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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Hinduism killed his father Christianity killed his love Islam killed his lover Humanity found his soul partner.
  • Must watch, one of the best movies I've seen. A path breaking movie.
  • #C/OKancherapalem is a refreshing new take on life and Telugu cinema in general. Almost all commercially hit Telugu movies today are predictable when it comes to the story, the fight scenes and comedy. C/O Kancharapalem is a no non-sense, realistic portrayal of life in a village, and its characters are relatable to viewers of all ages and regions. The creativity of the story, its captivating depiction and its raw and natural humor sets it apart from everything else I've seen recently. Hoping this film will set new standards for authenticity and originality in cinema.
  • C/O Kancharapalem is a beautifully told tale about the highs and lows of love in a small remote Indian village. From the very first frame, you cannot help but be drawn into this charming world and fall in love with the characters with all their endearing quirks and frailties. It is even more surprising to learn that none of the lead characters in the film were trained actors. This is truly a testament to up and coming director Maha Venkatesh who has masterfully directed this ode to love with a poetic elegance. The music of the film stays with you long after the final credits roll. This is Indian cinema at its simplest and finest.
  • I was having a lot of positive thoughts and expectations on this film, since it looked fresh and with rana backing it up and also my short film friend did a small role in this. I was excited, staying in mumbai it's hard for telugu films to release or release in wide scale , had a person who was willing to come , so it became easy and watching movie , the first 10 min itself i was mesmerized by the naturality and realistic way of taking.Movie is fully emotional, it makes you laugh and cry and finally leave you astonished at the end. You'll remember the characters all along the way back home, even now Iam not able to get through the movie's hangover. It has been 2 days , but it will be long before it to fade away. My final word is , this is a never before and never again kind of movie, so don't miss out in theatres. Proud time for telugu Cinema.
  • I should start this review with "go watch it in the theatre. It's well worth your time and money."

    It leaves such a wonderful after-taste even after you come out of a theatre. The way religion, love, sex and humanism are dealt with are commendable. The best part is getting everything together without hurting any communal sentiments. 2018 has been a golden year in telugu cinema and ths just proves the excellent transformation TFi is going through.
  • arunrajam23 June 2018
    A directors' kind of movie. The screenplay and narration amplified my attention throughout which is usually not the case with me and telugumovies of late! Finally heard some fresh lines and saw some cute faces! Acting was a spot on with a majority of them. LoveXSociety storyline happened in some outskirts of an emerging city was given and projected onto a new dimension. A great effort must have been put in to keep the costumes and accessories in coherence with the time. Although I wished a little more effort in sinking the dialect with the time should have been a great plus. Also the outragious demolition and the deaths for the two major belief-systems whereas a smooth weep-over for the third, might lose points in the fair lens of some. All in all a worth watching movie.
  • C/o kancharapalem is a well crafted movie by debut director Maha ventatesh with nuance emotions in its exposition set under realistic environment .Music is simply plain and as the movie proceeds with situations you can feel it. Dialogs are written in simple and crispy language to suit the tone of local language of kacharpalem with all fresh untrained actors doing a fine job. Story/plot is something which you guys have to experience yourself before someone reveals.First 10 to 15 minutes into the movie you get connected with characters and there are humor scenes (lol) associated with it throughout the film. A film never to be missed for itzz honest making efforts by all newbies like all cast and crew. Kudos to suresh production for bringing the movie to theatres. Final a word of advice watch it in theatres for experiencing a soulful film.
  • palgunareddy12 September 2018
    Kancharapalem worth to watch.... Handoff to every technition, actors and diretor ... And thanks to Suresh production and Rana garu for your passion about the movies.... And morever peaks one is climax
  • You will definitely search the dictionary for adjectives after watching this film That's all I can say Proud to say this is a Telugu cinema
  • #COKancharapalem is one of the most stunningly original film that Telugu Cinema has ever produced. Ten minutes in to the film I knew that I was watching a classic and by the end of the film, there were just no words to describe and this film will be the most talked about film in not just Telugu film industry but also across India in 2018. There is so much to talk about this film, but I guess, it will speak for itself in the future.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Raju sudaram is a middle aged i.e. 49 yrs old ,person asked for marriage by his office head Radha. The journey of life of Raju is reavealed at different stages from 1982 to 2017 . Like a boy at school, as a supporter of village goon and as a alchohol seller . The sentences that reveal plot before the ending were " I HAVE LEARNED SOME HINDI FROM SOME MUSLIM SAHEBS, I BELIEVE IN PEOPLE NOT GODS by RAJU, " IM A CONVERTED CHRISTIAN by Joseph" , "MY FATHER DIED WHILE I WAS KID and MEERU THURAKOLLA?( are u a muslim girl?) by Geddam as has some attachment with hinduism and christianity previously in his life ." These the are plot techniques used by Direcror Venkatesh Maha. Its a humanist's movie leaving caste stigma by the belivers aside that was more dominant in indian society.
  • sarcasticmeonboard10 September 2018
    This is the best one, the storyline so smooth This is what called movie.
  • srjnteja6 January 2019
    Description: "C/o Kancherapalem" is a film of various love tales set in four different generation people, in which the characteristic point is, all these stories are happening in a typical village called Kancherapalem (Although it is a part of the city Vizag, director portrayed it like a village). However, the main focus is on the drama between Raju, a 49 years old attender in a government office and Radha, a 42 years old middle-aged woman got transferred from Orissa to the same office. The protagonist Raju is unmarried due to some personal problems, because of which the whole village irritates him by continually asking about his wedding, and even mock him for being the bachelor. Radha is a widow with an adolescent daughter.

    Analysis: Not even a single artist is known to us, but the director got triumphed enough in obtaining the required performances out of them. Every actor has done their job well. However, it is Mr. Subba Rao, who played the character "Raju" got a meaty role, and he is quite natural in it. With the few initial shots, the director set the right mood in audiences' minds and prepares us to witness a beautiful village drama. Although it is a compilation of many love stories, the director did not talk only about love but also discussed the crooked, narrow mindset of a typical human being in our current society. The themes of the stories are not entirely new, and we saw many of them in several other films. But the presentation is quite interesting in setting up the tale. Every single shot is made in natural light, and the freshness has lasted throughout the movie. Camara work is authentic, and editing is the colossal strength of the film. Music is another department which needs a proper appreciation for an adequate background score, and village folk songs. One may feel that the initial portions of the film are dragged a bit, but I think it is necessary to establish the four stories. Once the stage is set, the director takes us into the village Kancherapalem and makes us involved in this lovely drama. As the film progresses towards the end, the stories turn quite engaging with many scary situations. Finally, the twist which glues everything together is an epic conclusion that one can give. Considering the budget constraints, and the challenges in making this flick, I'd say this is a fantastic output that a new director can get. Mr. Venkatesh Maha, I could not appreciate you enough for making this beautiful flick, and I thank all the members of the crew for this remarkable drama.
  • madhumanishdna7 September 2018
    When we talk about telugu film industry. We have different genre film's coming every year. C/O Kancharapalem is one of them which has heart felting subject. Movie starts with introducing the characters which looks like ordinary film. Audiences feels slightly boring at staring 20 mins of the movie because of the new faces on the screen. But ,as time goes on...Audiences will adjust to the characters and movie pull its pace which result in taking every person into characters of kancharapalem. Story of the movie is life. In all our lifes we have love, emotion, pain. C/O Kancharapalem has all three qualities at right time at right quantity. Cinematographers Varun Chaphekar, Aditya Javvadi had done a decent job by show casing the village in true realistic nature. Music director sweekar agasthi had done good job. Songs are according to script which will not distrub the flow of the movie.background score is upto the mark.Producers had taken daring step by choosing this kind of subject. Production values are good according to the movie and script. Coming to debutant director venkatesh maha had done a excellent, mind blowing job . The way movie had ended leaves every audiences in "awe". The twist in the climax was well written. According to me venkatesh maha had got full marks as a writer becauae of very well written script, screen play and detail characterizations. Coming to last, entire credits should goes to Rana for presenting and promoting this kind of feel good movies. By seeing this, we will come to know that he has a good taste of presenting movies like his father & grand father.
  • The director of C/o kanchrapalem done a great job.the way he directed /taking is awesome .small film in big success .i love this movie after ragastalam movie .now telugu directors making new era in the world.please support this kind of movies .once again congratulation Acting crew and director and technicians . Note :- end of movie climax was outstanding it make me emotional .
  • One of the finest movie Ive ever watched in tollywood! You feel everything is good about the movie while walking out from theatres! All the innocent characters, Fine humour, sentiment, you'll fall in love with all of it! You will need to have a taste l, fingers crossed!!
  • C/o Kancharapalem is like a river on surface of which water flow in Hilarious rhythm but deep inside it the current of thoughts are running silently. The end of the movie has the capability to be amazed anyone.
  • This movie makes you smile, blush, tense, sad. One movie with such low budget and new actors proved that a good story is the heart of movie.
  • chaitumhyd4 January 2019
    Warning: Spoilers
    These kinds of movies are hard to find. Didn't know what to expect when a friend suggested it to me.

    The stories in the movie are real. We see it over the years. Many have experienced it. Over and over, religion and caste system proves to be a dividing factor in India. People just don't seem to care much about a fellow human. The questionable concept of other wordly power is unproven at best, yet, it is given the highest priority.


    Sundaram converts to Christianity when his actions towards the idol of Ganesha leaves his father dead. He changes his name to Joseph. He leaves Christianity and changes his name to Raju once his lover marries someone else unwillingly and via the usual father's blackmail. His name is probably Raju Sundaram to begin with and therefore the whole story is about one man.
  • pratikga17 September 2018
    This is definitely a movie where you walk out of the theater with tears in the eyes and smile on your face. very well directed movie with a natural screenplay, explaining sensitive segments in the society and ofcourse beautiful love stories.
  • Highlights:

    1. Story is the hero - amazing/natural/heartwarming

    2. Climax will bring tears ( in a good way )

    3. Actors LIVED in their roles

    4. Comedy is wonderful

    5. Music is haunting

    6.Photography is natural and realistic

    7.Finally a movie that lifts your mood - unlike a lot of well reviewed movies that seem to depress one's mood these days --
  • "Sporting victory or defeat,

    In season or out of season,

    Love does not come aglitter on the forehead,

    Love defies time,

    Love defies age even more..."

    These words have been immortalized through the baritone voice of the 'Bard of the Brahmaputra' in a beautiful composition. This movie portrays how true these words can get.

    C/o Kancharapalem is an ode to true love, which can crisscross age, religion and above all, time. This movie has been crafted like a brilliant jigsaw puzzle, where all the pieces fit in methodically to reveal the final masterpiece, LOVE.

    The actors, mostly amateurs, play out the parts with their heart and soul and draw you into the rustic world of Kancharapalem. The writer/director has done a great deal of poetic justice in drawing a beautiful canvas of life, where each and every character has been brilliantly sketched. The movie portrays the highs and lows of one's life, with the right pinch of humour and tragedy and will leave you astonished at how the universe works, in the end.

    The movie is just like a breath of fresh air with a beautiful after-taste, that stays with you for quite some time and will leave you longing for more. It will make you believe that true love does defy age and time in our journey of life.
  • In terms of technical brilliance, Telugu film industry has reached 'Bahubali'. In terms of meaningful cinema, it has reached 'C/O Kancharapalem'. Enough said, don't miss this gem of a movie.
  • * Earlier, I saw the acclaimed Hindi movie 'Lipstick Under My Burkha' which had this concept: 4 people + 4 stories -- one climax. I began to think that such movies cannot be made in Telugu. But, this movie proved me wrong. * I didn't find a single objectionable scene or content in the movie and the actors did their roles very naturally. Hats off to their skills. * I may sound harsh but I wish the actors should not act in any other film. Because, as one genuine fan, I want to retain the impression created by each actor permanently.
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