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  • I can't say enough about this show but I'll keep it brief. I was hooked five minutes in, there's horror, a great touch of comedy, and the characters are NOT tired archetypes. You won't waste a moment of screen time by watching it. Also, the sets feel rich and there are solid good plot twists that keep you buckled in for the ride... In the Hound.
  • A must watch! I hope Netflix picks it up for a second season.
  • jackie_beales25 December 2018
    Really enjoyed the solid acting and the premise. Has a bit of everything, horror, comedy, Action, music. My only complaint was the voiceovers, I can't understand why, after other Netflix shows like Narcos,2% and plenty of other popular subtitled shows, why would they go in the direction of voiceovers, It made some of the dialogue sound Cheap, it felt a bit cheesy at times, as the voiceovers were not very accurate and many typical Mexican slangs were totally lost in translation. It would have been much more authentic Had it been left alone.i do hope to see a second season. But please keep it real.
  • I'm just starting the first episode, and it looks good, but the English dubbing is making it feel cheaper than it is. I'm writing this review before finishing the first episode to point out it's not necessary to listen to that dubbing. Just hover your mouse pointer over the icons on the bottom until the option to turn on subtitles comes up. For me, it was the 3rd icon from the right and looks like a square with lines representing writing and a small angled triangle on the bottom to make the whole icon look similar to a square dialog bubble from a comic. Two columns pop up, and the one on the left lets you select the audio. Choose 'Spanish \[Original\]', and it will automatically choose 'English' in the subtitle column. Of course, there are several other options in both columns.
  • First, and just to get this off my chest, for the reviews that say the show is poorly done and that the acting is poor, all I can say is that they are wrong. Everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion, but to say the show is not well made is simply not true. All facets of the film process, leading up to the visualized result, range from good to extremely well done. Same goes for the acting. The only place this might be debated is when dealing with characters who have eccentric qualities that could be mistaken as such. So...if someone doesn't like the content, theme, choice of personnel, or other facet of the series, that's fine. But to say it is poorly done is simply untrue.

    Second, I had no idea what to expect when I started the first episode, other than I enjoy occult themes and had seen a couple of teasers. I did not read any reviews nor was I privy to any early work on the Diabolero storyline. All I had was a quick teaser and a love for occult themes. Needless to say, they hit this one out of the park, for sure, and while there are certainly aspects I would have done differently or preferred to see done another way, I thoroughly enjoyed the entire season...blasting through the entire thing in a single day.

    A couple of notes on content:
    • if you're looking for blood, gore, and violence, this isn't for you. While there are elements of each, as the show is aptly rated for mature audiences, it is not a blood & gorefest. The fx are well done, though not perfect.
    • sexual situations and nudity are sparse, so if you're looking for a good romp or exploitation piece, this is it for you.
    • fans of Mexican cinema, the occult, witchcraft & shamanism, and otherworldly character content should enjoy this.

    Definitely hope this is picked up for a second season.
  • rosautista21 January 2019
    This show has it all. Horror, humor and a likeable cast. Hope to see a release date for season 2.
  • gustavoaveramaldonado27 December 2018
    This concept is not new, is almost like Constantine, but the plot is original. The influence of the Mexican culture brings another element for the traditional supernatural series. This serie recipe has drama, fun, action and mistery. It would be great if the serie brings other latino American influence.
  • WeilEsRegnet26 December 2018
    I really enjoyed this show. It's a little cheesy sometimes and some action scenes feel very slow and unsuspenseful, also the guy who plays Elvis is not the strongest actor, but apart from that it was great. Solid and interesting world building (the fact that this show is set in Mexico and therefore brings in culturally specific supernatural elements made it even more interesting) , cool characters (I especially liked Nancy) and a good story. I would say this was one of the best supernatural shows of the last few years. The first one since the early seasons of Supernatural and season 1 of Wynona Earp that really hooked me. I am super excited for a second season, hopefully we will get one. This could be great!
  • vice24524 December 2018
    Not bad. and very entertaining actually. Acting is very nice and it keeps you kind of hooked until the end of the season. I really enjoyed it
  • maroldu25 December 2018
    It's entertaining and it's got a good sense of humor.
  • beekaygonzales28 December 2018
    I enjoyed this TV show. It was original yet still in my favorite genre of tv.
  • miklek27 December 2018
    I really enjoyed this series even though I do not speak Spanish and I'm not a huge fan of horror/fantasy but it was interesting to see a show filmed in Mexico and tied in the history and culture. Good acting and directing.
  • I watched using subtitles and I think it was great. Now i am waiting for season 2 come on guys don't make us wait so long.
  • gissenia28 December 2018
    I really enjoyed this show!! Since it began until it ended ! I really hope there's a second season soon because omg I loved it !!
  • This is an ok show, definitely worth watching but please do not believe the ridiculous 10 star ratings!

    I would also recommend you watch this in it's native Mexican language and enable sub titles (this is an option on Netflix).

    That avoids having to watch the show with the dreadful English over dubbing.

    I also think Giselle Kuri (Nancy Gama) is excellent.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The script falls in very wasted cliché. The acting is poor. And I must say the the treatment of the Church is also cliched (rich and dumb priest). Actually religion is treated as fool superstition. I supose that it would be more intesting if the plot includes that the priest has a relevant roll as a supernatural medium. But not. Im disappointed. As a good thing the ambient and places in Mexico city looks great.
  • amartine-1419827 December 2018
    I love it. It's a great show. Waiting for the season 2
  • Let me preface this by saying, I watch it with English dubbing- and it makes some of the dialogue seem cheesy and poorly written, so if you don't want that, watch it in it's native Spanish.

    To start, this show has my favourite opening ever; please don't skip it. The characters are authentic and well-rounded. Some might criticize the acting as being bland, but what it really is, is subtle. The actors don't need to be big and dramatic, they play them as honest, realistic people. The only downfall that this show has is that it's CG is just palatable. If you're looking for something that has amazing CG- go watch a Marvel movie. If you want demons, a muscle car, an iconic red leather jacket and something worth 40 minutes of your undivided attention- then watch Diablero.
  • michelleroseramirez31 December 2018
    Definitely NOT what I expecting, but so much more. I figured it would be somewhat cheesy but as long as there is no dubbing this show brings things to a whole new level. I was hooked on the show immediately from the theme song which is still stuck in my head ( I LOVE it!!. Rojas is the true stand out star in Diablero. I know him from Narcos Mexico but he just shines in this series. I was impressed at how this show is able to balance comedy and horror effortlessly. I forgot I was reading subtitles and was completely immersed in the story. I'm excited to see what happens in season 2!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I gave the 5 merely for the storyline and twists along the episodes which kept the episodes move with curiosity. However, the priest could have acted with a seriousness. He was poor in his acting. The last episode which gave a grandeur for his potentially to be eliminated character with a spiked club at the end in preparation to go and kill the demon. that was funny or just stupid. The rest did give a good impression though. the graphics were really good with the angel and other demons except the last grand entrance of the big demon was so silly. Good for a 2nd season due to the amazing storyline but with careful improved casting and not to place clumsy actors in the important characters.
  • xavierd-8790727 December 2018
    The series does contain a few nitpicks like the inconsistent cgi and a few plotpoints that seem forced , but all in all this series is a whole lot of fun. It mixes tones from horror and comedy without feeling like two distinct pieces of work it. The varied tones work in sync to grab various overused horror movie and series' ( looking at you spn) themes and make them its own. It is truly an ode to cinematic horror that is fun to watch and doesnt let go of the beholder till the last second of episode 8.
  • I did not believe that I would remain interested longer than 10 minutes into the show. But for some reason I stayed on notwhitstanding the sometimes cheesy and overly macho dialogue. There is a certain charm to this series that keeps me hooked. It must be the gusto with which the actors try to bring a unbelievable shadow world to life. The parts with Mariana (the missing kid) remind me of movies by Del Toro, with children that actually are not that helpless at all. (Il Orfanato and The Labyrint cme to mind). Those are really suspensefull, allternated with over the top machismo, even from the ladies, grittines and yes, Mexican culture. What an adorable hodgepodge. I have to go with this. Thumbs up guys!
  • mauriciomr31 December 2018
    Mexican proposal, using well-used themes already, "tropicaliza"(I mean that it is owned) to a latin way the tension, suspense and dark comedy of series as Supermatural (Warner) using (I hope) tribute ellements such as a muscle car (not a GTO, but close), Everything structured, with balance except the demon "type 7" (sometimes you don't need CG) the rest of the plot manages to place mythology and Mexican mystical traditions over colonial mythology above typical EU demoniac stories. I really hope that the english speakers have the oportunitie to have a mexican speaker to translate the spanish to english traslation. A must see!
  • guillaume-pilon29 December 2018
    For a cheap netflix show

    Its actuallt pretty cool
  • surfisfun12 March 2019
    Watched half of one episode wt subs and didn't enjoy the style of acting and effects. I Fastfoward till the end. I never liked Ash of the Dead too.

    maybe you will like it. Try El Marginal for a very decent subtitles show.
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