Makoto?!?!?!
  • Honestly Makoto could have made this 2 minute commercial into a full movie if he tried to. This movie could have been right up with Your Name and 5cm per second. But nooo!

    There is not much for me to spoil or talk about here. If you want to watch it just look it up on Youtube but it is not dubbed.

    If it does get dubbed I would want someone like Max Mittleman or Kyle McCarley to voice Shota and Alexis Tipton or Christine Marie to voice Miho.

    Since this short is only 4 years old I hope Makoto actually decides to do a series or a movie of this
  • osofit29 August 2020
    I truly believe that this commercial is the origin of your name so I am happy that this exists
  • Warning: Spoilers
    What we have here is called "Cross Road" and regardless if you see it as a trailer, a commercial, a short individual movie, a music video or whatever else, I agree that it would be nice to see a long version following up on this one day. But I think it is not too likely because on the one hand it is almost 5 years old now and on the other director Shinkai used some motives of a boy and girl with a strong invisible bon in his recent full feature film "Your Name". In a truly convincing manner by the way. But we talked about that one on another occasions. Now lets talk about this one here a bit more. Animation and music are of course top-notch as always with Shinkai and most anime films these days, at least the more known ones. The story between the two was surprisingly interesting given the running time and the supporting characters add some spice as well. What else. Oh yeah, the ending with the eventual meeting in reality finally was so similar to Your Name, but now I am talking about that one again. Guess I just cannot not. So if you liked Your Name, then give this one a go. It is like a micro version if you want to call it that and I think it deserves to be seen by more than it was so far judging the number on imdb here. Go check it out. Thumbs up. Really difficult to get in greatness at 100 seconds, but maybe Shinkai once again came as close as he could have.